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Off Topic / Re: Fluoride creates low-IQ kids
« on: September 21, 2017, 05:02:23 am »
I agree. Read the fluoride research / critique of chemist Dr. Gerard F. Judd, who worked on the atomic bomb and is probably not the dumbest person on earth (probably already deceased). Never use fluoride, it does NOT protect the teeth and even if it would, what would this be good for if you die from fluoride induced cancer (or another serious illness caused by this toxin) and all that is left of you are your shiny, perfect teeth, lol  :o!

The most important steps for good tooth health are
* good diet
* antibacterial measures, as caries are just bacteria, so reducing the bacteria reduces caries. Of course, nobody ever tells you this, especially not your dentist!
To reduce caries bacteria, use
a) Xylitol
b) chlorhexidine mouthwash (alcohol free, forte or normal, what you prefer). I guess 1 x per week is sufficient. Use it before sleep, do not swallow, spit it out and let it rest on teeth, aka do not rinse mouth with water afterwards. Adhere EXACTLY to the instructions in the package insert! For example DO NOT use it longer than exactly 60 seconds. If you do not use it correctly, there is a certain danger of permanent color changes of your teeth. I have been using it for months by now and experienced no discoloration whatsoever. This stuff sounds dangerous but is not, as the body does NOT absorb it, theoretically you could even swallow it and it would simply pass through, the body simply does not absorb it (except very tiny amounts which are not dangerous even if swallowed). Every time you use it, caries count is set to zero, and this is the big benefit, because this means all caries damage stops (for a certain amount of time). Many dentists know all this  -v and dont tell their patients.

A few more helpful things are using a good Water-Pick (like Waterpik WP 100E) and put some drops of natural etheric oil in every mouthwash. Also do oil pulling (for example with cold pressed sunflower oil or extra virgin olive oil). Check out Ulla Schmidts "Healing teeth naturally" internet site  :)
P.S.: Another good stuff is blis K12 salivarius...this can be used in tandem with xylitol, but NOT with chlorhexidine mouthwash. So you either use blis k12 and xylitol or chlorhexidine mouthwash and xylitol.

Welcoming Committee / medicineman9 introduction
« on: September 20, 2017, 04:57:31 pm »
Dear Forum,

I came here to post my good health tips, you can look them up here:

Please note that this is all free information and that I do not sell any products, so I guess this is more than legitimate.

BTW I noted that the forum runs on simplemachines 2.x.x and it is still asking for all sorts of verification questions for every single posting. This is strange because simplemachines allows you to specify verification questions right at registration, which cannot be overcome by bots, as you can set them manually. So I guess asking for verification for every single posting is overkill. Or perhaps this stops at a certain post count? Hm - whatever ;-)

Best regards,

medicineman9 from Austria

Health / Re: How to Cure Erectile Dysfunction
« on: September 20, 2017, 04:44:31 pm »
Hm my 2 cents:
* Stop using regular toilets as this overstretches the pudendus nerve and can cause impotency in the long run, see "natures platform"
* Stop using porn, see "your brain on porn"
* regularly train your pelvic floor by pelvic floor / PC muscle training
* use a prostate stimulator which also trains the PC muscle

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