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Bumping up!

Anyone has original show #420?

Welcoming Committee / Re: Can i eat frozen meat for a newbie?
« on: May 15, 2015, 10:37:34 pm »
google "weston price foundation pork" to find article "How Does Pork Prepared in Various Ways Affect the Blood"


Take 450g (1 lb) of ground beef (or any other meat you like of any type), and mix it well with 175ml (3/4ths cup) lemon juice.

Can I substitute lemon juice with vinegar?

39yo Male 6'2"(188) 165lbs(75kg)

I want to build some mass while dropping belly fat. I first got interested in eating raw around 10 years ago while browsing
I used to drink raw milk but dropped it due to high carb content. Recently I came across information that some old BB era gurus recommended three dozens on raw fertile eggs a day for most anabolic effect.

I eat raw eggs up to a dozen a day, occasionally indulge in salted/marinated/cured fish, sashimi, homemade salted bacon.
Recently added raw chicken thigh, breast and liver.

Looking for information to add more raw animal foods to my diet.
Looking for safe, convenient and palatable ways/recipes.

My wife does not support me in eating raw meat (actually she is strongly opposed) but doesn't mind raw eggs and milk for myself and our children.
Any ideas how consume raw meat on the go or otherwise not obvious fashion?

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