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Health / Digestion and Skin issues
« on: August 12, 2020, 05:11:21 pm »
I've been incorporating raw meat into my normal diet for a good year now, such as raw lambs liver, oysters, rib-eye steaks and eggs when i'm on the go and can't afford to waste time cooking. I also consume a variety of cooked meats/white rice etc during the evening as I'm trying to gain weight whilst going to the gym. Only about recently for about a month I started experiencing some issues with digestion and diarrhea, I've stopped drinking raw milk as I thought that could be the culprit and the diarrhea stopped, but i was still experiencing digestion issues such as burping, gas and the odd encounter of diarrhea. I tried incorporating raw milk again yesterday but the diarrhea came straight back...My skin is also really bad at the moment and i'm breaking out in acne around my face and I've also developed seborrheic dermatitis on the side of nose and in my eyebrows...which is bizarre. It's causing me a lot of stress as I look like crap and my sleep isn't that good either, I recently stopped smoking cannabis 4 months ago and I would expect that the sleeping issue isn't related because I've been absent from it for so long and the withdrawals don't usually last this long.

I'm really lost in what I should do, I've stopped eating the raw meat as my friend has been telling me I could of got my gut used to the raw meat and it doesn't want any cooked food anymore...So I've just introduced cooked foods and nothing else. Personally I just want my old digestion back and my skin because I feel utterly depressed with the way things are turning and it's seriously stressing me out as it's showing in my face and my emotions are all over the show at the minute because of this.
I've also taken a blood test and i'm waiting on the results to hopefully show if i'm deficient in something which might be affecting this but I highly doubt it. Any information or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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