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Primal Diet / Re: 7 weeks on an all Raw Milk Diet
« on: May 26, 2012, 03:41:52 pm »
Heres its three months milk and blood only.
heh heh, sexy.
Apparently six months on milk and blood is not nearly enough to lose all that fat...

General Discussion / Re: what is adrenal fatigue/burnout?
« on: October 26, 2010, 11:26:55 pm »
it could be not enough quality sleep, maybe he developed it before he became raw paleo
diet alone won't cure it

Well, I acquired most of my current symptoms while eating pure raw paleo. I was very strong in the beginning but collapsed eventually. Exercises and intermittent fasting completely ruined my life.

Journals / Re: Yuri recovery
« on: October 22, 2010, 07:32:47 pm »
How about your purpose in life?

It is obvious, everything is nothing without health... All I wish is to be able to walk, sleep and eat again...

What gets you excited?
What keeps you going?


For example, I have to be healthy and make money for my children.  Of course any healthy male might think... energy for more girls!


Journals / Re: Yuri recovery
« on: October 22, 2010, 02:54:43 pm »
Anger/anxiety/unhappiness/stress/trauma reek havoc on the body and can lead to everything from hayfever to auto immune disorders and death. It can stuff up your cortisol levels/hormones/stop digestion/adrenal problems, this forum is obsessed with diet as a cure but it's not always the answer.

That's exactly right mate, a truer word was never spoken!

Everyone on here claims to have adrenal insufficency lately this is a red flag to me, it's in fashion like peptic ulcers were in the 80's and carpal tunnel was in the 90's. The sub concious is very suggestive.

Yeah, adrenal fatigue is pretty much in vogue these days.

Journals / Re: Yuri recovery
« on: October 20, 2010, 01:51:58 am »
You know I get fatigue, feel cold sometimes, cramps, get swollen glands, dry eyes,  I even lost muscle mass lately because I went through a bit of a life changing transition but it will come back when things settle down. I could keep going on but these symptoms are part of being alive. It's the human condition. Most people don't give these symptoms a second thought and they go away. If you keep thinking about them and try and cure them they get worse.
He jests at scars that never felt a wound.

Journals / Re: Yuri recovery
« on: October 20, 2010, 01:27:25 am »
How do you interpret those values to get adrenal fatigue?
Most of them seem to be in range.

According to Dr. James L. Wilson:

The urinary cortisol, what I've found, is that you cannot use the lab’s normal reference ranges because they are much too broad. They are trying to pick up disease and this is not a disease per se this is an imbalance. And so they are much too broad. But if you take a 24 hour urinary cortisol test and instead of looking at the entire reference range if your scores are in the lower third of that lab’s reference range, because each lab has its own reference range, than you probably have some sort of adrenal dysfunction.

Now as for what they indicate. There has never been to me confirmation of exactly what urinary cortisol is measuring. There's been conjectures about whether it's spill-over or whether it's actual production of the adrenal glands, but it does seem to correspond generally, if the cortisol readings are in the lower third, it seems to correspond with the signs and symptoms of adrenal fatigue.

Primal Diet / Re: Best way to make raw butter?
« on: October 19, 2010, 08:40:08 pm »
Good one.

So the fastest way would be with a blender, but maybe it would not have the same great taste if it touches metal.

I wonder if this thing would work faster than shaking it.

If all factors are optimized and fermented cream is of a good quality, it takes anywhere from 30 to 120 seconds to churn the butter in the glass jar. This is by far the fastest and the most convenient way.

Journals / Re: Yuri recovery
« on: October 19, 2010, 04:05:02 pm »
My thyroid panel dated 25.04.2008 (just after I stopped Intermittent Fasting):
TSH – 1.33 (range 0.25 – 5.2)
fT4 – 17.87 (range 10.0 – 25.0)
fT3 – 12.64 (range 5.4 – 14.0)

My thyroid panel dated 26.04.2010 (after 8 ZC months):
TSH – 1.43 (range 0.17 – 4.05)
fT4 – 18.9 (range 11.5 – 23.0)
fT3 – 2.5 (range 2.5 – 5.8 )
Anti-TPO – 20.3 (range 0 – 12.0)
Anti-TG – 22.3 – (range 0 – 30.0)

My 24-hour Urinary free cortisol levels dated 21.04.2008:
182.7 µg/24h (range 58.0 – 403.0 µg/24h)

My 24-hour Urinary free cortisol levels dated 16.11.2009:
254.8 nmol/24h (range 160 – 1112 nmol/24h)

My testosterone levels dated 05.05.2010:
18.73 nmol/l (range 6.07 – 27.1 nmol/l)

Diets are helpless in the cases of extreme adrenal fatigue.

Primal Diet / Re: Best way to make raw butter?
« on: October 19, 2010, 02:39:48 am »

Journals / Re: Yuri recovery
« on: October 19, 2010, 02:27:32 am »
Yuri I know it sounds very simple but did you try magnesium supllements?
I know I know its sounds stupid or simple because you tried more complex things
But what if you try 500mg magnesium 2x day total 1000mg mornin/before night?
Magnesium is everything in your body it controls more than 350 enzymes
just give it a try and tell me how it was I gotta know.
Sometimes the most complicated issues have the simplest solutions. Unfortunately, it is not my case. I tried Peter Gillham's Natural Calm and Premier Magnesium Glycinate. I haven't really noticed any significant improvements.

Anybody know why should the adrenal activity increase when insulin production is down? What's the point?
It is possible that the adrenal hormones (cortisol and adrenaline) are required for gluconeogenesis.

It could also explain Yuri's breakdown he described in his diary since intermittant fasting is also supposed to be taxing on the adrenals.
And I assure you there are a lot of other unfortunate people who were crippled by intermittent fasting.

Info / News Items / Announcements / RUSSIAN RAW PALEO DIET FORUM
« on: October 07, 2010, 09:25:19 pm »
Raw Paleo Diet Forum for Russian speaking cavemen.

Off Topic / Nanook of the North (1922) + Winter in Western Alaska (1950)
« on: August 02, 2010, 05:03:17 pm »
Nanook of the North documents one year in the life of Nanook, an Eskimo (Inuit) and his family. Describes the trading, hunting, fishing and migrations of a group barely touched by industrial technology. Nanook of the North was widely shown and praised as the first full-length, anthropological documentary in cinematographic history.

The film is in the public domain and can be viewed at:

Another interesting film in the public domain, about Eskimos in winter in Alaska, 1950:

Primal Diet / Re: Spoiled butter?
« on: August 02, 2010, 12:49:56 am »
Across northern Europe, butter was sometimes treated in a manner unheard-of today: it was packed into barrels (firkins) and buried in peat bogs, perhaps for years. Such "bog butter" would develop a strong flavor as it aged, but remain edible, in large part because of the unique cool, airless, antiseptic and acidic environment of a peat bog. Firkins of such buried butter are a common archaeological find in Ireland; the Irish National Museum has some containing "a grayish cheese-like substance, partially hardened, not much like butter, and quite free from putrefaction." The practice was most common in Ireland in the 11th–14th centuries; it ended entirely before the 19th century.


Bog butter

I wonder if butter can spoil in the fridge? And what would be the maximum shelf life of refrigerated and unrefrigerated butter? Maybe until it is eaten?

Journals / Re: Yuri recovery
« on: August 01, 2010, 03:15:24 am »
Yeah, I'm still puzzled as to why you continue ZC. Based on your reports and rhetoric, I figured you had abandoned it a while ago. I didn't mean to imply that I thought you should use iodine as a way to continue ZC. Quite the contrary, I've read that iodine deficiency is a common side effect of ZC.

I don't even eat ZC myself, and it was only ever meant to be a temporary experiment in my case, but it turned out I did better on it than I expected. I even got lectured to and my posts basically ridiculed for talking too much about Inuit consumption of berries, leaves and other plant foods at the ZIOH forum.
I am sort of looking for the route of escape right now. Yes, I did have a couple of fruit meals recently, so I am not ZC anymore.

Mate, it was really incautious act on your part to talk about carbs on that artificial forum.

Journals / Re: Yuri recovery
« on: August 01, 2010, 02:56:31 am »
– thyroid underconversion
– heat and cold intolerance

I don't recall--have you tried increasing your iodine intake?

Yes, I experimented with local sea weed. But it didn't help. Besides, my pre and post ZC lab results clearly point to the root of the problem.

Insulin resistance is also a shocking paleo surprise. I had never had any signs or problems with elevated blood glucose levels until I went on a low-carb diet.

Journals / Re: Yuri recovery
« on: August 01, 2010, 12:33:32 am »
Update: I don't like those berries. They are way too astringent.
I got some some that looked ripe and they still don't taste good.

Like any other natural/wild berries the sea-buckthorn berries are hardly edible in any significant quantities. I juice them to avoid the unpleasant after-effects of astringency.

Journals / Re: Yuri recovery
« on: July 31, 2010, 03:52:33 am »
44 Weeks Later: Z-RAW Effect

The Pros
+ stable BG
+ long-lasting energy
+ feeling relaxed

and Cons
prolonged muscle soreness/poor muscle recovery
– slowdown of facial/body hair growth
– infrequent bowel movements
– muscle wasting – I assume there was a huge muscle loss since my weight went down from 155 lbs to 140 lbs while the belly fat increased
– reduction in the ability to form short-term or long-term memory, impairments to cognition and inability to concentrate (focus attention), slow thinking
thyroid underconversion
– heat and cold intolerance
– insulin resistance
– severe recurrent infections, sore throat, swollen lymph nodes
– muscle weakness

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Re: Whats your view on Raw Honey
« on: July 29, 2010, 05:25:15 pm »
I recently tried one cup of heirloom organic blueberries and even that sent my BG from 106 to 149 mg/dl an hour later.

Were you insulin resistant before LC?

Journals / Re: Yuri recovery
« on: July 28, 2010, 11:37:37 pm »
Bought me some Paleo Vitamin C supplement today. Sea-buckthorn berries contain more than 190 varieties of bioactive substances which are much more abundant than in any other fruit or vegetable. You can read more about this wonder fruit in the attached summary. There are some local apricots in this picture as well.

Most fruits, just like the vegetables, contain hefty amounts of antinutrients. This FAQ covers the most common ones, such as oxalates, goitrogenic substances, allergens, purines , pesticide residues, and nightshades.

Buckwheat is neither grain nor seed. Its a starchy fruit believe it or not.

But ZC, VLC, and LC don't work for everyone. The least toxic carb, the unheated honey, contains 50% of fructose.

The question remains if SUGAR, even RAW, is superior to COOKED STARCH...

Although surfing the Internet is NOT paleo, I highly recommend using this website for nutrient and this for antinutrient search.

Look at the nutrition for 100g of buckwheat then compare it to 100g of any fruit.  That's why fruit is superior.
So yes, you should have checked the nutrients, antinutrients/toxins, and fructose levels before posting this.

If you don't do well on RZC/VLC then try normal RPD with predominantly fruit and raw meat. If you don't do well on fruit try raw honey or raw milk for some carbs. Going back to cooked tubers, rice and grains is surely a step back in the wrong direction.

Why do you think that RAW fruits or honey are superior to COOKED starches (i.e. buckwheat)?

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