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« on: July 21, 2011, 06:24:03 pm »
LESSON#1 (opening my mind)

Its been a great and bz day i arrived at manila , philippines  airport at around 7:00 am cause im planning to meet a person like you guys which i believe that could help my dad who was suffering liver cirhosis and of course also to help myself in slowly or in proper of turning myself into a lifestyle which you guys did cause i really believe that this is the real way to how should a human feed himself thank to this man "sir EDWIN" aka  goodsamaritan...He did really such a good samaritan he thought me a lot about what kind of lifestyle should a human have and i felt like a new born child who experiences his first opening of the eyes to the reality of how devastating human change the way of feeding himself from raw healthy foods into chemical poisons.....and now its kinda clear to me what is JUST a liver chirosis feared by many, and for most doctors they called it incurable..,bullshit!!:)
thank you sir..and see you this saturday for the lesson #2  in a field trip to market where you buy your meat hehehe...pls post some of your advices for a newbies like me and for the cure of my father.

                              Thank you Brothers and Sisters

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