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Anyone here who does zero carb take any electrolyte supplements when sweating a lot? On a traditional diet, on a day of hiking in hot weather you would drink a whole lot of gatorade, or even just water with minerals. Any of you guys to extreme sports where you sweat a lot and add electrolytes to the water? Or would you drink blood, or just add a little salt to your water?

Reading some of the threads here I came across White Oak Pastures which has a lot of beef organs, fat and bone marrow products you can order online for a reasonable price:

There is one item that seems very convenient, which is their paleo ground beef. It is "Ground Chuck and Brisket (40%), Beef Liver (20%), Beef Heart (20%), Beef Spleen (10%), Beef Kidney (10%)" so it seems a convenient way to get a variety of organ meats in one food. You can also order the organ meats separately and even Goat and lamb meats and organs. Way more variety than I could ever find locally I believe, especially grassfed and grass finished.

I know Whote Oak Pastures is highly regarded here, but I wanted to see where else you guys find your sources. Hopefully this isn't too off topic, I did notice shopping locally finding certain cuts of bones/organs was sort of hit or miss.

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to share something regarding a butcher I found since it relates to my carnivorous diet. I’ve been trying to eat more organic grass fed beef but one issue I had was it was so lean it was harder to get the amount of fat in my diet that I want and I don’t feel as good after eating butter or other cooking fats. However, I just found a butcher who specializes in dry-aged beef who keeps the fat on it, usually 25-50% visible fat, which is exactly what I wanted! I also like the taste of dry-aged beef a lot.

One issue with this place is the cost … about $30/lb for Ribeyes … worth every penny but a bit pricey for me eating 2-3lbs per day. However I noticed if I buy short ribs they are delicious and very fatty and were only about $10/lb which is about what I can get normal grassfed beef for.

So what I plan to do now is maybe still buy some of this dry-aged beef that is grain-finished, but also buy some organic grass-fed beef to mix in with it. I feel sick after eating beef from places like Wal-Mart or Kroger, but not when I eat the high quality dry-aged beef from this place.

If anyone has any comments/concerns with dry-aged beef let me know please. Thanks!

As far as food sensitivity and ease of getting processed by your system, do any of you know if raw beef or blue rare beef would be much different on your system than cooked?

I have had issues with anal fissures and tension in the past. Going carnivorous over the last four months (meat, cheese, spices) has helped but not completely. I think part of the issue may be the garlic and spices in the sausages, and the non-optimal foods (cheese) but I also wonder if I ate only beef and went raw (grass fed) if that would potentially be better.

Do you think going raw would be different enough to try?

I know I can just try it but I thought maybe someone here would be aware of what worked for someone with a similar issue to me. If I knew it would 'probably' be better it would be easier to force myself to eat only raw meat.


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