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Health / Re: Achlorhydria (lack of stomach acid)
« on: March 07, 2014, 11:37:09 pm »
Hi again!
It seems like I'm really sensitive to betaine in betaineHCl. I tried pure betaine and it gives me lots of mucus and stomach pain.
I read that someone on the internet uses 5% HCL drops. Any experience with these?
How many drops do I take with each meal and will it destroy my teeth?
I really need HCl for my digestion!!


Health / Re: Bile reflux caused by candida/SIBO?
« on: March 07, 2014, 11:33:22 pm »
I only had one message in my inbox although it said it was full. Now it's empty!
I got my bacillus coagulans from Higher Nature. Hopefully they will work against my candida. The product contains FOS which has given me problems in the past. But I will give it a try!

Health / Re: Bile reflux caused by candida/SIBO?
« on: March 02, 2014, 05:02:57 pm »
YES! I would love to talk to her :)
I have met a lot of people with chronic Lyme and everyone gets their symptoms back when they quit the antibiotics.
I don't want to poison my body with antibiotics for a longer time!!!!
My digestion and gut is already a nightmare.
Of course my super candida could be due to my weak immunsystem due to Lyme.
Thank you so much!!!!

Health / Re: Bile reflux caused by candida/SIBO?
« on: March 01, 2014, 01:26:11 pm »
Thanks you guys!
A quick update:
I eliminated all grains and that totally made a difference.
But now they have found that I have chronic Lyme disease and I'm getting intravenous antibiotics for at least 4 months. My candida is getting worse everyday.
I'm waiting for my BOD probiotics, hopefully they will help!!!
I now have to try to eliminate all carbs, although fat makes me so nauseous.
I'm just really scared of loosing too much weight when I'm already waaaaay too skinny.

Health / Re: Bile reflux caused by candida/SIBO?
« on: February 10, 2014, 10:58:02 pm »
Okay, thanks.
I'll firstly try and eliminate all grains.

Interesting about the castor oil cleanse.
Now I have been using natriumpicosulphate and waterenemas.
Feels like my whole system is paralyzed.
Could I still benefit from the castor oil cleanse?


Health / Re: Histamine Intolerance and terrible digestion. Need help!!
« on: February 10, 2014, 05:24:07 pm »
Sorry to hear about your 6-year-old. Histamine intolerance is terrible.
For me the worst fruits and vegetables are bananas, avocados, tomatoes and eggplants. I have problems eating any kind of meat but frozen. I tried Histame but it doesn't help me at all. There are many lists but the best way is just by eliminating and reintroducing.

intresting facts about the probiotics for histamine intolerance. What kind have you beeen using?

Everyone seems to suggest taking D-vitamin but my problem is that my receptors are deactivated according to my doctor. My calcitriol is skyhigh (above 300) So taking supplements only worsens my situation. (More about calcitriol on The marshal protocol)

Health / Bile reflux caused by candida/SIBO?
« on: February 10, 2014, 05:12:20 pm »
Hi everyone.
Once again I have to turn to you for help.

I have the worst digestion and am severly underweight.
My stomach is full of bile, which hurts so much and makes it imposible to eat. I have to vomit (mostly bile and looots of mucus) everytime before eating to be able to eat.
I have a really rare form of candida: Candida Pulcherrima. (collected from the bile and mucus that I vomit)
No one seems to know which medication would work on this weird candida but I'm currently eating 150 mg of fluconazole.
I also have bacterial overgrowth and lots of bad bacteria like klebsiella and citrobacter.
Probiotics just worsen the situation.
My whole digestion isn't moving so the only way to get relief from my bloating is by constantly burping.

I eat mostly paleo but still including rice and maize.
The more fat I eat the more bile I have in my stomach so my doctor old me to try eating low fat. But this worsens my candida issue.
Could sibo/candida CAUSE the bile reflux and would it help if I tried eating zero carb?
I'm just afraid that the bile will totally destroy my stomach if I eat more fat.

Hopefully you have any thoughts!!
Your Cece

Health / Re: Achlorhydria (lack of stomach acid)
« on: October 01, 2013, 10:25:34 pm »
Thank you so much for all the helpful advice!

I quit taking Diflucan and switched to Nystatin.
My doctor also suspects SIBO, an overgrowth of bacteria.
He wants me to try antibiotics and I'm really desperate, but haven't started yet.
I have tried probiotics but it just seems to make things worse which indicates SIBO.

Coconut oil sounds great, the only problem is that I can't digest fats. When I eat more fats even
raw fat like avocado, I end up vomiting (had this problem as long as I can remember). When I supplement with ox bile I feel better, but I can'd do this anymore because the ox bile irritates my stomach lining so it hurts so bad.
I have heard that 1 tbs of lecithin with each meal could substitute the bile.
Anyone tried this?

Really interesting about the vitamin U.
I was thinking of starting juicing all of my vegetables instead of cooking them and killing everything good about them.
I also hope that would eliminate the problem with fiber (FODMAP) causing so much cramping.

Now I eat my fish raw but I still get really really nauseus from dark meat.
I have a milk allergy and have before reacted to lamb and beef. (still not sure if it's an allergy to meat or only that I can't digest them)

Hopefully I'll soon be in better shape!!

/Your Cece

Health / Achlorhydria (lack of stomach acid)
« on: September 24, 2013, 08:01:27 pm »
Hi everyone!

Hopefully someone can help me.
I completely lack stomach acid. Feels like everything is fermenting and I feel terrible all the time. The problem is that my stomach lining is so irritated and HCL supplements and even C-vitamin causes my stomach to start cramping and burning, even small amounts.

I also have a severe candida infection and I can only control it with diflucan (fluconazole) 100 mg a day.
I know I would have to change my diet to protein and fat but thanks to my lack of stomach acid I get really nauseous and can't digest them properly.

I'm now taking digestive enzymes (digest Gold) and pancreatin (creon) but I stil feel terrible.
I'm still eating cooked foods because I'm scared of the bacterias when I dont have enough HCL to kill them.
Mostly fish and chicken, fruits, vegetables, rice, corn and buckwheat.  Can't digest dark meat at all.
Would it help to go completely raw?

Also the doctors have found that I have very high Calcitriol which indicates that I have a major inflammation somewhere in my body. They are suspecting Lyme disease. But I'm scared of taking antibiotics when I already have such severe candida AND I'm really underweight.

Has anyone had similar problems?
Any ideas what to do?

Your C

Thanks for all your great tips!!

1. I immediately started to take probiotics 1 tablet 50 billion CFU.
I also tried taking saccharomyces boulardii, I heard it's good for candida but I got so bad stomach cramps so I had to stop.
Also tried something called prebiotics (inulin, FOS, MOS) but also had to stop them because of severe bloating

2. Started taking D-vitamin 2000 IU, someone suggested 5000 so I'm gonna slowly increase.

3. I have been taking enzymes with every meal for a year. I never thought they could cause problems. Three days ago I was so fed up with my nausea and extreme bloating so I tried to eat without them. I felt soooo much better!!! Now I have more apetite, less nausea and less bloating. I have tried different brands but I get the same reaction. Seems like my body can't handle the enzymes.

4. Carbs seems to cause me the most problems. Someone suggested eating below 25 g per day. I would love to do this but I'm so scared of losing weight. I'm severly underweight and need to gain weight. Can I gain weight on a low carb diet?


Health / Histamine Intolerance and terrible digestion. Need help!!
« on: May 05, 2013, 12:55:09 pm »
Hi everyone.

Thanks to an inflammation in my intestines and pancreas I'm in really bad shape and underweight.
Everything I eat makes me nauseous and severly bloated (think I might have candida)
I have also got Histamine intolerance which is only getting worse and worse. I'm reacting to the smallest amount of histamines in food (fish, chicken, egg whites, avocadoes, nuts, fermented foods...) I'm also allergic to milk, gluten, soy, nightshades...

Now I have been eating cooked paleo with melons, mangoes, parsnips, sweet potatoes, swedes, carrots, rapeseed oil, and super fresh turkey but I still feel terribly, can't gain weight and super bloated.

My body is shouting out that it wants raw food and I believe that this could help me. Everytime I eat something raw it feels like it's not staying that long in my stomach and I get more energy.
My problem is what to eat because any dark meet (beef, lamb, elk...) gives me stomach ache and fish is so high histamine that I get breathing difficulties.
Could it be that my stomach is only not used to eating dark meat (haven't eaten dark meat in almost 7 years) or could it be an allergy when I'm allergic to milk?? Should I just start to eat small amounts of raw meat and ignore the stomach pain?

I love fish and really really hope I could cure my histamine intolerance. Has anyone cured it with raw foods?

I really hope someone out there can help me!!

Your C

Hot Topics / Re: Thoughts on fruitarian diet/ low fat raw vegan?
« on: December 06, 2012, 04:10:16 pm »
Thank you so much!

I'll try and eat more fish/meat and see how it goes.
I have been reading a lot about the instincto version of eating and that makes sence.

We'll see what happens.
Hopefully my body will tell me what it needs :)


Hot Topics / Re: Thoughts on fruitarian diet/ low fat raw vegan?
« on: December 01, 2012, 01:59:41 am »
Thanks for all your replies :)

A little more about me:
I'm 23 years old and have been ill almost my entire life due to mold in
my childhood home, so I have a defect immunsysteme.
These last years have been sooo terrible.
Autoimmune inflammation in intestines, pancreas and thyroid.
Candida, leaky gut, chronic fatigue. Severe allergies (milkprotein, beef, gluten, legumes, nuts, eggs, nightshade vegetables, bananas, avocados, ... the list is long) Lately I have also gotten Multiple chemical sensitivity and I react to perfumes, makeup, cleaning stuff...

Before I tried eating paleo, with this I could manage through high school but I had to take sooooo many pills like vitamins, enzymes, betaine Hcl. And I was always tired, cold, thirsty (even if I drank 4 liters), bloathed and had really bad constipation.

Now I'm really lost because I really want my health back. I started reading about raw food because thanks to my inflammation in my intestines,  I have been vomiting for almost 3 months and it's usually the cooked foods I try that come up.
I read 80/10/10 about low fat raw vegan and there are a lot of things that sounds good.
But my stomach is so complicated. I have to be soooo careful how much I eat, otherwise I start vomiting again.
On the other hand I have really bad cravings for sweet and especially sugar alcohols (xylitol, sorbitol... I know these make stomach problams worse but it almost feels like an "sugar alcohol addiction" I'm really trying to quit but it's hard)

I really wish I one day could get better. I'm still fighting but sometimes everything feels hopeless.
If you have any suggestions what diet would be best and what I could try I would be sooooo happy.
Thanks again :)
/Your C

Hot Topics / Thoughts on fruitarian diet/ low fat raw vegan?
« on: November 28, 2012, 07:16:51 pm »

I have been dealing with terrible health issues for a long time
(underweight, crohn's, adrenal fatigue, bloodsugar problems....)
Now I have been trying to eat a fruitarian diet because I really want my health back.
But what are your thoughts on this?
Would it be better to start eating raw meat, fish, and eggs instead?

I'm so confused when the people on 30bananasaday are saying that they get super great results with a
low fat raw vegan diet.
And here people are saying that raw meat is the way to go.
What do you think is the best way to get my health back?
Could I eat mostly fruits and then for example in the evening eat some fish?


Hi everyone and thanks for all the tips.

I come from a high carb raw vegan diet and I'm in a really bad shape.
I like the taste of raw meat and have no problems eating it.
My biggest concern is the parasites, bacterias...
Can I seriously eat anything raw as long as it's fresh?
Even chicken, turkey and fish (have heard only grown salmon and tuna are safe)?
Should I freeze fish for example pike, perch, whitefish so I could eat it?
Does the meat always have to be fresh or could it sometimes be okay to eat prepacked meat?

My doctors said this is stupid for me because I'm really weak but it feels like the right way to go.
I will never go back to eating cooked food because it makes me really sick but I need the raw meat to feel better!

Hopefully someone can give me some more answers :)

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