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Welcoming Committee / New to community, Have some questions
« on: April 23, 2022, 09:05:22 am »
Hi. I've been researching raw meats, and despite this forum seeming sort of inactive I thought I'd throw out a couple of questions which are hard to find solid answers for:

 - Thoughts on game meat? Is it more likely to contain exotic/dangerous parasites for example, especially in the organs, compared to standard pasture raised animals?
 - One thing I noticed from my own research is that virtually all common intestinal parasites, are often largely symptomless/harmless. Is it a possibility that many people eating raw animals (and yes I'm aware this applies to everyone else as well to a lesser degree) have parasites, but they are so trivial they don't notice? Is it easy to get parasites checked for and removed without antibiotics, if it comes down to that?
 - Do you treat your meat or fish in any way? Is it best freshly killed?
 - Raw oysters seem common. What are your thoughts on vibriosis (flesh eating bacteria)? P.S They were recommended here

Sorry for the weird questions, It's hard to research and get straight answers with so much bias. You know how google is, rigging search results. Hope somebody is eager or willing to answer one or many of my questions. Cheers

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