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Carnivorous / Zero Carb Approach / What to drink? In general
« on: March 22, 2022, 02:29:25 am »
Spring water is available, but water in general leaves the notion to dry out and not really relief thirst. Occasionally it is used as a solvent, correctly.

Raw milk was usually used and occasionally blood, but frozen and not fresh. Fresh could be done maybe in some time from now, not now. Raw milk tends to develop immune reactions, such as inflammation.

Inquiry what to drink as raw carnivore, minimum carbs

High-meat: Handling + storage question

1. Having 50 to 75% Air Space is ok?
2. Opening or not the Lid? Was going to keep it sealed till consumption.
3. Storing in a dark place?
4. Gently rotating/shaking how often? 1x per day?

What is the best way to measure testosterone levels?

Aside from a certain sensation given from raw meat consumption, what accurate way is there to measure testo.-levels?

Best oestro + testo.-levels.

Reason for this topic is butter/dairy consumption and its possible interference.

3 Questions regarding  Keto + Raw Meat diet

1. The optimal way would be to consume animal fat rather than dairy - correct?

2. If animal fat is not yet plenty available, using raw butter is okay? If so, how much?

3. Raw butter, dairy in general interfers with proper testosterone levels from raw meats?

Inquiry what of the following foods probably inhibit or restrict the intake and absorbtion of raw meat, intestine and raw milk - and how, if they do:

all organic

- Soaked and roasted almonds
- Soaked and roasted pumpkin seeds
- Raw unheated almond paste
- Raw salads
- Spices like fresh ginger or basil
- Flour made into a dough (for meat sometimes) eaten raw, from linseed, pumpkin, hemp
- Dried fruit like blueberries, goji
- Vegetable juices from beetroot
- Fruit juices from quits, grapefruit, blood orange
- Raw fruit like old variety of local apples; shipped pomegranate, grapefruit, lemon/citrus
- Cold pressed linseed oil
- Butter organic grass fed

This is what here and there is still been eaten inbetween 500g meat a day and milk.

Naturally instinct is growing what to cut out but some of them are rather silent, especially when eaten late the day.

I included butter, is it not being cooked?

Carnivorous / Zero Carb Approach / Questions... Raw Meat
« on: November 24, 2021, 07:07:12 pm »
The following questions for a human being living in mid/northern europe, outdoors much (woods, field), much fresh air, max sunshine possible:

0. Surely only raw meat stored in a cool place is best, is frozen meat okay or to be avoided?

1. Odor, what odor does eating raw meat only give - any at all? Seeing the above lifestyle (outdoors, constant fresh air helps purifying)

2. Bathroom, does it stink - what is the consistancy? Years back, cooked meat + starch + veg was horrible

3. Anyone doing active spiritual practice in combination? How does the mind behave on it, seeing that raw flesh stimulates many cravings (eventual even heal due to natural saturation)

4. Social distancing more or normalizing (live and let live)? Veganism due to acidity was killing nerve-isolation, hence distancing much

5.1. Any known problems transitioning? Coming from 95% raw eating fruit, greens, nuts and the usual, over to smoked salmon and canned fish into salads, now to raw flesh.

5.2. is cold smoked raw meat a good start for transitioning to completely raw?

6. In general, raw meat eating has maximal effects when zero sugar, zero spices and especially zero salt is added, correct?

Thank you very much. All the best from Germany.

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