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Health / 2 years, health not improving
« on: March 12, 2021, 06:42:53 am »
Hi all,

Me and my Dad have been on the raw paleo diet for near on 2 years, and I can't say I've seen much improvement in our health..
Previous to this, we'd been Vegan for a year, and me a fruitarian for a year too. After a couple of months on the raw, I started experiencing debilitation fatigue, and after many months of investigation, it was declared that I'd gotten Toxoplasmosis. No treatment was given, just blood monitoring to make sure it was leaving my body. Usually people get over this infection within a week, but it left me with Post Viral Chronic Fatigue, from which I am mostly recovered physically - but mentally, my cognitive abiliities are very much still distorted, and I miss the clarity and verve which normal life used to hold.
I've been discharged now. Interesting thihng they found on an ultrasound was that my gallbladder was slightly distended (unsure if that was due to the Toxo, but it didn't seem to worry them)
I still have very little energy, and am wondering at this point if my body is even able to digest fats? I've had similar symptoms to IBS on and off this whole time. Ever since being on the diet, I've also noticed that I'm producing a lot more phlegm...

My father (46) has always struggled with addictions and depression, and it doesn't seem as though the diet has altered this at all. He has very low energy as well and his chronic back pain hasn't changed.

Unfortunately, we can't afford any decent meat, we basically live off supermarket mince (20%). We used to get brasising steak and suet from the butchers, until we found out they freeze all their suet.
I include lamb liver and heart in my diet, raw milk when I can get it, raw butter (although I had to stop this, as it seems to make me break out, and causes ulcers in my moouth for some reason)
I know supermarket meat is the last source you wanna go to, but I've seen many people on this forum say it is far better than eating cooked.
I'm just so confused why we are still suffering and enegy drained, when my heart tells me this is that raw paleo is the most natural way for human to eat...

Anyone got any ideas?
I'm 22 and don't want to spend the rest of my life feeling like an old woman lol

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