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Health / Re: Disturbing Urine
« on: January 18, 2018, 02:12:40 am »
Well, thanks for the advice, but I seem to be doing well now. I did a liver flush (which did unfortunately give me acne from the lemons/coconut oil) and since then I've been eating fat multiple times a days instead of once to satiety. So while I'm still eating very large amounts of fat, I'm never overeating since I'm eating throughout the day. I've also been eating a lot more raw egg yolks recently (since I couldn't always get raw bone marrow) and maybe that helped, as well as also becoming my favorite food along with bone marrow and liver.

I might try to add an egg to my fat meals (even though I don't have any problems right now), and see if there is any difference.

Lemon juice gives me acne, while olive does that and also burns my throat. Don't think I should be eating/drinking thing like that. Nuts constipate me, so I wouldn't eat those either. I'm not sure about garlic, but I think I would rather stick with only meat and eggs, since that is what's never given me problems. The only plant based food I can remember that didn't give me problems was raw apple cider vinegar, although that's probably more fermented than plant food. I think I'm probably better because I eat fat throughout the day now (even if  I eat the same), although it could also be the liver flush (never saw anything unusual, so I'm doubtful), or the raw egg yolks (I'm more inclined to believe they may have something to do with me getting better, but not 100% convinced).

As for upping my lean meat consumption and reducing fat, I don't think that's an option. I can eat huge quantities of protein if I don't eat fat, and I don't want to limit myself to be starving. But as I've already said, I've also stopped overeating, which I think is equally problematic.

I've actually been thinking about doing some blood tests, not sure about a hair bulb analysis. The reason behind it is I'm particularly interested in minerals/vitamins/amino acid/fatty acids/hormones.

Again, thanks for the advice.

sabertooth, one last question:

Since you mentioned that freezing does not significantly negatively affect raw fats...

How well do you find raw marrow holds up when frozen? Does it make a difference whether the marrow is inside the bone or not when freezing?

I would rather put the marrow in the freezer after removing it from the bone, but only if that won't somehow negatively effect how well it stores.

Thank you. 
I know this question isn't directed at me, but I thought I might as well share my experience.

I freeze lamb since I get the entire animal, and a lot of the time I end up freezing the bones with the marrow in them. I have not noticed any significant difference in quality, although I prefer to eat fresh meat (of any kind) when I can instead of frozen. I don't think it would make a difference if you removed it from the bone, although I've never tried.

I actually have some beef marrow which I've frozen for the first time as well (usually I eat it fresh but I got a big shipment this time), so I'll have to see if there's any difference there. I assume there won't since there wasn't any with lamb marrow.

Health / Re: Pressure in head from raw fat/meat - cant eat raw meat
« on: December 01, 2017, 02:40:09 pm »
Do you grass-fed, grain-fed or wild game? The quality of both your eggs and meat is important.

Just so we are clear, you said that raw liver fixes your problem?

General Discussion / Re: Raw Dairy Nutrition
« on: November 28, 2017, 01:55:27 pm »
Do you have any information about how hormones in raw butter/cream might affect metabolic processes? I haven't been able to find any evidence that, outside of raising circulating estrogen levels, that dairy has a negative effect on estrogen.
Yes, I am also interested in this, since so many claim that dairy is bad because of hormones. I am skeptical of dairy, however raw dairy has not given me any problems when I tried it for a week (non raw dairy gives me acne). It is not something I eat/drink since I prefer only meat anyway. But I am interested in the potential benefits/cons of raw dairy.

I have a friend who is vegan, mostly starchivore, and his food bill is almost nonexistent. He does it not because it's super cheap, which it is, but because he believes it's healthier for him to do that.

I eat only raw meat, and I could get by very cheap with just organs and bone marrow. I highly doubt I need muscle, and grass-fed organic organs and bone marrow (for fat) are very cheap. Most marrow bones are actually cheaper than if I went vegan, since they are free. Organ meats aren't that much more expensive than fruit and vegetables (assuming you buy the highest quality). Not to mention I need to eat much less of that than most fruits and vegetables to be satiated. I still spend a relatively decent amount of money on meat, but most of that is just muscle.

If someone eats insects and grubs for convenience, taste or finances, I certainly have no problem with it. I'm just saying that I don't buy into the idea that it's healthier to eat those than to eat meat.
I'm actually curious about the nutritional content of insects compared to say, lamb or beef.

I think we live in the present time and have to do as all beings on earth, adapt to what there is! Even wolf bears and coyotes forage on human garbage and they have no ethics about it! Coyotes are known to live on 80% diet of some beans I cannot remember the name right now.... not all the time but when they are ripe and there is no available meat. Apart from ideal things, we have to live and eat! If I have to eat grains for example, I just take care to cook them the right way, raw cooking can be sprouting... and I know how to cook my lima beans after sprouting and removing the peel!

Then eating must be sustainable, not only healthy. If you have to import food, then it is not paleo at all!
Local is the most paleo in a realistic way.
And appart from big health reasons, I do not see bad to cook what is not edible raw, or what is difficult to eat raw, like getting all meat around bones!
Except for the most part, human garbage is just that, "garbage" food. Too processed, too much sugar, too many ingredients which almost nobody knows anything about, overcooked, artificially created etc... The reason why it tastes good is because it's entire design is based on it tasting good, not on nutritional value and health. Which leads to the generally unhealthy human and domesticated animal population. Even wild game is getting poisoned by these unnatural foods.

Cooking is, eh, well... It tastes horrible to me after eating only raw and I can't digest it as well. Salt is also useless to me now. If you truly want to use every part of your food, and find that cooking aids that, then by all means... Although I am doubtful if it can't be eaten raw, that it was meant to be eaten in the first place.

It is possible the change the habits of people only if they want to change themselves. Otherwise, just accept what they eat and they should do the same for you. If they don't want to accept what you eat, then avoid them.

I honestly don't care whether or not I tell people that I eat (only) raw meat. If they ask me, I tell them the truth. I don't really care about lying about something that doesn't affect anyone else but me. What they eat is their business. I get along just fine with vegetarians, vegans and cooked food eaters. And anyone else, eating whatever.

Don't hide who you are, others need to accept it or they shouldn't be near you in the first place. Don't force anyone else to do anything. You can try leading by example, perhaps pique their interest, and once that happens, then perhaps you can start introducing them to the foods you eat.

How long does it take you to eat 7 pounds of fat? I've kept raw bone marrow in my refrigerator for up to a week and it didn't change that much. I've also eaten fat that was left outside for days. I liked the taste, although I'm not sure if I'd prefer that over fresh, which I'd say tastes a bit better.

I've also frozen a lot of fat in the past, I would say the least affected part of the meat by freezing is actually the fat, although I can't say exactly how it would affect the meat nutritionally.

General Discussion / Re: Raw mackerel, so good! All edible?
« on: November 28, 2017, 12:27:38 pm »
I tried eating raw fish a few times since I started Zero Carb. Just ate the entire fish, the scales, the organs, the bones. Nothing left. I didn't try mackerel because it seems like another small fish which will result in all the bone shards and scales getting stuck in my teeth. It also makes my home smell like fish, where as beef or lamb does not. Overall, I'd say you can eat the entire fish if you want to. The internal organs all tasted quite bitter, but I found it a pleasant bitter taste. The eyes, scales and bones were tasteless.

I agree with frankiet that good wild-caught fish have a very nice taste and a butter like texture to the meat. I've personally been considering trying some larger species of fish, so I don't have a mess in my teeth and house every time I eat fish. I've also not found any fish that tastes as good as 100% organic, grass-fed lamb. Keep in mind that I've only been talking about wild-caught fish.

Health / Re: Disturbing Urine
« on: November 21, 2017, 08:47:03 pm »
My bad, I was mistaken when I said it solved it. Magnesium Citrate did not solve anything, and I suspect the only reason why it looked like it did, was because I was not absorbing as much food (as evident by larger and softer stools).

I think my problem has something to do with the gallbladder or liver, since it only affects when eating high amounts of fats. Perhaps I'm wrong, I would like to hear if anyone has any ideas. I'll be trying some different things in the future, as currently I am not getting any negative symptoms other than strange urine.

General Discussion / Alternative Uses for Animals
« on: November 17, 2017, 03:50:06 am »
I am interested if anyone has any ideas on how I could certain parts of the animals which I don't eat such as (fur, skin, bones etc...). Currently most of what I'm left with are bones and gristle, as I haven't been able to get skin or fur. But does anyone have any good ideas on what to do with different parts of the animals you don't eat? I get a lot of bones which I eat the marrow out of, but it would be good to find an actual use for the bones.

Yes, that's my plan, get as much of the animal as possible. Although the muscle itself is very dark and bloody in my case, so I guess that's pretty good as well. Just tried another piece of deer muscle today (from a different deer) and this one has to be the best tasting food I've had in a long while. It tasted like nuts (mostly like peanuts) and it was the first time I liked muscle more than liver or bone marrow. Obviously the muscle is from wild game and the bone marrow and liver from grass-fed animals, so it's not exactly a good comparison. I do very much look forward to trying those in wild game now. It's interesting how this deer tasted like peanuts which was so good to me, while the other one had a sage/juniper taste, while not bad, wasn't as good as this one in my opinion. I think I will eat only wild game muscle from now on when I can. If I can get the organs, I'll take those as well. The fat I will probably have to take from grass-fed animals as these don't have enough, and I doubt I could get enough bone marrow (unless there's some very big wild game that is legal to hunt which I haven't heard about) from wild game.

I will post further updates here eventually, once I try the other parts of the animal/animals. Looking forward to it.

I just tried some raw deer muscle. By far the strongest tasting meat I've ever tried. My grass-fed lamb might taste good, but compared to this it's basically tasteless. And this was just the muscle, so I am very intrigued how the organs and bone marrow would taste. It doesn't seem to have almost any muscle fat at all, however. The meat itself tasted like some very potent combination of herbs to me. I wonder, is it supposed to taste like this? Not that I'm complaining, I think it's a pleasant taste, even if I'm not that used to it yet. And I've tried raw wild caught fish before but this tastes quite a bit stronger than even those (at least to me, and I'm not really usually a fan of seafood either).

Carnivorous / Zero Carb Approach / Re: How much raw fat
« on: November 15, 2017, 02:45:39 am »
Yes, one of the major reasons I went Zero Carb is because all fiber seems to destroy my digestion. Cooked or raw. I get bloating and pain, and I don't digest much of it. I can eat about 250 grams at once. If I eat twice a day, I can eat 500 grams with no problems. If I eat too much fat at once, I get some nausea but nothing too serious. I'm sure if I tried really hard I could eat even more than 500 grams, but I don't feel like forcing myself to eat.

Thanks for the information, Tyler. What exactly is the difference between farmed wild game and truly wild? And how would I be able to tell the difference? I've been able to buy some cheaper wild game recently and am looking forward to trying it, but I wasn't able to get any information on if it was farmed or not. The animal I got is deer.

I've been wanting to eat raw wild game for some time now. For those of you who eat it, how would you compare versus grass-fed and then grain-fed? I already know grain-fed organs and bone marrow usually taste horrible to me, and grain-fed marrow was the only time I got diarrhea on this diet. Grass-fed is good, but I'd like to know what you think about wild game? The last time I ate wild game was back on cooked Zero Carb, although I do remember it having a strong taste.

I eat lamb (the whole animal) and beef bone marrow. I would say, yes, the less I cooked my lamb, the less I could tolerate cooked foods. Eventually I couldn't eat it anymore. Raw has been better on my digestion, and in my opinion, tastes better as well. There are other things that improved, as well, some things that even cooked Zero Carb couldn't cure.

Carnivorous / Zero Carb Approach / Re: How much raw fat
« on: November 14, 2017, 08:49:24 pm »
I eat about 200-500 grams of fat a day. I am estimating here, so it's not 100% exact.

Health / Re: Disturbing Urine
« on: November 08, 2017, 06:36:59 am »
So, I've solved my problem by supplementing with magnesium citrate every day. I can now eat as much fat as I want with no problems.

I have a few ideas as to why it worked and what my problem was, although I am interested in hearing what everyone's opinion here is. And, any, more natural alternatives I could use instead of magnesium citrate?

Welcoming Committee / Hello, everyone.
« on: November 03, 2017, 06:41:28 am »
Not really my first post because I posted earlier about some issue I was having (been dealing with it from another angle now), but I thought I should introduce myself since I'm technically new to the forum. I have been around the forum since December 2016, but I never made an account.

To cut a long story short, I started a cooked ketogenic diet about two years ago. Unlike all previous diets, which changed nothing, this one managed to heal many of my illnesses. Over time I noticed I did better on animal products only (no more bloating, completely eliminated acne etc...), so I went cooked zerocarb a year ago. Did that for 6 months, eventually tried raw meat as was my intention when initially starting zero carb. It was honestly too good, and I just couldn't go back to cooked meat without getting nauseous and bloated. And I've noticed other things as well. On cooked keto I could eat eggs, but on cooked zero carb I would get diarrhea from them. Not the case with raw eggs, however, as I've since tried them again, but this time raw. No problems with those. Same goes for dairy, I can tolerate even milk as long as it's raw. I do not eat eggs or dairy, however, as this was merely a short experiment to see how I would react. While I didn't react negatively, I feel best on just raw meat.

So, as for my diet, it's 100% raw, no supplements but one which I am using for another problem right now, I eat lamb (muscle and organ fat, bone marrow, muscle, organs) and beef bone marrow exclusively. I've been thinking about trying some fish as well.

Everything I eat is grass-fed, haven't tried wild game yet because of outrageous prices. Wild caught fish, however, seem to be very cheap in comparison.

I've cured many illnesses/diseases by eating this way, many of which I thought were normal. Just to list some of the major ones: severe acne, caries and tooth decay, I never get sick on zero carb (used to get colds/allergies 2-3 days a week, got badly sick maybe 1-2 a year (strep throat etc..)), nail fungus gone, better hair, almost perfect digestion...

I could go on, but I think that's enough. Hope you enjoyed reading that wall of text.

Health / Re: Disturbing Urine
« on: October 29, 2017, 03:12:39 am »
I am eating grass fed lamb muscle and organ fat, bone marrow and grass fed beef bone marrow. I'm sure I get some more fat from egg yolks and lamb muscle/organs, as my lamb is very fatty.

I'm already doing that. I eat my lean (well, kind of lean) lamb muscles and organs separately from my pure fat (lamb muscle and organ fat, lamb bone marrow, beef bone marrow). When I eat pure fat I eat anywhere from 250-500 grams of fat at once before I am satisfied. I could eat that much again if eat later in the day as well. I don't get any negative symptoms from too much other than this urine. At least I assume this isn't good. The urine looks like a foamy bright orange energy drink at the end, but only at the very end. Before that it's normal urine. You also can't actually see through the bright orange urine at the end, it's not transparent.

I can eat as much protein as I want without getting urine problems but... I don't really want to limit my fat and then have to eat massive amounts of protein. Plus, I feel satisfied at around 100-120 grams of protein. Maybe a bit more if I'm really physically active that day.

Whenever I eat more than 100-150 grams of fat, I slowly get this type of urine. But 150 grams is nowhere near enough for me to be satisfied from. I'm guessing I could be eating excess fat, and instead of getting diarrhea like most, I get this? But it just doesn't feel right. I feel like I should be eating more fat, and this urine isn't giving me any pain. I'm just confused.

Health / Re: Disturbing Urine
« on: October 28, 2017, 05:41:59 am »
The problem is, I have, as an experiment, tried to eat ridiculous amounts of protein without fat to see what was causing this. Even when I eat all the lean meat I could stomach, I had no problem. And then when I tried the opposite, eating all fat, no protein, my urine starts getting like this. As a result I tried a month of high protein, low fat... and had no urine problems. I can't imagine that somehow the protein is causing me problems. Also, I have problems with even minor amounts of carbohydrates, which is why I went zero carb. Haven't had any problems other than my problem with fat causing orange sand like particles in urine.

Health / Disturbing Urine
« on: October 28, 2017, 03:49:43 am »
Well, I didn't really want this to be my first post here, but oh well...

Let me explain my problem. I have, since about six months ago, been getting very 'interesting' urine whenever I eat a very high fat meal. I can eat as much protein as I want with no problems, but as soon as I more than 100-150 grams of fat a day, eventually I get this. My urine starts out normal, then at the very end it starts getting darker and cloudier, until it's very dark orange and not clear at all. If I eat high fat for a few days it's almost red (or maybe it is red). It's just a small amount at the very end. It seems to contain tiny sand like particles. Sometimes it causes a burning sensation when it contains some bigger particles. The particles, no matter how dark the urine, are always the same color. Just a plain orange one. I am confused as to why I only get this when I eat very high fat, and not protein.

For context, I was eating a cooked ketogenic diet for a year first, then a cooked zero carb for 6 months and now raw zero carb for another 4 months. I got this problem two-three months into cooked zero carb.

I have kind of gotten used to this by now, and it's only happened when I eat super high fat (more than 200 grams, and I've only recently been eating higher amounts of fat again), but I am still concerned. It should be noted that I used to eat 500 grams of fat or more on keto and on cooked zero carb in the beginning, so I didn't have this problem back when I began. Obviously I eat 100% raw now, but the problem is still there.

I've tried searching for these symptoms only when eating high fat, but haven't found anything. Any advice would be very helpful.

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