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Health / How effective a woman summer nap
« on: June 23, 2010, 08:48:43 am »
Introduction: Why drowsy summer? Summer as people stay up late to get up early, gathering more, the relative lack of sleep, after a morning of learning and work after it may have a sense of fatigue, coupled with brain hypoxia after dinner, at noon naturally want nap. Also higher temperatures during the day more than sweat, physical exertion is too large, plus noon Noon, then blood vessels, reducing blood supply the brain, which often feel lack of energy, drowsy.

Summer, there are more fatigue

As hot and humid climate in this area because it is easy to damage human spleen, causing deficiency. At the same time there is a theory of Chinese medicine, is the spleen and stomach with table, that is most closely related to the spleen and stomach while some spleen and stomach symptoms, the more common symptoms such as dozing. Blood sugar after a meal, the brain insufficiency, also trapped.

It was also not entirely due to seasonal clock adjustment, however caused relations to but they work pressure, Huoqi Tai, easy irritability, poor ability to adapt to seasonal change, resulting in psychological adjustment, but to, but this is a very small number of examples.

Excessive sweating and drowsy summer, there is a certain relationship, but it is mainly the high temperature operation in harsh circumstances, the human body a lot of sweat, lost a certain amount of potassium, resulting in electrolyte imbalance, the body under normal operation the impact of people feel powerless burnout.

Summer, need a nap

Summer "nap" because summer days are short and nights are long, hot summer intolerable affect the sleep quality, high-temperature heat also caused the expansion of human skin blood vessels, a large number of blood flow, which can make the body's consumption increases the feeling of fatigue appeared produce drowsiness, in addition, many people because of work or lifestyle reasons, lack of rule daily life, often staying up late, lack of sleep.

After lunch, the human body in order to ensure food is digested and absorbed, the body most of the blood flow to the digestive system, brain, blood reduced, plus after a morning of work or study, brain cells in a fatigue state, so there are drowsy sense.

The production of this sleepy afternoon is normal sleep and awake the performance of the biological rhythm rules to be adjusted by an afternoon nap, afternoon nap to compensate for lack of sleep at night, make each person's brain and body to relax and rest systems are more conducive to afternoon , night work or study.

In addition, the nap can also protect the brain, relieve tension. When sleep is not only nerve cells in the cerebral cortex are protected inhibited rest, while the body parts to get a full rest, relax muscles, and due to consumption of physical activity can gradually recover the body of the various organs can be more calm and regular work.
Correct nap

1, as in his chair, hands resting on his head to sleep to reduce the symptoms.

2, each nap time should not exceed 20 minutes.

3, wear contact lenses, lens off to the best first, and then began to take an afternoon nap, so that eyes feel sour.

4 midday nap immediately got up and washed my face and sip a cup of hot tea, sugar, sweet drinks easier to make the body tired, try not to drink.

Tummy harm nap

Although napping is a good means of promoting health, but also pay attention to methods, otherwise the opposite effect. Generally do not sleep immediately after a meal, do not sit or lie on the desktop nap sleep, do not sleep long time, generally about 1 hour more appropriate, up to no more than a half hour.

Against one: lie on the arm as sleep, many nerves are oppressed, nap often heart anxiety, sleep is not practical. Also need to note: do not rush after dinner nap. If lunch nap as soon lying on the table, will affect the stomach's digestive function, resulting in the bloated stomach.

Hazard 2: Because tummy sleeping eye oppression, nap usually occurs after the temporary blurred vision. This time, lead to high IOP, the eye will swell over time, axial growth, the formation of a high degree of myopia, but also easy to increase the incidence of glaucoma.

Against 3: tummy sleeping, arms and face long years of oppression, will affect the normal blood circulation and nerve conduction, so that arms, face, numb or feel pain. Long time leads to a partial paralysis or make facial deformity.

Xiao Bian intimate reminder: If you can not go home take a nap, a nap should lie as much as possible, rather than lying on the table to sleep.

4 nap taboo

The longer the nap of a good bogey. Nap time for half an hour to an hour is appropriate, due to enter deep sleep more sleep, wake up and feel very uncomfortable.

Second, avoid chaos adaptable nap. Can not just take a nap in the corridors, the shade of the trees, grass, concrete floor on the spot to lie down and sleep, and do not nap in the drafts or outlet. Because in sleep the body temperature regulation center dysfunction, severe cases, catching a cold, light are awake ill.

3 Avoid sitting or tummy nap. Many people because of certain constraints, sit or lie on the edge of the table on the nap, a long lunch break form the habit of sitting or lying on their faces, so far from conducive to good health.

4 avoid everyone needs a nap. Not everyone needs a nap, as long as good health, adequate sleep at night who do not nap will not affect general health. However, for mental, pupils and students, frail or elderly people, a nap is necessary.


University of California, scholars have conducted such a test: the six monkeys were kept in three availability yard, every two in the house were placed a certain amount of food, but do not put the same high position. The first houses of food on the ground, the second house were several food hanging from easy to difficult in different height, a third of food hanging in the roof of the house. A few days later, the first house they found the monkeys two casualties, a third house of two monkeys died, and only the second house of two monkeys to live happily.

The original, the first monkey in a house for a house to see the ground into the food, the food readily available to fight a fight, the result two casualties. Although the third monkey house made efforts, but food is too high, out of reach, had starved to death. Only the second house, two monkeys fed first by their ability, and finally with the increase in flying height of food, a monkey jump hold up the other monkeys feeding. This continues to secure enough food each day.

Inspiration: How to achieve the best combination of HR, HR managers have been very concerned about the issue. Difficult position too low, everyone is capable, does not embody the level of ability, and have actually promote the internal friction or even killed, like the first room houses two monkeys; the job too difficult, although efforts have not and, last talent was buried denied, as the third house of two monkeys. Only post appropriate difficulty, and step by step, as if the second house, the food, can truly experience the human capacity and the level of play to people's initiative and wisdom

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