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Display Your Culinary Creations / CavemanChefs "Evolving Cuisine"
« on: September 18, 2014, 09:41:16 am »
I would just like to take a second to introduce myself, and show what we do.
CavemanChefs is the name of the company based in Denver Colorado.

Our website is currently under construction, but here is brief information.

We created CavemanChefs because it is a product we believe in. We have over 30 years in fine dining experience and bring that experience to Paleo and your home. We want to serve you and your nutritional needs.

CavemanChefs is a chef owned company offering the best quality of Paleo food available. Using all natural, grass-fed, grain free, sustainable, and organic food. We offer two services. CavemanChefs Meal Plans deliver your meals to free pick up locations from Denver to Boulder. CavemanChefs Catering offers the same quality food for any occasion.

Here are some pictures of food that we deliver to clients

Housemade Herbed Turkey Sliders, Mashed Parsnips with Garlic, Black Cherry Compote, and Asparagus with Oven Dried Roma Tomatoes

Lamb Rack with Grilled ArtichokeTapenade, Baked Garnet Yam, and Steamed Asparagus
(picture taken on a decorative plate)

Shrimp Scampi, Prima Vera Vegetables, and Cabbage Noodles

Slow Roasted Herb Wagyu Sirloin, Baked Parsnips, Creamed Spinach, and Au Jus

Grilled Wagyu Steak and Arugula Salad, Roasted Red Peppers, Red Wine Vinaigrette

Bistro Steak, Baked Jewel Potatoes, and Asparagus with Oven Roasted Heirlooms
Here is what it looks like from container that product is shipped in, right onto a dinner plate !

Food ready to ship to our beloved customers !

Please feel free to PM me or post any questions.
You can also reach us via FACEBOOK !

Our meal plans are very affordable, and come in 3 different sizes.
So far, we can manage shipping just outside of Denver, because we like to keep everything fresh.
I'm sure we can manage dry ice shipment to anywhere in the US, just let us know.

Visit our Facebook page for more information
(720) 434-2025

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