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Welcoming Committee / Hi everyone!
« on: February 02, 2013, 05:07:54 am »
My name is Peter and I'm really glad I found this forum! I wish to say hi to all of you and wish you all lots of health!

I have been suffering from Psoriasis for about 8 years now. The first 6.5 years, i had i mostly on my scalp. I wanted to get rid of it about an year and a half ago, so i started bodybuilding and eating right. I used to smoke drink on a daily basis. However for those 1.5 years of bodybuilding, ive eaten a lot of meat, i would say an avarage of 700 gr per day. My psoriasis, has gotten so bad that now it covers my lower legs some on my arm, some o my chest and back.

Ive een reading a lot about the disease. Ive tried many things except quitting meat. As a bodybuilder with a goal to become a fitness model, stopping meat is kind of out of question, so i had to look for alternatives. This is how i found out about this style of eating.

Do you have any suggestions on how i should start? Does soaking the meat in lemon kill the bad and good bacterias? What about the protease? Also, curing in salt? Is it also considered raw food?

Has anyone ere suffered from psoriasis and has cured it with switching to raw meat?

Can i continue eating the same amount of raw meat per day as i am used to?

Thank you guys and girls!

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