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I love hearing about/discussing others’ ideal optimal diet, and/or what their current way of eating looks like. Especially when  they feel their best

I don’t eat super far off from my ideal rn, but current budget definitely limits things. One goal is to make enough to feed myself (and friends/family) the best possible.

Here’s some of my favs:::

Lemon water, infused water
Cold pressed lemony green juice (no fruit/sweetness)
Raw cacao powder elixir drinks
Cold brewed herbal teas and kombucha
Wild caught seafood and shellfish
—especially sashimi, uni, oysters, etc
Wild roe, especially salmon roe
Organic/wild poultry LIVER
Organic/wild organ meats in general
Dulse seaweed
Pure fish liver, cod liver
Baby greens
Organic grass fed/wild red meats to eat raw or make tartare etc
Wild mulberries in season
Pasture raised egg yolks
Raw grass fed cheese, cottage cheese, greek yogurt (super occasional)
Occasional cold smoked fish
Homemade super gelatinous bone broths, cartilagenous bits, etc. (this would be cooked)
Occasional steamed broccoli and other in season veg
Occasional homemade raw chocolates (cacao +raw honey or stevia)
Occasional in season fruits maybe
Really good sea salts
Spring water
Chaga to make tea with
Fresh royal jelly (from bees)
Herbal teas

I wanna hear yours

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Weight Loss vs Health
« on: August 06, 2019, 02:13:41 pm »
Hey guys!

I wanted to discuss a topic I've been considering. The balance between achieving weight loss and optimal health (or not sacrificing health in the process).
Optimal health has always been a goal of mine, or at least a major part of driving factor behind my dietary habits. I want to be energetic, as vibrant/healthy as possible, sharp minded, bright and glowy, etc. I'm sure we all do. I want to be at my best, and I want my diet to be a part of enabling/sustaining/creating that. That said, I was always skinny (up until the past few years). I was the skinny lanky girl, and I felt healthiest and strongest when I was super lean. It was until I developed some autoimmune issues that I gained a ton of weight/inflammation despite still eating a raw food diet. Currently, I'm no longer 100% raw as I eat some steamed vegetables, sardines/wild fish, etc (though majority of my diet is usually raw and always high quality whole food).

My thoughts are this...

When I was raw vegan (about 8 years+) I always stayed very slim and toned. It was too easy to lose weight even though I was often eating 2500-4500 calories a day as a female, in addition to daily light workouts. When I got sick I inevitably did gain weight on Raw vegan, and I was constantly wanting more food when this happened. Thought...if I were to go back to low fat  raw vegan now (temporarily, for a few months maybe, as a cleanse). or maybe lfrv with some pasture raised egg yolk for fat soluble vitamins. Would that even really be a cleanse, would it help me lose weight again...or just continuing to strip me of nutrients. Long term I don't personally believe raw vegan provides complete nourishment, or is really least not for me. THoughts on this?

Yes it may cause weight loss....but would it even? and at what expense when I've spent the last few years trying to re-nourish myself after raw vegan in my adolescence. That said, I have weight I can lose and am likely stocked on nutrition....buuuut still when I eat its hard to feel satisfied anymore, even after years of mostly raw omnivore in various ratios.

The past 3.5 years of having rapidly gained all this weight, I haven't felt healthy at all. I haven't been living life at my fullest capacity, which is sad particularly because I'm young. I know for a fact when I am about 20-25 lbs slimmer I am a whole new person....and I want that revival. In the past as a raw omnivore, I've water fasted for a cleanse and bit of weight loss. I've lost a bit this summer doing so, but sometimes can't bring myself to do it.

So I guess my questions/points of discussion:

-RPD ways that have helped you lose weight quickly?
-is short term Raw vegan actually cleansing, or is it just as unhealthy short term?
-what to do when you constantly feel like your body needs food. Sometimes I ignore it. or feed it something super nutrient dense. but there are periods where nothing satiates and I just crave alllllll the fatty collagenous proteiny things ever. and maybe raw chocolate and greens lol
-Thoughts on weight loss while maintaining health (with history of some childhood malnourishment)

I probably just have to suck it up and get back to doing a few water fasts until I reach my goal. As is likely apparent from this post, I think rn I'm just confused/conflicted on what steps to take with the resources I have

much love and thank you for your thoughts!

Health / Intensive/supportive Healing Regime
« on: May 25, 2016, 04:22:01 am »

What up raw paleo world! I've had chronic health problems starting when I was around 12 years old when I had badddd Lyme disease. I never truly recovered. It runs in my family to be long and thin, so growing up I was always underweight and often misdiagnosed with eating disorders/sent away to psychiatric wards etc. also trauma from home life issues starting at birth. I thought i worked through most of it but I know we work through these things or they pop back up here and there and can be stored in our tissues.
I'm 25 now and have colitis with many perforations in my intestines, cancer in my ovaries, Lyme, rheumatoid arthritis, nerve damage, liver problems, hashimoto's, and SO MANY more issues diagnosed I can't even list them all. I honestly relate them to Lyme and the environment it created. I'm in a flare up now and have gained so much weight and I can no longer focus to write or Dance/be active.


I have to lose 30-42 lbs to get to a more functional level of health again for my body (I know well at his point in the journey lol).

In the past, water fasting helped me a lot. Same with kombucha/water/clear liquids.
I've been mostly raw since I was 14 and completely raw since 17 (minus two 6 month periods during which I experimented with including cooked whole foods...did not work). Now I'm flexible but mostly Raw. I've found pastured bone broth here and there to be helpful lately.

A water fast feels like too much right now, lame as that is. So starting tomorrow I plan to stick to liquids only...
Based on what I currently have since money is low and my dysfunctionality is incredibly high.

-Wheat grass juice
-lemon water (to keep low due to tooth problems)
-tea (mostly herbal)
-occasional organic low acid coffee with raw milk (very sensitive to caffeine)
-gotu kola tea to get rid of scar tissue buildup
-green juice powder
-occasional raw cacao + stevia leaves + vanilla bean to make hot chocolate
-bone broth when I can make it
-kombucha when I can buy it, and other fermented beverages
-oxylent (organic vitamin powder to add to water sweetened with stevia only)

Supplements include
-low temperature dried full fat grass fed liver powder
-colloidal silver
-skate liver oil
-essential amino acids
-digestive enzymes (these save my life)
-milk thistle/liver detox capsule
-activated charcoal
-maybe a few other things...not regularly

In hopes of water fasting some days. Thoughts and experiences? I have many food sensitivities and allergies otherwise I'd mono on organic pastured eggs (I wishhhh) or something.
I have a gig in July and have to be down in weight at least 30 lbs as I was when booked...but my body/mind is in such a state I'm not sure what to do.

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