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Health / Couperose/telangiectatic rosacea
« on: May 22, 2019, 05:37:28 pm »
Hello everyone,
i just wanted to ask if someone also has/had couperose /telangiectatic rosacea and also use this topic for general discussion.
I am currently 23 becoming 24 next month and since about 1 year i am getting these red veins on my face. mostly on my nose and forehead.
It started when i was raw vegan and had alot of stress.. right now it is not as pronounced as the example picture shows.
Friends tell me they dont really see it and some thought its acne or something but it annoys me extremely..
Currently i am trying to avoid causes and eat alot of raw food.
Will visit a few dermatologists over the next 2 weeks and i am thinking about doing some kind of laser treatment..
If anyone has experience please let me know!

Example picture to let you know what exactly i mean.

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