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General Discussion / A few questions
« on: April 13, 2012, 01:00:21 am »

So being new to the board and going Raw..  I have a few questions when it comes to the diet. (If you have a sticky or wiki on it please link me!)

Ok, so I've kept my raw food consumption to mostly beef and eggs and fish that said...

I haven't tried lamb yet and I'm wondering about the safety of ...

Pork and Chicken, does anyone eat these raw? Is there a special preparation for these two that have a nasty reputation as the most dangerous raw meats?


Welcoming Committee / A personal study more or less...
« on: April 12, 2012, 11:38:58 pm »

So I ended up here because of some things we were learning in class about nutrition and food.  Of course, this "diet" is not very popular with academia in general but I couldn't help but notice when doing my own research that people who ate a mostly raw food diet (with protein/meat) looked quite young in comparison to their actual age.

Worried about becoming sick from raw-food, I stuck to mostly beef and the occasional egg for a few days... in about 4 days time I felt really, really energetic!

In two weeks time my libido had gone through the roof! A harder you know what, and much more stamina in general. As you can imagine my girlfriend has become somewhat more receptive to my new way of eating!

Another thing that I've noticed so far is... a clearer mind and... for some reason... better skin, at least I think it looks better... less blotchy.
I have not eaten raw chicken though and I probably never will, I am still utterly terrified of eating raw poultry.

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