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Personals / Anyone from Norway?
« on: December 23, 2013, 04:41:41 am »
I live in Oslo. Would be cool to get to know someone living in Norway  :)

Personals / Re: Put your location in your profile
« on: December 23, 2013, 04:39:32 am »
But there is nowhere I can put my location on my profile  :o

Primal Diet / Re: Having a hard time consuming enough meat - feeling full
« on: December 22, 2013, 08:20:15 am »
Thanks :)

I'm pretty sure I can get it from sheeps, goats, cows and other farm-animals, just wild ones that would be harder.

Primal Diet / Re: Having a hard time consuming enough meat - feeling full
« on: December 22, 2013, 05:32:20 am »
So I went to the farmers marked. Got 4 kg of raw organic honey  ;D

Then I went on my fatquest. I was a little hessitant to ask at first. When I finaly got to the counter I said something like: "Uhm, can I buy some fat from you" The answer I got was " Yes offcourse everything here has almost no fat"
"Oh, but I want the fat, is it posible to buy from your farm in the future?" He told me they usally throwed away alot of fat, so that could be posible :D I also asked for organs and such and he told me I could also get that next time they slaughtered. His farm was abit far away, but maby they can send a package.

I asked another place where they had wild elk and dear- meat, but they could not give away the organs cos the food-regulators in norway chop up and throw wild organs to see if the animal is healthy. She told me that they only had one sick wild animal in her career.

I think they where abit supriced by my request to say the least :P

Primal Diet / Re: Having a hard time consuming enough meat - feeling full
« on: December 21, 2013, 09:14:53 am »
welcome to the forum! I was in Norway (I am Norwegian btw, just born in Finland) a few months ago for 2 months and I loved to pick oysters at the beach and eat them fresh.. yum! And then I loved the whale meat! And mackerel... I ate mackerels almost every day, they are so fatty you need no extra fat for sure at that meal at least!

I am sure you could get fresh lambs meat too, it has some fat on it, and tastes amazing.

Try to get game too.. and organs, you need to eat everything on the animal. You will find seaweed to much on, for free, in the ocean. I am a fan of wild foods, they makes me feel amazing!

Do not count calories by any means! Go after how you feel and you hunger. Calories means nothing.

Do not eat fruit in winter in Norway! That is my advice... and as you write you already experienced it is not too good for you. Always try to eat in season. Maybe you can find Hazelnuts? I love them! They are very high fat and very healthy, almost no carbs and they are growing in Norway too. I do sometimes eat Brazil nuts and Pistachios and Macadamias etc. for dessert, I love nuts but they must be fresh and organic, not rancid or you will only hurt yourself.

Thanks! :)
Love oysters to. Altough I never tried any from the beach. Gonna look out for it when the summer comes.
Makrel is nice and very cheap also.

Gonna be on the lockout for good farmers, maby I can ask to buy some organ-meat and such. Probably get it cheap cos they would trow out most of it I would guess. Wildfood is awesome. I used to taste everything in nature when I was younger  ;D

you could try grinding your fat with a meat grinder, and then placing  a shallow bowl of it in a pan  of warm water,( slightly more than body temp).   you'll find that some of it will melt, and the taste will be pleasurable.   Avocados are full or pufa's and a bad substitute for real animal fat.  Also try eating fat alone when hungry and stop when you've had enough, when your desire to eat anymore goes away.  Then wait till your hungry again, and eat mostly meat.  The same, stop when you don't want to eat anymore,, or, stop just before then.  This is a good way to let your body start figuring out how much of each it wants and it will strengthen your ability to use fat as fuel.

Defently gonna try this! Sounds good.

I cant stand ground meat.
Just get good scissors.

I love it :P

I agree that grinding fat can lead to eating too much.  But, and here's the but, it can help one discover just how good fat is, to get past one's mental ideas about eating chunks of fat.  And then, one can go back to eating it in pieces till satiated.   

   As far as avocados go.   I love them too.  So easy to eat everyday.  And yes California avocados would do well in a avocado tasting contest with any countries entries.    I am saying that when I go off them and substitute with animal fat, I do much better.  You might try as well, should you come across a big hunk of fat that's not rancid.  I've done this experiment a couple of times.  And it's not an easy one, for it's hard not to eat a perfectly ripe avocado when it's just sitting there in your kitchen.    And this idea I believe would hold true to even a greater extent if someone were getting most or all of their fats from them,, and not animals. 

Well I cannot chew probably before I get my jaw fixed. So guess grinding is my best choice for now.

Yeah, I feel the same.. avocado doesn't feel that good. I actually feel better eating prosseced butter than avocado, so raw animal fat would be way better! Just need to find out where I can get that fat! There is a farmersmarked in town tomorrow, so I'll ask them if they know where I can get it :)

Primal Diet / Re: Having a hard time consuming enough meat - feeling full
« on: December 20, 2013, 04:02:09 am »
Rawesome, you seem very fixated on eating lots of meat. I'm curious why? Do you crave it for some reason? Are you trying to mimic the eating patterns of a particular diet guru? You might consider fasting for a few days and just seeing what cravings develop. You might find your appetite for meat falls, your hunger for raw animal fat rises, and sugar cravings subside...

Very hard to find animal fats around where I live (people in norway are non-fat fixated and proteins-geeks). I also get pain in my upper back and shortness of breath when eating a lot of fat - Especially avocadoes alone. So that's kinda the reason + I'm not gaining weight... I think I might have gallstones..
However I think I can handle meat-fat better than avocadoes, just need to find it. I have a jaw problem so if there is any easy to chew meat-fat  out there that would be perfect for me. Maybe I can order online or I could try to get a hold on some farmers outside town.

Fasting feels good, but not solving anything for me cos once I eat again it's the same. Sugercravings I can handle pretty much, just avoiding fruits ( I feel horrible eating fruit anyway) and I'm good. Blueberries are cool though. If I need some sugar I have carrot-juice with celery and cucumber (about 20% carrot) feels good drinking this.

Primal Diet / Re: Having a hard time consuming enough meat - feeling full
« on: December 19, 2013, 02:14:33 pm »
Okey so I will deffently add more fat. Thanks for scaring me into change ;)

I make this mix of 220g ground up beef meat (14% fat) and 1 avocado and 5-10 egg yolks and some honey. Love it!
I think I can manage 2 and a half servings of this in one day. My question is though is it safe to eat 15-20 eggyolks a day without the whites? (heard something about not to seperating to much, but not sure if its for the whites or both)

Primal Diet / Re: Having a hard time consuming enough meat - feeling full
« on: December 19, 2013, 05:30:07 am »
Wow, good to hear thanks!

I had the impression that I was not eating enough. Looking at nutritional data I am only getting around 1000-1200 callories If I eat mostly meat. It seems abit to little and I wanna build more muscle. That's why.

If I eat fruit I eat untill I feel sick, so I try to avoid it.

Will try to listen more to my body and see how it turnes out.

Primal Diet / Having a hard time consuming enough meat - feeling full
« on: December 19, 2013, 12:36:00 am »
I feel like I have a limit of how much I can comfortably  consume during a day. Maximum amount would be 500-600 grams of raw meat or fish (must be less than 20% fat or I can not even eat this much). Anyone else have it this way? If so how did you overcome it or did you eat something else on the side to cover your needs?

You live in Norway.
Look for Inger's posts and her youtube videos.
If you are near enough to her, meet her and learn from her.
That may speed up your learning about raw paleo diet norwegian style.

Did you know she's pretty and very feminine? That may inspire you even more.

Sounds great :)

Here is a link for raw dairy in Norway:-

I get the vague impression that small farms there would be likely to do a deal with you re raw dairy sales, but you would have to phone around a lot.

All that said, problems/allergies towards raw dairy are  THE commonest issues on a RVAF diet. I would strongly suggest you get used to a dairy-free rawpalaeodiet first and then, after some time, try a little raw dairy to see if it has a negative effect on you or not.

Re antinutrients:- Yes that was what I was talking about. Now, granted some raw vegetables will have lower levels of antinutrients in them than others(those that are repellent in taste when eaten raw are usually very high in antinutrients), but since all raw vegetables have this sort of defence to some extent, it just is not a good idea to overindulge in the stuff. I have not heard of problems if people drink moderately.

Okey thanks, so I will wait trying raw milk. When it comes to juices I only have good tasting ones. Sometimes kale and such, but not often.

Enjoing some raw norwegian pollock at the moment   :D

Okey great! Live in Norway :) Would be great if anyone could recomend some places. I especially wanna try raw milk.

I see. I heard this before when it comes to leafy greens. Something for the plants to protect themself from bugs eating too much of them. Is this the same? The antinutrience would not be the same for each plant right? If so changing veggies in the juice more often (weekly) would be a solution to this problem?

Green juice not good? Really? Please explain :)

Thanks for the tip. I find it hard to find this organ-meat. Not in the supermarket. But maybe I could visit some farms and ask there.

I was thinking, cos my doctor thinks I have a ulcer in my stomach and I think that too, should I avoid red meat while healing or is raw okay? I heard cabbage helps heal thats why I put it in my juice.


Welcoming Committee / Hello - A guy who want's to feel good and healthy
« on: December 18, 2013, 08:06:20 am »

I am 24 years young. I am very interested in being healthy and feeling good. Currently I am listening to some positive self-help book, so I am very positively  focused at the moment  ;D

A bit about me and my relationship to raw paleo:
I had some big bumps in my health along my life. Trying a lot of stuff. Raw-food vegan, Lfhc and normal cooked food healthy food before that. 

Before i started being more conscious I was smoking, drinking Coke and hotdogs everyday. Drinking a lot when I was 15-18 years. smoking a lot of weed too.

I have read both of aajonus's books a couple of times. Tried eating raw ground meat, raw liver, many different raw fish, raw bone marrow, raw chicken and raw eggs.

Due to complications I need to eat soft meat at the moment.

I wanna heal my stomach, back, liver and gallbladder. I believe that they are the key elements in my body that needs healing. Especially my stomach and digestive-system.

I drink plenty of greenjuice everyday. Currently carrots, cucumber and cabbage.

My challenge is discipline and eating enough without pain. I hope that this forum will help me to gain motivation and self-dicipline  :)

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