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General Discussion / Weird Effects from RawMeat
« on: July 08, 2012, 12:15:59 pm »
So I haven't delved too much into RawMeat... I'm just beginning to scratch the surface. I am treading lightly... how can I not anyway, when RawMeat makes me feel Weird as F*cK?

The effects I get from RawMeat tend to be something I could liken to Cannabis. It does weird things to my temperament/conciousness.

The first raw meat I ate, breaking my streak of being a vegetarian, was Raw Salmon. It got me and my brother quite High. In a good way. We were playin'n'laughin... we asked "Is this what normal people feel like? Dude I feel so BlissfullyNormal right now that I could get married! LEEET'S GEET MAAARRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIED!"

Fastforward a bit to a RawSteak that me and my brother shared a week or so ago. When we ate it, we both started to feel high. Its doing weird things to our thought processes, like Cannabis can do. Certain aspects of our psyche are amplified. We are feeling a bit insane, and, browsing the forum, feeling like the members on here are insane too. We start having a bunch of weird thoughts on the subject that we are uncomfortable with. We then both take a walk, start talking to eachother, and come to grips with whats going on. The RawSteak SuckerPunch'd us with highness before we could assimilate that it was happening.

THEN, when we get home, I realize that I am coming down with a fever. It is definitely from the Steak. My brother didn't get a fever, but when we went to sleep, he had "Psychedelic Dream". Or, what he described as a "very real, incredible psychedelic experience",  experienced within the context of a dream. And yes, it was definitely from the Raw Steak.

So when I woke up the next morning, I stood up and... realized that I can't even stand up right. It was pretty scary, it felt really weird... I had to lay back down. My fever lasted a couple days.

Fastforward s'more to just earlier, when I ate some Raw Smelt and Raw Lamb Kidney. They were both very tasty and nourishing... but then some weird feelings pop up, similar to my other RawMeat Highs. Things feel amplified in a weird way, I feel like a fragile, shy little child, who others don't realize life is amplified to him in a way that makes it a bit scary and uncomfortable. I feel strange emotions that I have a hard time describing... sadness, for one. Also, Anger! I will feel irritable and more aggressive. The RawVegan in me says "the raw meat is making you a savage".

So, I would love to hear your opinions, or if I'm lucky, accounts of something similar happening to you, and you coming to grips with it and overcoming it.

I'm torn between:
 "The RawMeat is making me feel weird because it is healing and/or detoxing me"


"Maybe theres a reason we have evolved to cook our meats..."

or even "Maybe its just not good for my situation!"

I am going to continue to experiment with raw meats, I just wanted to vent that, and hopefully get some insights from others on similar paths. Love'n'Bless

Primal Diet / No Water
« on: July 04, 2012, 02:12:56 am »
Does anybody here go by VonderPlanetz idea of not drinking any water?

"Water is dangerous!" - VonderPlannerz in CancerCure Society interview

I can't picture myself dropping water from my regimen. It's MotherEarth's BloodMana.

How bout you guys/girls?

General Discussion / Easiest-to-Chew RawMeats?
« on: June 27, 2012, 11:47:22 am »
I have tried raw Beef Heart and I just had some Raw Round Steak... they were pretty tasty, and seem to give me good effects... but they were both quite chewy. Not too bad... but my head was hurting how much I had to chew that RoundSteak. The BeefHeart seemed to digest rather sluggishly, while the Steak seems to be digesting rather smoothly, based on how I feel from it right now... perhaps thanks to the SuperEnzymes I took with it. Anywho, I figure, the easier it is to chew, the easier it would be to digest... and not getting HeadPain from excessive chewing would be a nice bonus. So, in your experience, what is the most MeltinyourMouth RawMeat in town?... or on the block?... or ever? Girl.

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