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General Discussion / Re: Does raw milk feed sibo or disbiosis
« on: April 29, 2017, 05:32:24 am »
If you don't have amalgam fillings or other metal fillings which inhibit and kill good bacteria. Then your cause could be either that you're overweight and/or simply physically inactive. The intestinal cells only produce antimicrobial peptides during physical activity to kill bad bacteria.

Dysbiosis is an imbalance between good and bad bacteria.

I would also recommend sleeping with the window open. Anaerobic bacteria tend to thrive when there is very little oxygen.

Health / Re: Safe(r) Dentistry/Dental Materials
« on: April 26, 2017, 08:53:56 am »
@political atheist

The only option your father has is dental implants that are biologically compatible with him. Definitely wouldn't want to install another metal that will poison him the same way.

Avoid dentures as they lead to the shrinkage of the jaw bone. My so called sorry sack of shit smoking father uses dentures and he has problems with them.

Yet the anti-mercury scaremongers were all claiming that even microscopic amounts of mercury were harmful.

One filling in a tooth of a child leaves the door open to corrupt dentists towards placing more mercury fillings without taking into account the LD50 of mercury. As it happened in my case and the OP's father.

Every little filling a pro-amalgam dentist installs does affect the dentist consistently by him breathing in the fumes released by the unhardened amalgam. Unfortunately there is still many unethical dentists still fascinated by mercury's amalgamation.

No amount is safe is to drive the point home that every little bit has a catastrophic affect over the long term to someone. Mercury does not belong in our mouths.

Every time someone breaks a mercury light bulb and makes a big deal. I laugh because the mercury released by my fillings is much greater yet everyone who've I've asked to pay to remove them never believes me and takes the word of the nice and fake dentists. Against all odds I stand and alone I will need to eliminate this corruption.

I presently live near a rail yard and the diesel exhaust pollution during the very cold days just lingers in the air and enters my house in lethal doses instead of going up to the atmosphere on warm days. I've ran out of my house many times. I either had a brain tumor or MS due to the symptoms of blindness in the morning while in keto. I reversed whatever it was by drinking 1L+ of carrot juice made from organic carrots that were left on the counter for like 10 hours right before bed. I will never forget the feeling. It was like apoptosis of non functioning neurons was occurring all at once throughout my brain. Painful but not like a headache.

The thing is that MS is simply degeneration. People eat garbage and expect to be in perfect health.

Health / Re: Safe(r) Dentistry/Dental Materials
« on: April 13, 2017, 06:52:35 am »
One mercury filling isn't going to have a negative health effect. 2 or more metal fillings are required to cause the battery effect.

Scratch a plate with a metal fork. If your metal fillings hurt, then they are affecting your health.

Hot Topics / Re: Vegan mother forced to vaccinate her children
« on: April 09, 2017, 04:32:03 am »
I did look at both sides years ago pretty thoroughly  when the whole crisis happened. I gave my reasons why I find the mercury-vaccine issue  dodgy, and have also , on previous occasions, stated that I experienced no health-benefits from switching from mercury-amalgams to ceramic ones, nor did I  ever experience health problems from eating fish high up in the food-chain, despite scares re mercury-poisoning in the media. The Seychelles fish study also casts doubt on the notion of  trace amounts of mercury being toxic, and so on. Obviously, I am no scientist-expert, but even experts can be easily fooled, given past successsful hoaxes. All I will state is that I agree that vaccines do not work 100% and that there are always going to be a very small minority of people who suffer very serious health-problems from vaccines, and I am sure there are more hidden health-problems involved, I am just sceptical of the autism/mercury link given my own experiences etc.

Did you experience oral lichenoid dysplasia?

The link I posted points to thimerosal as having the tail of serotonin and therefore stimulating the serotonin system and the mercury molecule poisoning the nervous system at the same time. My hypothesis is that some people can't metabolize nor eliminate Thimerosal and therefore it acts like a pin ball in the nervous system.

Seafood isn't considered meat.

So, you don't have any evidence.  Even if humans could produce B12 in the colon, they cannot absorb it.  B12 absorption occurs in the small intestine where nutrients are taken up to liver through the portal vein.  At least that's what the researchers are saying. That's exactly the mechanism for rabbits and that's one of the reasons they eat their own poop.

There is 2 ways in which bacteria produce B12. Not 1. We produce it in 2 ways and absorb it only in 1 way.

Hot Topics / Re: Vegan mother forced to vaccinate her children
« on: April 09, 2017, 12:35:46 am »
Thimerosal does cause a genetic mutation(autism) in those who are susceptible as Mercury causes parkinsons disease neurodegeneration in those who are susceptible like myself.

Im all for discussions with people who hold interesting points of view, and debating the most far out theories with gusto, but will agree with Ys that there comes a time after one makes such challenging and belligerent claims, that you have to put up or shut up. Where is the proof that humans can obtain enough B12 on an entirely vegetarian diet? Where is the proof that Humans can thrive on a vegetarian diet past the second generation? All we are hearing is hyperbole and obfuscation.

Nothing so far has convinced me to give up eating meat. Many of the other subjects regarding the terrible state of modern man I will agree with, but I have to strongly disagree with the conclusion that vegetarianism is an answer to any of it.

As for the intellectual challenge to prove yourself mightier than all the meat eaters here...I'll take a bite..but one must first recognize that there are multiple forms of intelligence...mechanical, emotional, cognitional, kinetic and on and on and on.....

You maybe able to write magnificent cursive, and articulate golden verse better than I,  but I would best you in a heart beat in a number of different challenges.  I would beat you in a Pole dancing competition any day, and you wouldn't stand a chance in a cage match with me.... as an electrician I have highly advanced technical skills....the point being that anyone can claim superiority in one thing, but to truly span the universe of intellect one must perform multiple feats of ingeniousness.

Personally I dont buy into the theory of vegetarianism providing a survival edge in any contest of strength, intellect, or reproductive prowess. So far I haven't seen any proof that veterinarians can even produce healthy offspring past the second generation, so its hard to believe all the other claims regarding the alleged intellectual superiority that could be attained on such a meatless diet.

You'll figure out how humans are able to produce their own B12 with bacteria if you can figure out why professional basketball players are the size they are.

I'm not a vegan by choice or label myself as a vegan. I'm a plant only eater by force because 4 mercury fillings were placed in my teeth at 13 and I've lived in HELL for many years while the experts did nothing but try to abuse me more. When I gained my awareness because of abundance of plant foods and a plant based Vitamin D3 supplement. I then started to figure it out for myself and made my discoveries.

I have magnificent cursive because of the oily seeds high in Omega 6's, magnesium and arginine however I will never be able to articulate any books since I'm a born polymath and straight forward copy and paste learning will never work since it leads to cognitive dissonance. You've lowered your intelligence to the level of a chimp regarding the cage match and I wouldn't be so sure since everyone who has ever fought me has never been able to hit me due to my fast reflexes. A better amicable feat would be to see who can move more skids of big interlocking bricks and see who cries first of back pain.

I have to give it to you that electrical work requires highly advanced technical skills... especially when wiring those 3 ways and 4 ways in your head however this type of work is below what the energy in my brain is capable of. I've done it and it's easy.

Most vegetarians/vegans eat a low fat&protein diet and hence the problem. I on the other hand get harder morning erections from consuming a cup of lightly ground hulled sesame seeds than I ever did consuming raw grass fed meat.

Search libido on this forum and you'll see many have problems with loosing their libido. Hence the irony of this thread.

Err, you may be right re meat-eating and intelligence. However, I should point out that size of brain is not important on its own. Intelligence is defined by the ratio between brain-size and body-mass. Elephants have large brains but also large body-mass, so are not all that intelligent. Squirrels aren't too bright, either, with "reflexes" not being a sign of intelligence. It is true that sea mammals like dolphins often have large brains, but they need them as they, needing air, cannot afford to sleep underwater, so they need one  half of the brain to be awake all the time, with the other half asleep, in order to reach the surface regularly and breathe.

Not all elephants and squirrels have intelligence and intellect just as not all humans have intelligence and intellect.

Fast reflexes is a sign of long term potentiation.

Squirrels that I've fed an abundance of in-shell black oil sunflower seeds were extremely fast days later when they chased the non-intelligent squirrels from the high quality food and were quite intelligent and playful in their mating behavior. Quite similar to humans when a male is courting a female. Unfortunately many squirrels live around junk food eating humans and therefore are fed junk roasted nuts and cookies. And suffer from addiction and chronic stress from the car noise & air pollution as self evident by their ringworm infection. Hence why they seem unintelligent in cities while suffering immensely.

Sharks also have the same ability as dolphins regarding half of the brain staying awake and they have puny brains.

Dolphins have large brains because of their mating behavior and their consumption of a lot of Omega fatty acids from fish and seaweed. Love increases the production of neurochemicals which drives the production of prostaglandins in the nervous system which lastly stimulates the production of neurotrophins.

Love, not war, drives cranial expansion.

Lions on the other hand kill cups of their own specie so they can mate right away with the mother. There is nothing more stupid, arrogant and selfish then this type of action.

OK, please share it with us.

If you have one good reason.

What utter nonsense, humans evolved larger brains while living as pack hunters, and foraging opportunistic scavengers. The elephant analogy does not apply because elephants stomachs are designed to consume large quantities of foliage to fuel thier larger brains. Nor is it relevant about the size brains of other predators, because at some level evolution can be a resource conservative phenomenon, especially when periodic scarcity is an everyday reality and for animals who rely more on tooth and claw to obtain foods, freakishly large brains may not be an advantage, by weighing down the front end of four legged predators, and demanding much more calories to fuel, larger brains may not be advantageous for the more primitive beast...As for humans I believe it was critically necessary for the evolution of our massive brains, that liberal amounts of animal fats, like DHA, were essential for the green lighting the Lamarckian epigenetic quantum leap. Because we learned to crack open the bones of animals , and eat the brains and marrow, as well as crabs, cray fish, shell fish, bugs, birds, lizards...basically anything we could get our hands on.... the bodies micro RNA took full advantage of the abundance of neuro-generative nutrients found in those animal foods and through a process of Lamarckian Evolution, used that excess life energy intelligently to create the most magnificent jewel of the natural world.

During the period of  the epic cranial expansion, which is the most dramatic growth of any organ in such a short time, in known evolutionary history, our ancestors ate large quantities of meat...large bone yards have been found with clear evidence that stone tools where used to smash open bones, cut flesh for consumption...there is also evidence that even before the development of sophisticated tools and larger brains hominids were collecting shellfish, savaging and even used raw uncut stones to smash critters heads in....whoever can deny this denies their own nature.                                                                                                                                                                                   

You fail to see the difference between neurodegeneration(deficiency), maintenance(sufficient) and neurogenesis(abundance of Omega fatty acids, vitamins and minerals). Elephants can keep eating foliage and never increase their cranial size from baseline because there isn't any Omega 6 fatty acids from whole foods in abundance to provide the "Lamarckian epigenetic quantum leap". Especially while living near the equator since Vitamin D limits the production of prostaglandins. Hence why those living further away from the equator have larger cranials.

What you said regarding lions makes sense on a elementary level however not on a biochemical level.

You're assumption that humans are the most magnificent jewel of the natural world is wishful thinking. The majority of humans are gullible and arrogant. They will do anything for made up monopoly money including hurting their own specie. Hence placing amalgam fillings in young children's teeth without their permission and ruining their lives for decades and nobody caring or doing anything while these children not only have to reverse their own neurodegeneration but they need to piece their lives back together while trying to learn to trust these waste of a life humans that keep making a mess.

We started consuming raw nuts and oily seeds like cantaloupe seeds(rich in Omega 6 fatty acids) before we gained enough brain mass to migrate for the seafood. I don't deny we consumed a lot of seafood that contributed in conjunction of Omega 6's to our present cranial size however my own experience as a child trying to consume raw grass fed meat and having trouble chewing it and spitting it out just like spitting out and gagging on broccoli tells me that meat from land animals is survival food. While consuming large quantities of Merluzzo, lattuga, raw pistacchios, melons and stone fruits to my hearts desire while growing up in Italy tells me more than anything.

My experience with consuming raw grass fed beef without condiments for a couple of weeks led to the same conclusion. Quite disgusting body odor. And it is self-evident that those who consume meat from land animals aren't anywhere near as attractive as those of us who don't consume land animals.

My own experience tells me that Adrenic Acid is superior than DHA and the science proves that AA is a lot more potent than EPA for growth unless someone is deficient in Vitamin D, then EPA can work for bone resorption. My own experience of gaining half an inch in penile length from 7" to 7.5" and girth from 5.5" to 6" tells me that the biochemical science is correct in regards to PGE1(made from an Omega 6 fatty acid) in increasing penis size in conjunction of prolonged love making.

I have a proposition for you to test whose brain is more efficienct (Long-term potentiation). Write a paragraph in cursive if you can as soon as you wake up. Initial it with your username and date. I will do the same. Whoever has the more legible and impeccable hand writing wins.  Are you up for the challenge?

What nonsense are you talking about, cobalamin?

For the most part in the animal kingdom, intelligence can more or less be correlated with whether or not meat constitutes a staple of an animals' diet or not. Carnivores and omnivores lead the charts in sharpness, with hervibores largely at the top of the dull category.

The reason why is simple, herd animals only need a herd mentality to survive, as long as they stay and move with the herd, their chances are good. Predators need to understand the complex behavior and tendencies of the prey, often to a better extent than the prey themselves understand it. Herd animals need not worry about understanding predator behavior, all they need to know is that if they run faster than their peers and avoid the predators while another one in their herd gets caught, they will survive. It's the predator which has to choose the prey who is the weakest, the one which will tire the fastest, the one more likely to trip over itself, the one least likely to kick and injure the predator, the one which will provide the most and the highest quality meat... It's the predator which needs to determine the stalking position, when to launch the chase, the attack vector, how to read and predict the prey's next movement. If it's worth it to lead the prey towards a natural obstacle where they will be trapped. Whether to go straight for the throat or to weaken the prey by attacking the extremities first... It always takes a lot more brain power to understand the brain and body functions of another, lesser animal. That's why, even if they tried, herd animals can't understand predators, in particular pack hunters. So they don't even try, for the most part.

Wolves, lions, dolphins, chimpanzees, humans, and all other pack hunters need not only understand their prey's behavior, but also coordinate attacks with their pack members. That takes even more intelligence.

You have this delusional brainwashing that humans are pack hunters. Please go hunt without modern weapons and then let me know how well it goes.

Large herbivores kill the cubs of lions every chance they get. This proves that they kill the cubs so then they don't have to fight off the full grown lions in the future.  Elephants consume large amounts of nuts in africa when they are in season by using their trunk to pick them off trees and look at the size of their brains compared to lions. Have you ever seen a cat chase a squirrel? Squirrel reflexes are beyond what a cat can achieve.

Why do land based carnivores still have puny 350cc cranials if they are so intelligent and if meat increases cranial size?

Meat is only a concentrated source of nutrients that the animal ate. It is survival food.

Omega fatty acids(to produce prostaglandins) and Magnesium(for bone resorption of the skull) are required in abundance to increase cranial size. Period. There isn't sufficient amounts of omega fatty acids in grass fed animals unless animals are fed oily seeds like we see in factory farm animals but factory farmed meat lacks sufficient magnesium.

I know how we humans are capable of producing our own B12 and why most don't. I'm not here to share. Just to point out that meat did not in fact contribute to our cranial expansion.

Nowhere did I ever say that humans were "strict ominvors"? and if you have any light to shine please feel free to try to prove me wrong?

I have testified time and time again that we are apex adaptivores whose diet has evolved along with us. There is an ebb and flow from one extreme to another through our entire evolutionary history. Our earliest proto primate ancestors were carnivorous tree weasels that subsisted on insects and tiny animals, then we swung more toward herbivious tree monkeys, then to omnivorous great apes, and then into Apex Hunting omnivores.

During our change from tree monkey-to great ape- to Human raw meat was an essential part of what allowed for the development of our large brains and other supernatural abilities. Generally speaking no other strictly herbavorian creature known has been able to match the intelligence of carnivores. Eating copious amounts of meat is what turned our early ancestors into the cyber sentient beings of the current era.

Any attempt to revert back to herbovorian ways of life will in my opinion trigger a reversion back to smaller frames and weaker minds....though if you are into that kind of thing I wont try to stop you.

Nice storytelling.

Your belief that we don't produce Vitamin B12 is an indication that you believe we are strict omnivores. We are omnivores for survival purposes just like every other non-carnivorous animal.

With great power comes great responsibility. I will shine my light when it feels right.

The biochemistry science isn't on your side regarding cranial growth. Big land carnivores still have puny 350cc cranials and puny genitals from consuming a lot of meat. Sure they have big frames but that's nothing. There isn't any land carnivores with big cranials. None!

Read these regarding cranial growth...

To understand this...

Human societies that consume more Omega 3 fatty acids than Omega 6 fatty acids have smaller cranials and smaller sexual organs. Those who consume more Omega 6 fatty acids from whole foods are more technologically advanced.

Technically Night soil is not vegetarian.... Bactria, nematodes, microscopic organisms are all consumed by even the most anal Durrian types, as well as by animals which are labeled herbivores. Ruminants actually are bacteria-vors who get their life force from colonies of gut bacteria that break down the plant matter.

The vegan agenda does a terrible job at providing trans-generational evidence that would prove their way of life is sustainable.
Among the more vegetarian-ish tribes that have flourished, they have practices which include, in some way shape or form, the use of small amounts of non vegetarian foods. So the Claim that people could live and thrive from generation to generation on entirely vegetarian diets, cannot be proven.

It can easily be proven that we aren't strict omnivores. History has proven time and time again that the majority of humans falsely believed something until someone came out to shine their bright light in a world full of darkness.

DaBoss88, I am not starting a fight with you. I want you to see the truth instead of feeding me bias that has no basis with reality. Please forget the Omega ratio theory because it has no basis with reality.

No molecule causes inflammation in its natural state. None. Inflammation is caused by oxidized fatty acids, advanced glycation end products, etc... heated molecules. Every disease is caused by certain individuals fixation on manipulating everything without taking into account the negative consequences and teaching this destructive behaviour for generations upon generations.

Linoleic acid (Omega 6)
Linoleic acid is a polyunsaturated fatty acid occurring widely in plant glycerides or fats. Common sources include many vegetable oils such as flax seed, safflower, soybean, peanut, and corn; some margarines; and dairy fats. It is a colorless to straw-colored liquid, insoluble in water, but soluble in alcohol and ether. Linoleic acid is easily oxidized by air and is combustible.

Omega 6's and other fatty acids are easily oxidized by air and obviously heat. Oils, cooked flesh, roasted nuts, pasteurized dairy, processed foods, etc.. should be avoided.

The linking of omega-6 intake to inflammation stems from the fact that arachidonic acid (AA), which can be formed from LA, is involved in the early stages of inflammation. However, the advisory explains that AA and LA also give rise to anti-inflammatory molecules.

For example, in the cells that form the lining of blood vessels, omega-6 PUFA have anti-inflammatory properties, suppressing the production of adhesion molecules, chemokines and interleukins — all of which are key mediators of the atherosclerotic process. “Thus, it is incorrect to view the omega-6 fatty acids as ‘pro-inflammatory,’” Harris explained. “Eating less LA will not lower tissue levels of AA (the usual rationale for reducing LA intakes) because the body tightly regulates the synthesis of AA from LA.”

Getting omega 3 fatty acids in your diet is still a good idea. Also, how you get your omega 6 fatty acids probably matters. For example, Nuts which are high in omega 6 also contain magnesium, vitamin E, and other beneficial nutrients. Whereas cooking oil delivers the omega 6 fats without as much of other nutrients.

Avoid the rhetoric comments at the bottom of the article.

jessica, And the world was considered a cube long ago. I'm not stopping you from eating meat. No need to get angry about it. We are all individuals here and have the freedom to make our own choices.

how about something like compatibility... our body has to process plant nutrition to make what is bioactive for us, an inefficient process at best.  plus the animal does that for us.

Which nutrients and which type of plants?

There is a lot of factors to take into account when judging the efficiency of our biochemistry. Like a history of antibiotics which slaughtered the beneficial bacteria and a lack of Vitamin D plays a major role into the efficiency of the biochemistry.

alive, Our ancestors did it to survive just like capuchin monkeys eat animals when nuts are scarce. Capuchin monkeys having the closest gut morphology to us humans --- I live in the city. Its impossible finding fresh eggs. I might start eating meat again when it gets closer to winter. Now I'm going to experiment with soaking nuts. I'm lucky to have a factory close to where I live that imports nuts from around the world.

Dorothy, I've been raw meat/fish paleo with fruit, greens and baked potatoes for a couple months until I got an epiphany recently. Someone accidentally cut me with the scissors, small cut and I got blood phobic. Having meat nicely prepared for me is nice but what if I had to kill an animal myself and there is blood everywhere?

I agree with you, there is no such thing as detox symptoms. When we eat healthy, the body/mind feel stable and healthy. If I start feeling down, I know I will need fat.

I think it would be pointless asking what vegans ate because there is a lot of factors, especially gut bacteria health. Someone with healthy gut bacteria can easily digest the cellulose skin of tomatoes while someone with IBS majorly lacks these bacteria. A vegan telling me not to eat something because it doesn't work for them doesn't make it completely true while it will work with someone with healthy gut bacteria.

Thanks for the suggestions.


Those articles contain a lot of bias and no references.

I was comparing the beef to nuts. Obviously Grass-fed is healthy and grain-fed is poison because of the type of saturated fat that raises LDL cholesterol.

Whats wrong with nuts?

Beef doesn't contain many omega 6's.


I totally agree, even here in Italian superstores its hard to find quality olive oil unless one has Italian grandparents from the south of Italy who cold press it every year.  ;D

My grandma from the south of Italy is atleast 500lbs and her olive oil has kept her alive for years even after eating all those cooked animal products and grains. Shes about to hit 90.

Off Topic / Re: More evidence debunking out of africa theory
« on: June 16, 2012, 03:23:26 am »
A lot of bias and zero truth. No offense.

We will have to wait years for these scientists to put their ego aside and find something to add to the master puzzle. What I don't understand is.. why not x-ray landscapes for bones?

I'll add my bias... "A driven human being ran away from home because he had a fight with his father and ended up in China.. where he died alone!"

One skeleton doesn't prove anything.

General Discussion / Re: Internet Bad or Good? or Both?
« on: June 16, 2012, 02:59:24 am »
The source of information can be beneficial if you as an individual can go through the bias and form proper hypotheses to come to the truth. It can also be beneficial if a person decides to experiment and learn from their mistakes along the way.

The internet can be bad if it gets in the way of a persons daily routines. Eating, exercising, cleaning, etc...

I also think fermented raw foods are boosters of life. I'm becoming quite a fan of fermented foods.

And, indeed, we do make fat from excess carbohydrates and protein, but we turn these excesses into a certain kind of fat that's useful as an energy store but not for building blocks. We need certain types of fat and cholesterol to make, for instance, the myelin shealths around our nerves and that insulate the connections between neurons in our big brains. We can't make these types of fat, we need to eat them. This is why I think fat is more vital a part of animal foods than the 'meat', which we eat mostly to get protein. I certainly do best and am at my most thoughtful and creative when I'm on a high-animal fat, high cholesterol diet.
Protective Myelin is 70% Fat
Myelin, the protective sheath that covers communicating neurons, is composed of 30% protein and 70% fat. One of the most common fatty acids in myelin is oleic acid, which is also the most abundant fatty acid in human milk and in our diet.

Monosaturated oleic acid is the main component of olive oil as well as the oils from almonds, pecans, macadamias, peanuts, and avocados.


Grass-fed beef is very low in oleic acid and omega 6. Nuts are high in oleic acid and omega 6.

Our biochemistry seems to favour nuts. Nuts seem nutritionally superior to beef or maybe I am missing something?

Dorothy, Thank you. Your comment means a lot, I will take everything you said into account and I agree with it 100%!

Yeah, good luck.  Please report back to us.  When you report back, if you've started down the road to brain damage from fat or B-12 deficiency, that will definitely be a good object lesson for others.  Rest assured, any such brain damage will be clear in your posts, even if you're not aware of it.
Hahahaha!! Scientifically it seems that if I avoid nuts.. I will suffer brain damage. As for B12, find out how other primates make the vitamin and you'll see that we make it exactly the same way.

RawZi, were you deficient in Vitamin D and fats?

aLptHW4k4y, I understood you perfectly but some people like myself need more of everything than others. Protein is important but so are all the other nutrients.. like water, folic acid, magnesium, calcium which are abundant in plant foods. I'm sure you know that all nutrients work together in synergy.

goodsamaritan, You didn't tell me how much fruit you ate. I have not tried a plant based diet because I am not the typical person that jumps in without the truth. I agree with you that organ meats are beneficial to those that are sick with deficiencies but you have to understand that I am not sick.

The fact that sick people are cured with raw meat and raw fat convinces me that people do need animal food.
People with deficiencies and people fighting for survival need animal food. There are other factors to take into account.. activity, sunshine and happiness. Vitamin D plays a major role into the equilibrium of our biochemistry.

alive, Nice pictures. I never said we were herbivores. Our short colon proves that we can't ferment much vegetation but a little vegetation we do need for folic acid, magnesium and calcium.

All our primate relatives eat animal foods... when food is scarce to survive. All mammals have protease enzymes to digest flesh; including cows, sheeps, horses, etc.. Cow in India eats 48 chickens! - Poor cow was most likely starving.

Since it seems that you're "thinking for yourself", tell me how all those primates produce Vitamin B12. Hint: primates in zoo's become deficient in Vitamin B12 and Vitamin B12 is UV sensitive, so.. B12 is impossible to find on a leaf.

Where is this?
In my head and on my encrypted USB drive. ;D

You didn't answer my questions.

I grew up starving daily and know what wasting away is. Its not eating enough calories and not getting enough protein. There is a big difference from not eating enough because of laziness and actually trying it.

Were you also deficient in Iron and Vitamin D? ("too cold... in tropical Philippines")

It seems the truth is, "life gives life", meaning eating something as close to when it was alive is going to be digested and given to the eater as a booster of life.
I've never had raw meat give me this boost of life but lots of vegetables eaten alone have given me this boost of life lately.

In the end the point is, we can't make amino acids ourselves. And it's a lot easier on the body to turn carbs into fat than protein into carbs.
We can't makes carbs and fats ourselves either. We need protein, carbs, fats, vitamins and minerals as a complete package.

I'm not sure why would you relate any carbs to protein synthesis.. vitamins, minerals, enzymes, probably yes, but carbs??
And ok, some hormones are from cholesterol, some are proteins.
Why do we need most protein for the brain?? The brain is 1.5kg max, like 2% of the body weight.
Monosaccharides are important fuel molecules as well as building blocks for nucleic acids(DNA and RNA).

Carbohydrates are anabolic with protein when muscles are stimulated. Simply by walking.

Even though the brain is only 2% of the bodyweight, it uses 20% of the total energy and it needs a lot of neurotransmitters which are made from protein.

I eat dramatically less animal foods than most people here. I'm basically a raw vegan that eats some raw animal foods.... and I've been a vegan and been successful at it.... and still my question to you is: If you have access to good quality animal foods and you know you can eat them raw and you know how good it has been for so many here and you know that there has been no culture that has not eaten some animal foods... why would you want to experiment with excluding them??
I've never eaten a lot of meat either.

I want to experiment because I've gotten into the biochemistry and bacteriology of humans from a perspective that has never been written about. I now see meat as survival food and nothing else. There is absolutely nothing in meat that I see that I can't get from a variety of natural veg foods and can be co-produced with bacteria.

I see that cultures do and have been doing what they need to do to survive for a long time and nothing else. We humans are still primates and like all primates.. the majority learn from each other even though the teachings could be wrong. Even though billions of people do something.. it doesn't make it scientifically correct.

I don't believe muscle meat has had a beneficial factor to anyone since its protein and fats. Organ meats is what has been beneficial to most since they contain a lot of pre-formed vitamins. So.. if someone is deficient in Vitamin A, D, K2 and folic acid.. liver and other organ meats will be very beneficial. All in all... those that are deficient in fat soluble vitamins need to eat organ meats because of their inactivity and laziness.

I'm off to experiment with a plant based diet.

Hot Topics / Re: Too many bananas? What's the story?
« on: June 15, 2012, 05:36:04 am »
How would aortic inflammation be measured?

Chest pain and splinter hemorrhage. Splinter hemorrhage on the nails tells us that the heart is inflammed.

I pretty much gave myself rheumatoid arthritis with aortitis with all the grains and the oxidized omega 6 olive oil I tested out. White rice was the worst of the grains. I'm glad I ate large portions.. its better than eating small portions and waiting years for the internal damage to show up.

I reversed everything with fresh squeezed carrot juice.  ;D

General Discussion / Re: Eye Contact
« on: June 15, 2012, 03:11:15 am »
I look away when I try to understand what the person just said or look away when I speak english. I find that the english language keeps a person in their head while speaking.

Europeans are pretty anal with the eye contact = respect. They expect it which gets annoying. Its like everyone is dependent on everyone for energy that no one is happy and independent. I mainly avoid eye contact because I can easily connect with everyones aura.. its too personal.

Yeah it's pretty simple.
Fat can be easily manufactured from both carbs and protein.. and cholesterol is made in the liver.
Your body is a lot of protein, unless you're obese. Muscles, organs, enzymes, hormones, and so on, it's all proteins, that are constantly recycled.

I never thought someone would write what you wrote. I always hear the typical mark sisson lines... we don't need carbs since we can make them from protein... at the cost of our health.

Don't we need carbs to stimulate protein synthesis?

Since when are hormones made from protein? I thought all hormones were made from cholesterol, cholesterol made from acetyl-coa, acetyl-coa is made from carbs or fat.

I would say that we mostly need protein for our brain.

I understood that greens had all of the essential amino acids, it is just seeds that are unbalanced.

By eating most / all of another animal raw I would think that by the very nature of consuming something built the same way as you would make for all your nutrition being supplied.

Incomplete protein is a myth that was created by a nutritionist with no biochemistry education.

I wonder how hard it is on the lymphatic system eating in a carnivorous way.

Maybe we were genetically engineered / modified by aliens to be this way?

Hahahaha.. I thought so too but now I am questioning whether I really need meat since I am seeing the human biochemistry in a totally different light. I've already debunked the Vitamin B12, tryptophan and cellulose myths. Now I am really questioning whether I biochemically need meat for anything else but protein.

I understand from reading your posts on the forum that you were a fruitarian for a short while. I'm curious.. what did you eat? and how much did you eat?

Did you eat fresh leafy greens?

Did you exercise? stimulate muscle synthesis.

It seems like the veg path would work with enough carbs to produce the non-essential fats, with freshly picked leafy greens for protein/omega 3's and freshly picked nuts for extra non-essential fats/protein/omega 6's/insulation. Plus activity.. barefoot walking/running as natural locomotion to stimulate protein synthesis. Just theorizing and it seems impossible to accomplish without a piece of land or greenhouse.

Any ex-vegans wanna add to why the veg life doesn't work? I would like to hear someone's perspective before going down this path.

I don't think meat is what drove our evolution. I think it was the fat that our ancestors found with the meat in the animals they scavenged or killed. Our big brains are made of fat, after all. If you want to be more specific, I'd guess saturated fat and/or cholesterol are the most important biomolecules.

This is what I also thought since the smartest animals eat more fat and strive to eat more fat however these animals also have complex social systems. Maybe mammals cooperatively working together to find fatty food.

Like Eric said, the fats. Theres things like the Essential Fatty Acids omega 3 and 6 which can't be found in plant foods.

AA and DHA are produced as needed. They aren't hormones; the DHA theory is bunk. The monounsatured fats most likely drove evolution by raising testosterone levels in pregnant women. Men have bigger everything because of testosterone.

The brain is 60% fat, and 30% of the is omega 3 DHA and EPA.
About 50 to 60 percent of the dry weight portion of the human brain consists of lipids. PUFAs constitute approximately 35 percent of that lipid content. Omega-3 fatty acids, particularly EPA and DHA, play important roles in the development and maintenance of normal central nervous system (CNS) structure and function. Along with the omega-6 fatty acid, AA, DHA is a major constituent of neuronal membranes, making up about 20 percent of the brain's dry weight.

AA is just as important as DHA. EPA does not cross the blood brain barrier.

Pastured meats have a great ratio of omega 3:6, usually 1:1, which is ideal.

The ratio theory is bunk. Oils are bad because the fatty acids are oxidized.

There's also the numerous amino acids which you can get from plants, but most are incomplete proteins (don't contain all the Essential Amino Acids.

Plants are the only one's with the enzymes for the synthesis of the Essential Amino Acids.  I dislike bias a lot.

Also, in raw meat the nutrients aren't denatured. I think I've red lysine and arginine go rancid, but there may be others. Meat's one of the best ways to get aminos.

You mean as opposed to cooking it? Then I agree. I agree that meat is one of the best ways to get aminos.

Raw cholesterol is said to have healing properties too.

This is exaggeration. We can make more than enough cholesterol, as needed, from Vitamin D synthesis on the skin to producing hormones.

There's probably tons of properties in raw meat that haven't been discovered, and since it's something that likely won't get much research in that area. Although some has emerged.

I am curious and open-minded. Feel free to post this emerged research.

It can't be as simple as protein. Anything else come to mind.

Off Topic / Re: Study claims CR is better than IF dieting
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Furthermore, we show that intermittent feeding can lead to oxidative insulin receptor inactivation and glucose intolerance.

So can inactivity.

Health / Re: Sore throat after eating fish?
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The video doesn't have to do directly with your question but he makes good points about good fish. ie toxins accumulate in the skin, so bitter skin is a sign of toxic fish.

Dan Barber: How I fell in love with a fish

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