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People were talking about this guy on Facebook carnivore groups saying he's definitely heavily roided. He definitely looks like it. But then again, he's only 5'7", 200 pounds and eats a ridiculous amount of meat. It's even possible he could have the double muscle gene, idk how rare it is in humans but I have read it's present in if i remember most species of mammals as a mutation.

Check him out on YouTube, he's a cook lol. Honestly haven't barely watched any of his videos, just 4 minutes so far.

General Discussion / Journey's end
« on: May 10, 2019, 04:15:59 am »
Dan Pena “Life Is Not A Journey" "life is not a journey it's a process, unless you are a moron."

Where is the best place to invest in pasture land for raising grass fed livestock?

General Discussion / Jaw infection
« on: February 14, 2018, 05:34:19 pm »
Howdy, I had a really bad tooth for many many years, it was healed but unfortunately it's structure didn't have integrity and at a bar a hot burger and a glass of ice water fractured the tooth. It became infected. I have since had the tooth extracted but still have infection. I have treated it in several ways which help including high strength manuka honey but it hasn't quite gone away yet. Any advice how to nip it in the bud?

General Discussion / Raw The Movie
« on: December 28, 2017, 07:39:28 am »

The plot is a vegetarian goes to veterinary school where during a hazing ritual she is forced to eat meat and afterwards discovers she has an insatiable craving for raw flesh.

General Discussion / MilkJar banned from youtube
« on: December 28, 2017, 05:38:24 am »
I'm not sure why he got banned but all of his videos were removed. Not sure if you have been following the story but YouTube has been using various methods in an attempt to censor it's website. I am not sure what rules MILKJAR broke but it is certainly a shame in either case.

General Discussion / Not having fun anymore
« on: August 21, 2017, 03:27:56 am »
I believe in raw diet, raw paleo. I haven't always been able to afford it. It's not even that it's not that affordable but my decisions as well as life experiences have made it difficult to maintain a stable income. It is not easy to find work and it is generally highly taxing for the recuperation. It is difficult while working to feed myself properly.

I am 30 now, I feel more than ever life is short. I do not feel excepted by society, I feel as if I have been treated as a curry leaf. Maybe this is my fault as I find it difficult to accept society.

I was never much of a fan of Trump, but I have been listing to conservative talking points and our president. Has anyone read his speech to the boy scouts? This is the thinking that humans need to be successful, I believe. The fact that the majority of Americans railed against it, rail against all of his talking points, is to me showing a deep cynicism and a lack of hopefulness for our human potential. It is difficult to be motivated with what appears to be malice all around you. It is difficult to live in America when there is almost no community of substance, when the communities would rather make your life so miserable and expel you rather than treating you like a neighbor. It is very difficult for those with small families of poor inheritance. I have always tried to keep an optimistic stance, I find being negative only worsens the problem, however when I really think back about all the facts, I am fucking depressed man, woman.

How do I find the community I need to thrive in life. How do I find positive opportunities that can sustain me and I am able to accomplish and take care of myself at the same time. For most it seems so easy, I do not fully understand why it is so difficult for myself. There are many sides to the story. I am so frustrated, I feel I have lost so much opportunity that was and is my life.

I am fucking hungry man. It's not fuckin fun. I'm hoping to go soon to work on my friends farm from near where I grew up. I had so many successes, but my failures have been devastating. I suffer from PTSD. It really sucks when you remember a time of when how sharp you used to be, and later events make you so angry it actually distorts the chemical makeup of your brain and causes you to have violent thoughts when you used to have none. I have a lot of hope for the future. I believe and agree with what GS and Sabertooth have to say most often. I see people drop dead all the time, I feel I have been in danger of that much of my life and it was only agriculture that saved my life. I also see fantastical possibilities beyond anyone I talk to have almost any concept of which I can explain to them with words.

I have to go back and learn from these experiences, it is difficult to remember all of them at once. I supposed I should try to write a book, it is embarrassing to me though as few generally seem interested in listening to what I have to say, it is so difficult to find comradery and even solidarity, much less people who actually agree with a large percentage of your beliefs and ideas.

I have a very negative father, I feel has almost never agreed with me or trusted me with anything really meaningful. He has always blamed me for my mistakes. It is indescribable how painful it feels to write this, to think these thoughts. I feel like I had so much potential. I am very afraid now to try new things, to venture out to work at new opportunities, as I have always struggled to take care of myself properly while helping other people for not sufficient pay for a healthy diet. I supposed part of my problem is I always wanted to save money to have a brighter future more than spend all my money on food. When I had animals it allowed me to be healthy but the drama associated with dealing with other people and not having support with my own operation ultimately created a failure in my health, mental health and ability to continue. When you are struck by tragedy, if you are supported by those around you, you are truly blessed as it is not always easy to find a helping hand.

My plans are loosely to go to my friends farm near where I grew up, to help him around the farm for pay and I'll be able to afford 3 pounds of raw grass fed beef a day easily and more. He is hoping to get goats, cows, pigs, sheep next year. He already has a small hatchery going and a bunch of poultry laying eggs. I am contemplating getting my bartending license, as that would support a decent income. I am contemplating applying for disability, as this would provide me with a support system that would allow me to invest in my agricultural projects. I am contemplating moving to India or Nepal or anywhere that has more entrepreneur opportunities than the united states, which is rated low compared to many countries.

Not everything is bad, I have an acre to work on and grow tropical fruit trees. I have 20 or so I started this year from seed and also 7 I bought in pots. Mamey sapote, Mexican type avacados, custard apples, jack fruit, breadnut, bananas, passion fruit, jujube, tons of mangoes and more. It is funny because despite being so emotional and feeling needy, I am always reminded of how much I have going for me, and how much I have to be grateful for. It sort of creates a false narrative, because I think it causes me to casually lie to myself, as I have failed through my adult life to keep up with the upkeep that is taking care of myself while working on tremendous projects.

I'm sorry for spreading emotionality, for being negative, I am sorry for not being more successful. I am sorry to post something like this on the forum. I post because it is difficult for me to post anything else, it is difficult for me to post when I do not have good news to report. I am sorry, if you see me here, wallowing like a beached animal, it's just, I feel like I have so much to offer. I don't want to be a curry leaf to the people in my life any more.

General Discussion / Eating enough food.
« on: July 19, 2017, 05:25:56 am »

I stumbled upon a blurb about how much Dwayne eats. I'm 6'9" and lost a lot of weight last winter. Stress levels got to me and I surely wasn't eating enough food as I became so nervous and it reduced my apatite. But good god I don't think maybe there was only one time in my life for perhaps a year I was eating almost enough food for my size. I am making it a priority to rapidly increase my diet volume over the next year, it may be the only way to save a sinking ship.

Hot Topics / Selenium yeast
« on: April 26, 2017, 07:21:31 am »
Does anyone take this? It is of grave importance we have this available for our livestock as sodium selenium is not the healthy source we want.

General Discussion / Healing is the most valuable resource on earth
« on: March 30, 2017, 04:46:31 am »
and in many places the scarcest.
Where is healing most abundant?

Hot Topics / Mouth WATERING
« on: February 27, 2017, 11:12:08 am »

Where is the tropical paleo farm going to be?

My papayas did well though half of them got taken out in storms but they ate over 40 papayas and more rotted. Very much success very little effort. I want to extend much more effort and make the place produce cash and much more delicious fruit!

Hoping to visit Philippines, where should I move to farm tropical? Ecuador?

Off Topic / American Filipino coral reef aquarium and scuba website
« on: February 15, 2017, 02:09:10 pm »
I was always fond of aquariums as a child and got pretty advanced into the hobby before I left my moms at 18. I still follow the hobby literature from time to time and have great interest in pursuing advancing these projects as well as aquaculture and agriculture. Anyways this guy has some really cool info about the reef environment and has made an attempt to recreate it in aquarium systems that have multiple aquariums that house multiple environments mimicking nature and also hosts affordable dives and diving instruction to the actual enviornments he bases his aquariums off of and collects his specimens. Pretty rad stuff if you ask me.

I am interested in expanding the hobby to include edible salt water aquariums using live ocean water collected far from shore.
Also interested in visiting those reefs in the Philippines!

Personals / Looking for diesel mechanic
« on: January 20, 2017, 12:28:54 pm »
We have a mid size kobelco track hoe and a smaller yanmar and an even smaller yanmar as well as some sort of bulldozer. The kobelco runs but needs servo replacements or adjustments. The larger yanmar won't start though turns over. There is also a yanmar trak dump. All machines in need of service.

Difficult to find knowledgeable help. Accomidations and provisions and pay for international laborers possible.

General Discussion / Happy new years.
« on: January 11, 2017, 03:21:57 pm »
2016 was a low energy year for me and i feel the majority of humans. I project 2017 to be a high energy year.

Was hoping sabertooth would visit. I think there is a pyramid or something here.

Watch out child, babylon falling down

Hot Topics / Marijuana and the FUTURE OF FOOD
« on: December 11, 2016, 02:14:12 am »

Balancing Soil Minerals

Hi All- Michael Astera here. I'm starting this thread hoping to get a discussion going about the connection between soil minerals and world class cannabis.

Some ICMag members know me from the soilminerals dot com website or from The Ideal Soil book, or from email correspondence and working together on soil fertility projects. I joined ICMag in 2010 but have had little time to read or post here until now. The last couple of years I've been working on several full time projects, but I promised myself I would get back to spend some time at ICMag, because cannabis growing is the cutting edge of agriculture today.

How and why is cannabis the cutting edge? Because, at least at the more refined levels, growers are concerned about aesthetics: flavor, aroma, subtle differences in physiological and psychological effects. Most of agriculture is concerned only with yield, appearance, uniformity, and perhaps shipping and storage qualities. This criticism applies just as much to organic agriculture as it does to chemical agriculture. When was the last time you ate a piece of fruit from the store that had truly outstanding flavor, sweetness, complexity? Neither organic nor chemical agriculture has much of a clue about how to grow sweet, flavorful fruit or high-protein grains or nutrient-dense tasty vegetables. Both are playing the NPK game; the only real difference is their sources of NPK and whether they are using synthetic or "natural" remedies for weeds, insects, and disease.

A further problem is plant breeding and genetics. For at least the last sixty years, fruit trees, grains, and vegetable varieties have been bred and selected solely for the attributes listed above: Yield, appearance, uniformity, and shipping/storage qualities, not flavor or nutrient content or health benefits. Cannabis growers, on the other hand, have put great thought and effort into selecting strains that produce the finest aesthetic and medicinal qualities.

I grew my first "successful" cannabis crop in 1976. At the time I was living in a small rental house in a large Midwestern city. I set out about a dozen plants, along with an equal number of Crackerjack marigolds, in the space between the sidewalk and the foundation on the side of the house. By midsummer both the cannabis and the marigolds were budding and beginning to bloom. The lawn hadn't been mowed since spring and was knee-high, so I hired a local kid to mow it one day while I was at work. When I came home I found that he had mowed the flower bed as well, thinking it was all just weeds. Luckily he hadn't raked, so I spent a frantic hour digging through the nearby grass clippings and managed to save almost an ounce of leaf and buds. Since then I have grown whenever the opportunity arose, including a few years of commercial growing and plant breeding outdoors in the Pacific NW.

In Venezuela where I now live the laws against cannabis are harsher than the US, so I grow only a vegetable garden; my involvement with cannabis growing is limited to advising others on soil fertility.

General Discussion / Paleo/primal village
« on: May 12, 2016, 01:16:22 pm »
I'm not a doctor so I am probably pretty miserable at diagnosing myself, but I can say that I have suffered from depression for around half of time here on earth. I grew up an only child but my early childhood was exceedingly rich as I grew up in the countryside along a large and extremely healthy river. There were few rules in those days, I was to avoid the highway on the hill above our holler, the old abandoned fire house, the well houses (the only rule I broke) and the deep part of the river. I chewed on grass, clover flowers and leaves and wild strawberries. In the winter and throughout most of the year we lived off of venison, wild turkey or fish from the river and lakes. Of course all good things come to an end and since my young parents wanted to make more money and they were staying at my grandma's house they decided to move to the city. Although a very intelligent student who always tested strongly in all categories, I failed many classes and was usually dismissed as a poor student. I easily passed my GED and attended a year of college but after returning to my original home once more after my first year, I worked at an organic vegetable farm which I had originally visited as a young student on a field trip.

This was a life changing event which quickly restored to me a great deal of the vitality I had lost from years of city life. Living close to healthy soil, cuts and scrapes healed quickly with no treatment but dirt and saliva. Fermented vegetables and a renewed steady diet of wild berries helped restore my biological flora and for the first time in 13 years illness and ill thrift were no longer threats on the horizon like they had been before. I tasted my vigor renewed and in the passing years new exploration and my own self education escalated my health to greater and greater heights. However I returned to the city to find my health in crisis and new measures must be learned and taken to create a viable bubble from the toxic funeral that await those who do not take the helm of their destiny. Which of course eventually led me to this forum and many questionable life decisions.

In my own pursuit of health and in execution of my plan, do to a string of close but no cigar experiences in the farming life, I raised healthy happy animals, many generations, 7 in goats, and 3 in cows. Unfortunately in my prolonged endeavor where I maintained my operation almost entirely under my own effort in all but the worst of all years I experienced which lead to the termination of my livelihood 1 year later as taking care of myself in my reduced, PTSD state became my top priority and to my great sadness I said goodbye to the ones who helped me more than any human ever did and were the only thing that ended my 17 years of depression. I couldn't afford to take care of them anymore because I couldn't afford to take care of myself because I didn't have any help, only people who took advantage of me.

It's been over a year since I left where I am from again as I have so many times. I am starting to feel strong again but is still difficult to deal with the pain. I cannot deal with my depression and my job and buying the foods I need to make me healthy. I need a real life. I am getting ready again to start building my life bubble again. I was remotely prepared for the end of western civilization in 2012 with little resources. I am a natural farmer. I have attempted to shape my method of animal husbandry after the greatest practitioners of organic agriculture recorded in books available on earth. I can succeed with a few natural resources, time, dedication and discipline, but to truly succeed in the presence of modernity, I need the help and support my my community, it is crucial, it is fundamental, it is the beginning and the end.

It says in the bible, "cast not pearls before swine, lest they turn and tear you to pieces."

Hot Topics / FFS
« on: January 19, 2016, 04:49:41 am »


We are steadily replacing wild game, prairie and forest with industrialized, chemicalized and even roboticized grain agriculture destroying ourselves and the planet. A paleo diet agriculture is essential for humanities future on the planet.

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