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Carnivorous / Zero Carb Approach / Trying out Carnivore--some questions =)
« on: September 15, 2018, 02:20:14 pm »
I've been "raw" for just over half my life now, which is pretty crazy. Within that period, there were maybe 2 years different times in my childhood where I was literally forced to eat cooked...but otherwise I've been raw. Many of those years raw vegan/fruitarian....though super occasionally I'd drink some raw goat milk from my friend's Nigerian dwarf goats in high school. Wish I had that now lol! Past few years I've been raw omnivore (though I have been eating some steamed vegetables and organic grass fed full fat skyr when I craved yogurt this year).

anyway I do have some serious health issues (RA, chronic lyme, mold toxicity in environment to name the major probs) and have had really bad digestive issues and intense chronic pain. I'm sure being super strict low fat raw vegan in my formative years wasn't ideal. I've tried raw carnivore for a span of a few days here and there...but I've felt called to try it again full on as my health has really been bad lately (I'd say dysfunctional).

I travel a bit and have quite a low budget. I foresee being able to access raw grass fed beef, bison, lamb. in some areas I might be able to find beef liver. I'm allergic to eggs but could try eating just the yolks. I'll probably include bpa free canned sardines sometimes and oysters. I will also include some cold pressed green juice (celery lemon cucumber) because it seems to help me although I know its not in alignment with typical carnivore. Occasionally i might get sashimi. What do you guys think about mostly having cuts of beef, lamb, bison without much added fats and organs? sardines will help a little I imagine. Do you think I'd be missing nutrients or would be fine? My goals are to reduce my bloating, extreme digestive symptoms, debilitating fatigue, and pain. Any ideas, experiences, advice, input...I'd love to hear =)

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