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Off Topic / young dude
« on: August 11, 2015, 02:52:12 am »
I was trying to be nice. I am making more of an effort to understand and hopefully help the many lonely, angry, mentally unstable young men who show up here.

Yes, really. You're clearly a young, lonely, and very angry dude. People like that don't get much respect in this culture, and a lot of people of that type show up here. Instead of banning them or watching them flame out, I figure it can't hurt to try to talk them out of their delusions and create a safe space for them. The problem is that, here, the inmates FAR outnumber the staff. LOL

I have two kids and am on my second marriage. I've lived in a foreign country and had three different careers. Not that any of that is particularly noteworthy, but I can tell you the typical member here is a never-married young white male, angry, highly intelligent, and not doing well financially or career-wise. You're all of those, and that was me 20 years ago.

Oddly, accurate. I'm a restless, white, unemployed, afraid to go to school, straight A's in high school male. Antibiotics screwed up my gut and destroyed my skin. Lacking a developed inner life, my ego was crushed and I ran away, to suffocate in my own sorrow and grief. That coping method left me with the real kind of pain. I met rock bottom.

However, the point of this post (and my life) is to develop an understanding of this life from that experience. First, I developed a spiritual life. For me that meant, learning to ask for help and to understand we are all weak- for we all die. Patience came next, as after 2 years of antibiotics and another of deep emotional turmoil, my body has not healed quickly. The value of family followed when I allowed myself to come home and spend many long hours with my grandpa. Next came eating all meat, then mostly raw meat, and I finally stopped have diarrhea. I try to eat plants to establish a healthy gut biota, but it is hard for my to handle most of them, and the pain makes me feel so depressed.

Life's next lesson came slowly. It is about the internal doctor. You see, I regularly have thoughts about getting tested for parasites, or hormones, or blood, or my gut microbiome but I now am afraid of all hospitals and doctors offices. And I have been tortured with those thoughts until I recently found the playful movements of Qigong.
I do not know how I stayed alive for this long without it. I finally found something to ground me: to do more than walk through the pain. As I purge the blocked energy, the empty places have started to fill with love. So I no longer crave help from "doctors" because my stomach, and my skin, and my body are not under my control. Instead I focus on my attitude and my acceptance of myself, which I certainly control. 

Yet in the visible world, I am still a "young white male, highly intelligent, and not doing well financially or career-wise" and I want to change that. Clearly, I am not alone and perhaps others have been here before.

Carnivorous / Zero Carb Approach / Just meat
« on: June 24, 2015, 12:41:28 am »
I do best only on meat and fat. But I do too much web research and then I'm like, I need all these other vitamins and minerals!! So I can never make it more than a couple days eating strictly carnivore and as I am always experimenting, certain foods set off very painful gut reactions. Recently, tahini (granted it was roasted).
So it seems everyone on this forum basically eats a mixed plant and animal diet at this point. I enjoyed reading paleophil's transformation to RS and it seems to make alot of sense, re: the colon's use of the starches.
I know I feel best strictly carnivore and soon find myself running and exercising more on that diet. I just worry about iodine and the like. It is hard on me because progress seems so easy to lose  -[

Carnivorous / Zero Carb Approach / Catching blood
« on: June 14, 2015, 11:28:50 pm »
For the experienced. I go to an amish farm and the man butchers the sheep in a rugged little porch-style area. He doesn't slit the throat, he stabs the knife into the chest area, solar plexus? He doesn't save the blood (bible). I want some but it seems difficult to catch and the wool is always dirty around the puncture. Any ideas?

Speaking of blood, I got TONs of vaccines growing up (thanks ma) and Mercola is all about them containing heavy metals. Any insight or papers on the subject would be nice. I'm assuming it is a problem all over the world!

General Discussion / Something new
« on: June 02, 2015, 02:51:29 am »
A couple new thoughts.
Last week, tuesday I got sick. My head felt like there were needles in it and it hurt to move. Diarrhea kicked in and then I puked up a bright green liquid. Afterwards, I puked up all the water I tried to consume. A day later I went to the doctors and she had me go to the ER. They took forever to give me an IV and I was terribly dehydrated at this point. They gave me 2 mg of morphine but I wouldn't allow anything else. I felt better after the third IV and had to continue to stop them from putting more drugs into my body. My neck was very stiff and so meningitis was the thought. But I didn't want the spinal tap so I don't know what got me. I recovered quick by continuing to fast.
I still wake up stiff in my back and neck and I can't jump around because my head will still tingle. The pain was terrible but I have just accepted my fate in this human body. And I'm grateful to feel better.
So I guess eating raw foods has been harder since my appetite is back. Although the last thing I ate was cooked chicken..
Needles in head and most pressure behind eyes, sore back and neck, vomiting and runs. Any ideas besides meningitis?

General Discussion / jumping fleas
« on: May 18, 2015, 11:26:56 am »
I had freaking flea bites all over me this morning. Tonight around dusk, they began biting me. I realized "hooo, they are not in my bed, but living on me. So I soaped my body and hair ( which I can now put into a small man bun) and waited. In the shower I also found a deer tick on me!
So, I guess in the end the fleas were good. I really don't want lyme -till my immune system is top notch atleast. As I live in the hottest spot for lymes.
diet protocols suggested? something tells me garlic.
So I had my cousin shave my head and I've now got one sideburn, two bald patches, and 25 itching dots.
P.S. Where do flees hide if anyone knows? please don't tell me in my butt  :P

General Discussion / Kool Aid &Frozen Pizza
« on: May 15, 2015, 05:52:16 am »
I enjoy my good quality beef but until I get my butchering skills, I can't make high meat because I need Fresh meat. So I took my last two Garden of Life Men 50 & wiser probiotics this morning and I am wondering if ya'll have any probiotic suggestions, besides high meat which I'm sure will be superior. Are there probiotics more geared to carnivores?

Also I'm just about ALL raw meat, after reading some of Lex's journal, I know my body definitely still converts the protein to glucose, so I shouldn't really call myself zero carb. Anyway, what is the role honey plays in the digestion of meat? I find I really crave it sometimes, I'm not to worried about the ketosis thing, I just want a strong stomach again.

And I'd prefer honey & frozen steak!

General Discussion / self-butcher-ie
« on: May 10, 2015, 10:03:24 am »
I want to kill a lamb and eat it all. Except I am not a butcher. Are there any self butchers on the site? I have hunting friends and I'll get help in the butchering somehow. I am more interested in the storage, the tools, the blood, the energy!

Carnivorous / Zero Carb Approach / Calculations
« on: May 09, 2015, 06:10:32 am »
Twenty year old male with little body fat, 6 ft and 160
Hello, I need expert advice. I have a weaker stomach (although I say it is strong so it gets better). Raw meat has become my haven. My diet is mostly grass fed chuck, short ribs, suet, lamb, liver, and organs, hamburger meat (all frozen). I don't do enough high meat because I cannot for the life of me, find fresh local grassfed beef.  However, I saw the pics for the meat that sits in the fridge and I wanna do that. So, I work a laborious farm job, and my muscles are growing- I like that. SO  when I only have lean meat, I add suet and can tell it is not as effective. I eat a couple pounds of meat a day usually. I want to eat to achieve ketosis.
Say I only have hamburger meat and suet, and I want to consume 3000 calories. What is the right mix. Is the suet far more condensed with calories than I realize and causing me to over eat fat?

P.S. I know my body is the best judge but science and hard learned experience are good too!

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