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The butcher at Whole Foods told me today that the 100% grass-fed lamb on display from New Zealand is always fresh (never frozen.)

Can I assume that to be true? Does anyone here have any experience working at Whole Foods and know for sure?


How exactly does the import process work in regard to fresh meat, when coming to the US from NZ?

Several articles I've found reference "chilled" meat vs. "frozen." I'm interested in learning more about exactly how the lamb (when "chilled") makes its way across the world, and how long that takes, etc...

This is my first post. Hi :)

I have 7 pounds of raw bison back fat coming my way. The carcass is being cut today (Monday) and then delivered to me (in sealed plastic) on Wednesday.

I will be eating it raw, and would like to keep in unfrozen. I would also like to remove it from the plastic vacuum seal as soon as I receive it.

Can I leave it out (unrefrigerated) without packaging - perhaps in unsealed paper bags? It's winter where I live, and the temperature in my apartment never rises above 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Or, should I store it in the fridge? The only other thing in the fridge would be bison muscle meat, unsealed and stored on steel racks to let the air get to them.

I'm mostly worried about the possibility of slimy moisture damage (if kept in the fridge) and oxidation (if stored outside the fridge.) I don't mind, taste-wise, if the fat dries out when store outside the fridge... but, I'm attempting to regain my much-needed health and would like to gain as much fresh nutrition as possible while reducing the amount of damaging substances I put in my body... so, can anyone tell me how best to store this fat?

I'd read conflicting reports in other posts... such as some saying that unsealed fat "basically lasts forever" outside the fridge, and others saying that unsealed fat and air "don't mix well," due to oxidation - which I guess would be a problem in the fridge, as well...?

I eat only raw meat, however this is the first time I am buying REAL fresh (as in, NEVER frozen) and the first time I will be storing meat without using the freezer on my end.

Thank you. I'd really appreciate any advice.

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