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General Discussion / bone marrow...texture
« on: April 25, 2020, 07:38:48 am »
Greetings All...

I'm able to get grass-fed cow, grass-fed lamb and wild deer (from the forest!)  ;)
I can only request which organs I want them to keep (so far) and can't do the
killing either (so far).
So, I purchase the carcass, and bring it home, and my ol`lady & I can cut & wrap
as we please.
Here's my confusion...

For this lamb (not the passed 100 I've worked), I'm sawing the back leg and the
bone shatters, and out from the bone, pours out this white creamy liquid!  :o
What's up with that? Anyone see this --? 1st for me -- totally unsure of it.
I'm sure sabertooth has various butchering experiences.

The deer is ok, it's not as creamy -- kinda dryer..?

This recent rear 1/4 cow we kinda moist..little blood.

It's only the lamb liquid I'm concerned with -- I enjoy some marrow everyday,
and cut the bones to size - for easy access.

Sorry for my lack of better words, I'm only eating raw 4 months now...with
instant overall health improvements!
My body said "about time dude...only 60 yrs to do this! gimme more.."

So this isn't a diet for me ~ it's now my way of life, so my thanks to ALL, for
being here - sharing your experiences...with us newbies.  ;D

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