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General Discussion / aged cheese much better than raw beef
« on: March 26, 2018, 12:08:35 am »
I am doing a lot of reading to find out why i cant digest raw beef and after reading studies like this: Determination of free amino acids in cheeses:
www . agriculturejournals .   cz/publicFiles/08676.pdf
i think hard cheeses can be compared to high meat or rotten meat and are much better than raw unaged beef.
For example brie cheese - from 100 gram cheese you have approximately 50 gram mousture and 25 gram  fat and  25 gram protein of which 16 gram free amino acids per 100 gram cheese/160 gram free amino acids in 1 kg cheese according to study/. The remaining 9 gram protein are not free amino acids but probably peptides and not whole casein. So with the cheese you get predigested protein and saturated fats. With beef you get easy to digest fats and impossible to digest protein if you have low HCL in the stomach - like many people do. All those claims that raw meat is self digesting are total BS in my experience and aged cheeses may not be paleo and may not be even raw  but are much better than raw beef because bacteria did the hard work to predigest protein to amino acids - the same happens in rotten meat but you can not buy rotten meat in supermarket.
It does not matter what is paleo and what your ancestors were eating, what matters is what you can digest and the truth is that raw beef is better than cooked beef but still very hard to digest because of collagen in connective tissue. I even think this collagen is as hard to digest as gluten. I think the problems that people have on zero carb diets are not due to the lack of carbs but dies to the presence of undigested protein in their diet - Aajonus say that cooked protein putrefy in the intestines but the same can happen with raw protein if you dont digest it. Unfortunately many  raw paleo diet  fans are just as brainwashed as vegans and make claims that have nothing to do with the truth - that ALL DAIRY IS BAD AND ALL RAW MEAT IS GOOD just because it is paleo. Yes in the meat there are proteolitic enzymes that work when you age the beef but dry aging beef takes weeks - this is not going to happen in our intestines - or if someone can show me a study that proves otherwise please show me this study.
Here is another study  - Tolerability of a Fully Maturated Cheese in Cow’s Milk Allergic Children - they fed children with milk allergy with parmiggiano reggiano cheese and most children have no problem

General Discussion / Is it possible raw beef to make me worse
« on: September 27, 2017, 10:45:41 pm »

It seems everything i eat except raw eggs make me worse, i can understand that raw dairy can be bad but what about raw beef - do you think it is possible that someone cant digest raw beef - raw beef should need no digestion or this is wrong assumption or maybe i use bad sour e of beef?


General Discussion / Does raw milk feed sibo or disbiosis
« on: April 26, 2017, 04:55:59 pm »

 What do you think does carbs in raw milk feed sibo - all diets for sibo forbid raw milk because of lactose.
I know people that made their sibo worse by eating fruits or juices like banana and apples so RAW does not mean safe for sure. I mean if fructose or lactose transporters in the bowell are not working how will be lactose absorbed?

General Discussion / Natural Hegiene's Claims about viruses
« on: June 27, 2010, 02:25:56 am »
Hi All,

 I am interested what do you think about Natural Higiene's practitioners claims that viruses are helpfull and we don't have to kill them - i am now with herpes zoster and have high tempreture for 5 days and see no improvement. I also got constipation among other simptoms /usualy i don't have this problem/ - and i can't see how constipation could be beneficial for the body. There are many testimonials about the opposite aproach - to kill parasites and viruses. What about Hulda Clark, Miracle Mineral, Coloidal SIlver, Coconut OIl, Propolis, Grape Seed extract and many others methods - they have very good testimonials. I can agree that some microorganisms are beneficial but no way to agree about - malaria, or flu for example  

Also many natural treatments claim that improve immune system and she kills viruses and  other pathogens - ok so who is correct immune system os Natural Hygienists?

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