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so, i'm ordering from slankers, getting marrow and back fat, which is obviously separate from the lean roasts & stew meat. when i want to combine them in a meal, i'm confused about weight and caloric ratios. eating instinctively or "to satiation" does not work for me - i could go into greater length on this but thats not the point of this post.

i want to be more towards ketogenic in my diet, maybe 60% fat, 30% protein and 10% misc carbs, but i am missing that by an undetermined amount. i am also aiming for highish protein, maybe 100+/day at 6 feet 185 lbs. i still have too much bodyfat and not enough lean body weight.
i've read pioneer's and lex's personal strategies and they seem very logical, but i'm still not getting it and math isn't my strong suit.

when i grind my roasts/stew meat i then also grind some fat- issues: adding (too much of) the ground fat tastes horrible, which is i guess why most burger meat is very lean, and how much fat to add? what is the ratio of meat to fat that a paleo man would eat? also considering that without grinding, some of the back fat is impossible to chew.
if i don't eat enough fat in the day, my calories will be too high in protein and i will get a "protein headache". so there is some natural carving for fat,even if it doesnt taste good.

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / weight ratios of protein to fat?
« on: December 05, 2010, 04:52:25 am »
so i finally got my marrow and back fat orders in, and i'd like to know what is the average ratio of lean protein to fat i "should" be eating?
consider that i weigh 180 lbs, so i would like to eat 180 grams of protein a day

General Discussion / Back Fat hard to obtain/limited availability???
« on: November 20, 2010, 05:12:41 am »
just realized that the very few places i know of to buy raw grass fed back fat online are very limiting as to how much they let you order.
why is this? since so much of the animal is fat, what the hell is happening to it all?
how are those of us in america sourcing it? please help me out as my diet is very insufficient in raw animal fats and i am substituting coconut products... it's not the best but i'm allergic to dairy and i crave creaminess/fat.

General Discussion / how to salt cure and preserve raw meat?
« on: November 16, 2010, 02:04:47 pm »
who has done this? i am still trying to successfully ferment meat (high meat). yeah yeah i know, its not rocket science.
but somehow i think either air drying it with salt, or pickling/brining it might be easier? less smelly?
thoughts please.
if anything, this is a way to preserve meat sans freezer, like a non-cooked jerky.

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Carol Alt talks about being Raw Omni
« on: November 04, 2010, 01:55:33 pm »

i like it! i assumed she was raw vegan, too, sounds like she is big into health education and functional medicine.

Off Topic / looking for a good home meat grinder
« on: October 14, 2010, 02:06:02 am »
what do i look for? any suggestions? thanks!

Exercise / Bodybuilding / healing joints?
« on: September 14, 2010, 12:17:52 pm »
wondering if anyone here has significantly healed their joint pain/knee pain/etc with this diet, or a combo of this diet and other stuff - if so please share
since joints are complex and different problems can result in pain, i'd like to know the symptoms, the cause if you know, and then what it feels like now.

i have left knee pain during bending and moving - weight bearing only - the pain is on the top of the tibia - the issue started when i landed hard in a straight legged position with my bodyweight on one leg when i was 20ish yrs old (ten years ago) in a martial arts class. back then i was on a SAD diet and never healed correctly and probably had hidden dysfunction from improper physical formation from a SAD diet childhood.

General Discussion / 1st time, just ate raw beef suet - WTFLOL?
« on: July 29, 2010, 03:02:55 am »
yeah its like a mix between... bacon and bubble gum? i dont know how else to describe it. tore off a few tablespoons full and ate it... um, dont know what the effects might be. hope it doesnt make me nauseous like lots of food is starting to... this nausea thing is ODD.
i'm hungry, but NOT hungry.

note- suet is from local cows 100% grassfed and finished

Journals / My One Ring
« on: July 26, 2010, 01:10:19 pm »
its my official journal!! shoplifters will be prosecuted.

bits & ramblings to start
my background:
30, male, 6 feet, 185 lbs.
lifelong energy production issues/fatigue symptoms. perhaps hypo thyroid? perhaps just shitty childhood.

currently seeing many different healers/doctors as well as experimenting with raw (and cooked) animal foods after a year of being mostly raw vegan (david wolfe superfood & tonic herbs style). was lucky enough not to fall for fruitarianism. before raw vegan was a SAD pescatarian for a year or 2. before that, was just SAD. :(
also past drug use (& abuse) and many psychological issues.

during the past 3 years have had much success with healing via intense meditation practices as well as diet and supplementation experiments. nearly all my psych issues are healed to normal levels and many of my physical ones. still working on what i believe to be my "Core" issues.

which i believe at this point to be due to my mothers poor diet and a c-section birth, followed by a poor infant diet and numerous ear infections and antibiotics. i think the c-section prevented proper alignment of diaphragms and skull-sacrum relationship.

experimenting with raw and cooked food WAPF style. low on veggies but high on nutrient dense foods such as seaweed, celtic sea salt, algeas, colostrum, raw apple cider vinegar, fresh lemons and limes, raw fermented honey, raw grass fed butter, etc.
low to no grains or refined sugars aka the 4 white evils. ditto on the beans/legumes.

i love raw fish, and am figuring out how to eat raw whole sardines, mackerel, salmon, squid/cuttlefish, octopus, etc.

raw grassfed ground beef and pet food blends were giving me nausea, so i cook them as lightly as possible. however room temperature raw meat is great and basically tastes like sushi/sashimi.

biggest obstacle is digesting enough healthy fat, but not too much! over a certain amount and i get tired and strange burning pains in my c7 upper cervical trapezius area!

current success is in eating during a set window during the day, ala method of intermittent fasting. and only eating enough, not more than enough. still figuring out what that limit is. but the fasting effects are very pleasurable. very clear thought-to-action process.

also short term success when low or no carb, but havent had the supplies to do it correctly long term. with the new butcher shop i hope thats a thing of the past.

lately been gorging on different cream/sour cream/creme fraiche/quark style dairy products with organic blueberries but this is not optimal or sustainable. its just a fat craving phase phase until i figure out how to eat more raw animal fats practically.

visited my new semi-local marin sun farms butcher shop (all 100% grass fed) and picked up some offal and suet and muscle meat from lamb, goat, and beef. this will be my go-to joint but the selection is dynamic due to supply and demand forces.

soon i will be ordering from slankers, northstar bison and/or US wellness meats.
obviously price is an issue, as well as diet compliance (taste, efficiency, etc)

last but not least, i love my organic pastured eggs from farmers markets. raw yolk with occasional cooked whites. although it is a large energy drain to digest those cooked whites.

note on fat digestion: half a can of organic coconut milk knocks me out, but i can easily put back twice the amount of organic mostly grass fed pasteurized cream... ???
i think the ease and addictive nature of cream and other soft dairy products (not milk though, yucky feeling) whether raw or cooked is problematic and unnatural. it's TOO EASY to drink your entire caloric requirements for the day in 30 minutes or less!!!

chronic mild constipation is currently sidestepped by taking magnesium oxide capsules before bed...

other questions and musings:
is my stomach acid too low?
will i like suet? will it like me?
what's the most time & money efficient way to eat for the most positive health results? DUH. its THE BIG Q.
athletically speaking i think a high protein, low carb, adequate fat based diet is the way to go if all the necessary vitamins and minerals are being absorbed correctly...
on paper, i love the guts & grease diet of the plains indians, if its possible to replicate in modern times?

General Discussion / food strategies 4 living with roommates?
« on: July 24, 2010, 02:16:14 am »
for those of us who have to live with other people, and maybe even share a fridge, i'd like to start a thread about all the ways to eat this way and not piss off others.

1- have a mini-fridge and/or mini-freezer in your personal room. and somehow keep the smells from creeping out using essential oils and enzyme mist sprays. in these minis you could probably even hang your meat, and if you have a fan on, or other air purifier running, it might hide the smell. also if you placed your minis near a window if possible.

2- freeze everything in private freezer until day of. not the most optimal but better than nothing.

3- clean up food prep and cooking mess quickly and dump trash after meals or before bed. use/spray 3% hydrogen peroxide on everything used for meat prep and eating. especially if using shared utensils/dishes/etc.

4- personal coolers with ice to transport and keep food fresh short-term. i think maybe new hi-tech coolers may not even need ice, or just use re-freezable ice packs.

5- use other appliances like grinders and dehydrators in your personal space, which you've set up to be sanitary. although one-room super utilitarian living isn't optimal, it is possible with crafty use of space and the right furniture.

6- buy and use your own set of knives and other utensils.

please add to this, its very useful for lots of us! thanks!

Exercise / Bodybuilding / anyone doing leangains method with RPD?
« on: July 17, 2010, 05:52:28 am » is really interesting me again. a year or so ago when i was rawish vegan, i absolutely couldn't understand his I.F. method, mainly because i hadn't experienced enough in regards to health and nutrition.
now, i'm looking at it again from a raw and cooked paleo perspective (and from being personally fatigued far too often)... the ketogenic thing, the eating window, the carb refeeding periods, pre and post workout nutrition... even though he eats some shwag cooked paleo (in my opinion) the results he and his clients achieve are amazing. of course, whether the people it works for are outliers, or if the results are short-term are other questions.
but the idea of eating being anabolic, and of caloric abundance being hormonally healthy... looks promising.
also been reading matt stone and his whole raising body temp and metabolism via eating mass quantities of nutrient dense foods...

theres always MORE isn't there???


pretty good stuff, although i don't know his understanding of fat requirements. but i do like this idea a lot. people could very likely grow a large portion of their food in the form of insects...

what say you?

General Discussion / nausea, variety & intuition? my current progress
« on: July 08, 2010, 09:34:47 am »
so lately i have not been able to eat raw red meat, ground, etc. i can swallow a few bites, and then my appetite (for it?) turns off like a switch. the texture, taste and temperature are all shunned by my body at this time. i can eat rare cooked red meat just fine (only maybe 6 oz. at a time), or aged, jerky-esque red meat - only issue is how to prepare that without smelling up the whole house!?

i can still eat raw egg yolks, but not the whites. however chicken, both raw and cooked gives me instant nausea.
lately i have been craving fish more - i can get quality sardines, salmon, mackerel, squid, octopus all very easily. what do others do with the whole fish like sardines/mackerel? i am thinking about making fish stock (even though it's non-raw.)

what i've learned is that the body is so complex, that following my intuition, rather than my analytical mind is a better strategy for wellbeing.

bah, the lack of taste in raw meats is annoying me. i swallow my pre-frozen ground beef (really its "pet food" because it contains organs) because chewing it causes fat to stick between my teeth. i also put high quality salsa or raw fermented honey in it to mask the (non)taste. i ate raw heart today and man was it gross/plain/boring. had to throw away the grassfed pre-frozen liver because it tasted so awful.

this wouldn't bother me so much if i was feeling great, but i am fatigued a lot. no, i haven't eaten grains or fruit in ages.
cooked meat just tastes better, even if its cooked rare.

the freshly ground grassfed meat (lamb/beef) i can purchase from the grocery store tastes a bit better, but not much.

General Discussion / meat storage ideas?
« on: June 07, 2010, 01:31:58 am »
so before i do a big order from us wellness or northstar, i need to figure out how to store it. currently the ground meat i buy comes vac-packed in 1 lb sizes. unopened, this keeps in the fridge for a while - i haven't seen it go bad yet.
my question is, if i get a food saver device, can i wrap all my ground and organ meats and keep them indefinitely in the fridge, thus bypassing the freezing process?
with the small amount of oxygen in the vac-packs, will the meats go off in some unhealthy way? i read a post (that i didn't fully understand) about the differences between aerobic and anaerobic fermentation...?
so my choices are - frozen, vac-packed in fridge, open-air in fridge, which is best?

hello, all - love the forum and been reading for a month or 2. I'm 30, male, ate a SAD diet for 28 years plus drug abuse in mid twenties. started cleaning up, went pescatarian, then vegetarian, then vegan, then raw vegan and was primarily raw vegan for 1 year, reading all the books and such, and then began to feel very awful, always hungry and certain health issues weren't clearing up.
right along with daniel vitalis i began studying WAP and AV.

lately though i'm thinking i'm allergic to either raw eggs, raw dairy or both.
99% of my food sources are high quality, grass fed, etc.
this week i am embarking on the longest most consistent raw red meat diet - prather ranch meat company ground meats - pre-frozen but there might be a way to get them non-frozen on the delivery day. they are sealed in 1 lb vacuum packs, so i can keep them in the fridge indefinitely without spoilage. i love organ meats but don't yet have enough personal experience with thier effects, looking forward to ordering from northstar bison when i have more info.

i battle a level of fatigue that prevents me from being very athletic, although i am a healthy weight at 180 lbs and 6 feet tall, and have maintained that even while vegan.
the fatigue, depression, and negative feelings and physical weakness are my main concern, as i self-study to become a health and fitness professional.

i love figuring out how to buck the system and be healthy in our environment. i try to eat as close as possible to what i would eat in the primitive-yet-intelligent wilderness. i still derive great benefit from foods such as chlorella and spirulina, but try to wean down from supplements that require complicated processing. looking forward to trying fermented CLO and butter oil, as well as dr. rons, mediherb and standard process brands.

currently i am reading paul chek's work, as well as randy roach.
for my health issues i currently work with louisa williams and hope to work with tom cowan and harvey bigelsen in the future. all of these high level doctors work with homeopathy and other advanced holistic techniques.

i live in sf bay (berkeley, ca) and would love to connect with local paleos or raw paleos.

if anyone has any ideas about how to become athletic using this diet, please chime in.

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