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Welcoming Committee / Gratitude
« on: March 17, 2012, 04:50:14 am »
for the prayer, "I trust you," the only intention I can hold these past few days as I re evalutate my health, friends, family, love, body, purpose, goals, plans, feelings, and -what brings me here- consumption.

So many ways I have eaten or not eaten, drank and indulged, deprived and disciplined-
and I haven't had raw meat in over a year, but now, thinking about it today, it is the only thing that sounds like life, the only thing I can imagine taking in and feeling better about right now.
Fancy that.
Thank you, I trust you, Thank you, I trust you...

This is the year for manifesting moreso than any I've lived through, and the evidence of that has been prolific in my life, but now- at this point in wizardry- I relinquish my wants, my forced visions, my over imaginative mind, for the stillness and sureness of what's in my heart and I let the Universe resonate through it, through me, until it is all aligned.
This year I am only manifesting myself, and it is enough.

Thank you for existing, you paleos considerate enough to brave the internet's deceptive terrain, because today you reached through and touched me.

Is it still your intention to do this or have you already?
In a time of a turning world, budding awareness, and the surrender of time, it is important to follow our hearts and I wonder, with a dream like this in it, where has yours led you?
I am looking for a community; rather, a community is looking for me to step up and become an active part of their awakening, though I've yet to meet it. I am called to walk until I find it, following the unseen trail, though I feel that solo journeying is a step back, though it may lead me forward. I have been practicing patience (a long word for trust).

I possess all skills but weapon and trap making, and find that revealing.
Also permaculture knowledge and experience, from small to very large scale, working with soil brews and crystals and bulldozers.

I have seeds and I have land, but I have no people.

I am brand new to this site, but find your words potent, though they've been here awhile.
What is your name?
I'm called Tiffany.

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