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Raw Weston Price / Re: Where does he mention homosexuality
« on: November 29, 2019, 06:56:31 am »
There is one scientific claim, that the more older brothers a man has, the more likely he is to be gay:-

Interesting. Same would count for homosexual women? Could it be related to mom giving birth too often over a too short period of time? Being pregnant, giving birth and breast feeding causes malnourishment if not replenished sufficiently.
I'd say we do not quite know if this adds up or not. But since malnourishment is likely to burden next generation, and hormonal function depends on cholesterol (nutrient), there sure is a basis for doing some testing and compare.

Ultimately homosexuality would undermine any tribe/civilization. That is, if the rate of homosexuality increases with the rate of malnourished parents.

Other than that I don't have anything against homosexuals. Quite a few homosexuals have something against being homosexual. They're just trying to cope with it. Most are just quite relieved that it's being accepted. Just like veggie-ism is being promoted, even by the UN.

Norawaynofun, as you I also suspect there are ways to mess up hormones. In addition the know-how and ability to mess with hormones, and ultimately reproduction, would be of interest for anyone engaged in matters concerning overpopulation.

I regularly fish wild trout. About one in 5 are infected with large worms living in the flesh of these fishes. Cysts as well, probably after worms that have died and the fishes immune system encapsulates these toxic remains (probably with cholesterol and calcium). I can't remember to see so much infected fish like 10-15 years ago.
I discard fish that have visible worms for the same reason you avoid being bitten by ticks or mosquito's - avoid infection. Fish that have smaller invisible parasites you can't do anything about. You eat them and you get infected.
Fish are cold blooded and some of these worms may not survive in warm blooded animals though.

All life has to deal with...other forms of life. That's how it is on Earth..

Something useful about parasites (worms) may be that they are able to absorb toxins, heavy metals and such. Getting "the flu" may actually be caused by these worms dying inside of you and thus releasing all of the accumulated toxins. Toxins can induce flu-like symptoms. In fact the flu is always caused by toxins, whether it be from worms, virus, bacteria, spiders, snakes or what have you.

Humans have weaker stomach acid than many other animals, like cats and dogs. This means humans are more likely to be infected by parasites. Certain foods, diets and minerals help stomach acid production, which would be of help. Stress is said to inhibit the production of stomach acid. Proteins activate stomach acid production. Stomach acid is salt-acid, or HCL.

Back in the old days people used to de-worm once or twice a year - fall and spring. The de-worming would rid you of a good deal of worms AND the toxins they accumulate, preferably before they become real large.
There likely is no point in getting rid of any and all parasites. De-worming regularly is sufficient. A well working immune system deals with regulating the amount of smaller, invisible parasites. If not you need to get into medicinal solutions for those, like garlic or turpentine, to name a few.

De-worm routines are for all, including veggies. Not the least because so called organic vegetables often grow on dirt saturated with pig, cow or chicken manure. Hard to escape infection. Parasite eggs can survive harsh conditions for a long time.

These were details I gathered along my way. Documentation floats around on the net in bits and pieces. 

Welcoming Committee / Just saying hi
« on: November 29, 2019, 04:13:46 am »
Hi all. I'm 59 year old and from Norway. One of my interests is finding natural remedies for optimizing health. It was sv3rige's rantings over at youtube who got me looking into what's behind the raw meat, raw everything hype. I do believe he's on to something. Hope to learn more here.

I've already been into fermenting vegetables and milk for a couple years. Fermented fish was next to try, but then I heard of fermented meat. Doesn't look any good. But fact is many dogs dig holes in the dirt to bury their fresh raw meat and bones, only to dig it out again weeks/months later and gobble it up. Important clue I'd say..

Trying to find motivation and at least give it a try :)


Raw Weston Price / Re: Where does he mention homosexuality
« on: November 29, 2019, 03:39:37 am »
Hi all, I just got here because of watching some of sv3rige's videos. This is my first post.

Trying to explain homosexuality your best bet may be that hormones, like testosterone, do depend on fat and cholesterol for proper function. This way you could, possibly, inherit homosexuality from malnourished parents. Or at least inherit a vector in that direction.

What I noticed when reading Weston A. Price's writings long ago is that new married couples in certain "primitive cultures" were eating specially selected type's of food known to optimize the health of next generation.
These specific diets were started well before any attempts were made to make children.
Another tradition was for the mother to not become pregnant before 3 years after the last time she gave birth, this to allow for recovery from giving birth and breast feeding, thus benefit both her own health and the next child.

Another possible clue may be what lactating women eat and what influences the quality of breast milk. Not to speak of buying "breast milk" in supermarkets. Would add to screwing up things for next generation.

If the concept of healthy parents = healthy children holds up as a general rule, then why not look for malnourished parents, and dietary guidelines in general, as a possible cause of homosexuality?


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