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Off Topic / You should watch this.
« on: June 12, 2014, 08:36:36 pm »

I am very careful when it comes to my Vitamin A intake as I have experienced some problems with too much Retinol in my diet. For a long time I went by the USDA's 'Raw Beef Liver' Vitamin A content which is completely INACCURATE. Too much Vitamin A does indeed cause problems and I'm sure most of you are aware of this.

If we look below at the Raw Beef Liver Analaysis, it tells us there is
4732 IU of Vitamin A per 28 of grams liver or 95% of our daily value.

Now when we look at the same serving size of 'Beef Liver, Cooked, Braised' it gives us a value of
8881 IU of Vitamin A per 28 grams of liver or 178% of our daily value!

So, depending on our Vitamin A stores to begin with this can be really dangerous for some of us; especially those who eat liver every day. When I first started eating liver every day I was eating almost 15,000 IU of Vitamin A. After a while I started getting a lot of headaches, nausea, weakness and some pain in my joints. When I lowered my intake these problems went away in a few days. I now eat no more than 12g of Raw Liver per day (a little less than 4,000 IU).

Adequate intake of Vitamin A
3,500 IU For Adult Females
4,500 IU For Adult Males

Some symptoms of too much Vitamin A:
Birth defects (> 8,000 IU / day) osteoporosis, hairloss, bone pain, elevated blood sugar, liver damage,headaches, dizziness, double vision, bleeding gums,seizures, confusion, dry / peeling skin, hydrocephaly,dry cough, asthma, liver damage (> 25,000 IU / day).

General Discussion / How Long Does Raw Fat Keep?
« on: August 03, 2013, 06:27:20 am »
I can't seem to find anything on how long raw fat keeps in the freezer. Anyone have any idea?  Thanks

Carnivorous / Zero Carb Approach / One Day Off A Week?
« on: January 28, 2013, 09:43:32 pm »
Hey Guys,

      I wanted to ask you all your opinions on taking one day off a week to eat whatever I desire. I've been eating raw paleo / zero carb now for almost two years. During these two years I sometimes take a week off here and there to reward myself for achievements I am proud of. Also, I'll take off during the Holidays to eat with my family.
      The side effects of coming off a SAD during the end of the week when transitioning back to the raw carb diet have become almost nonexistent except for the occasional bout of diarrhea (and some weight gain as a result of the diet) the next day after returning -which would most likely be my body expelling the junk and/or the change of bacteria strains in the gut.
      Personally, I've been satisfied taking off some time only during the holidays. Now, as my life changes, it would be nice to take off one day a week and eat anything I please. My body has become very efficient at cleaning itself out and recovering but of course I do not want to overwhelm it by eating junk during the one day I do take off.
      If I do decide to take one day off a week I may push myself to stay away from Dairy, Gluten, Soy, Additives, etc. Then again, by avoiding the above, may take away from the whole point of taking one day off a week to begin with. It is hard to make a decision when you are well aware of the consequences these foods have on the body but at the same time want to enjoy a social life.

Thanks Guys

Welcoming Committee / Hello !
« on: August 09, 2012, 09:06:51 pm »

    After browsing this forum for almost a year now, I've finally decided to create an account. I've learned a lot from you guys and would like to say, Thank you!  :D.
    It's been almost a year for me now on a RZC diet consisting of only Raw Meat/Fats/Sea Salt and I feel stronger than ever!
    Before starting my journey with raw foods I consistently ran into dead ends with vitamins and supplements. I lacked energy, the ability to concentrate, my memory seemed to dissipate, and my moods were unstable (most of the time depressed). I tried everything from B Vitamins to Amino Acid supplements and they did help initially, but after a while I had come to the realization that something else was wrong.. maybe I wasn't digesting my food the right way.
    I  decided to stop all of my supplements and instead cut out all Dairy and Gluten after reading that they can wreak havoc on digestion. This was a complete disaster for the first 3 weeks. I experienced a detox reaction that left me laying in bed for almost 2 weeks with headaches, fevers, mood swings, chills, muscle aches, dizziness, nausea, and diarrhea. I didn't give up though and after those 2 weeks most of the symptoms subsided.
    After 3 weeks I felt like a new person. I had the energy of a 10 year old! My fogged mind had cleared, my depression was gone! I felt great but wanted to feel even better, so I decided to venture into a Raw Diet.
   I am a true believer in raw foods being able to restore a broken metabolism and nutrient depleted body and will continue with this diet until my body tells me otherwise.


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