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General Discussion / Raw mackerel, so good! All edible?
« on: November 23, 2017, 07:40:01 am »
I got really fresh mackerel yesterday. I had bought 3 fish. I thought I was going to cook them very slowly and little, but decided to try it raw while I was cleaning them. It was so good that I ate all the fish! Then I put the others in a jar with orange and lemon. Actually I ate 3 fish in 1 day. But not all raw, I still have soup today. I make the soup to remove all from the bones.

Is it ok to eat raw fish with no lemon/acid? Is raw fatty fish ok? How long can you keep it without getting the harmful stuff in non fresh fish?

I have  question about cleaning the fish, and what has to be removed. I removed what looked like stomach. It was very different from and terrestral animal and was a bit lost in the anatomy... How can I get explanations? Thanks

General Discussion / Plant poisonned animal: to eat or not to eat?
« on: November 10, 2017, 06:47:32 am »
The culprit is in general euphorbia peplus, and maybe some mercurialis, though this one is not so toxic... They are the only toxic plants I find. It is quite strange that animals, rabbits etc eat euphorbia among other herbs!

The amoount is so small that I do not think there can be a problem for human consumtion.

Who has an idea how the poisonning occurs and where is the toxin in the animal body? Of course a dead animal cannot be bleeded.

Thanks for any informations

Welcoming Committee / Cavewoman here!
« on: November 08, 2017, 08:04:11 am »
No joke, I really write from a cave!
I grow and breed some food. I come from I am 50 and already ate some raw food 30 years ago and it worked, but was complicated for animal products. Then I ate whatever I found health according to my growing knowledge, then had to stop gluten. I tried nearly fructivore with animal products, as I suppressed most carbs. But it seems I am not doing good on sweet food even when it is fruits and honey. I have access to very good raw goat cheese but I do not eat it ATM.
I did a short fast on veg juice and then went out of it with the complete vegs, and then added eggs and then organic raw beef. I do my tartar cooking in orange juice at the moment, from my garden. I love fruits with minced meat.
I slightly cook fish without boiling it, and heat the white of eggs without making it rubber-like!
I have a lot of green and roots, and that is great food for me, as long as I have my animal proteins.

I try to follow the rule that I cook was is not edible raw, or bad taste, or any toxin suppression reason, or assimilation enhancement.  I cook tomatos and remove peels and seeds, I cook green beans, for example.

The biggest part is raw.

I want to get more advise specific about eating raw animal products. And cooking recipes! As I am inventive, I hope I will share my findings too!

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