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Hot Topics / Re: Cassia VS Ceylon cinnamon
« on: October 13, 2017, 02:12:50 pm »
Nicotine and sodium benzoate are temporary Vitamin B3 stimulants from my experience of experiencing withdrawal symptoms when I stopped using Ceylon cinnamon and stopped being around second hand smoke. I felt like I needed a constant supply to gain the same energy boost I would gain from taking niacinamide or nicotinamide riboside just once per day. I don't take or need supplements anymore but I didn't experience withdrawal symptoms when I stopped taking those Vitamin B3 supplements.

I haven't seen any evidence indicating that they can be used in the Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) salvage pathway. The stimulants have been shown to rescue mitochondrial dysfunction but I have no idea if they can be processed into NAD and then recycled.

Hot Topics / Re: Frankenfoods
« on: October 13, 2017, 01:51:30 pm »
It's not belief in marketing, it's zealot like belief in the advancement of science. People are dissatisfied with what they imagine to be their fate, they believe science can achieve anything and are basically waiting for science to produce a silver bullet to morally absolve man of his sins, they fail to see the technology and knowledge already exists. They fail to see their society is corrupted by corporate influence. It's similar in my experience to Alex Jone's "Goblin People". They are not interested in actually holding a real conversation, they believe themselves to be preaching the gospel on high, they shut down any descent to their assumptions with ridicule and insult, they obscure the truth to foster their own enterprise. They are intellectual elitists who worship a game that was created to trick them into subservience.

Very true for the most part but you're just describing societies bad behavior. What's missing then? What causes the greed and corruption in the first place?

Absolute truth trumps every discussion and is indisputable. I'm not seeing it.

I'm willing to bet a lot a money that there is antinutrients in the tissues of animals consuming grains. Real meat from animals grazing on fresh grass is different than animals consuming dried grasses.

I'm also willing to bet that the pesticides on conventional produce causes demyelinating disease. Then there is the corrupt conventional produce growers selling their produce as organic until they get caught. The majority of produce is truly organic for the most part and self evidently superior.

Lipid peroxides in seeds oils high in Omega 3 fatty acids are just as inflammatory as lipid peroxides in seed oils high in omega 6 fatty acids.

It is a regurgitation for the most part.

Hot Topics / Re: Cassia VS Ceylon cinnamon
« on: July 31, 2017, 11:57:09 am »
I tried cinnamon to manage my mercury induced parkinsons and it worked initially but than decided to stop taking it... Had bad withdrawal symptoms. Cinnamon contains a compound which our liver converts into sodium benzoate (aka nicotine #2). Our bodies want vitamin B3; not sodium benzoate nor nicotine because they are vitamin B3 receptors and not nicotine receptors.

Hot Topics / Re: TOO MUCH protein bad for kidneys?
« on: July 31, 2017, 11:45:48 am »
"Any protein more than 5-8% of the diet forces the "inactive and carb restricted" body to convert protein back to carbohydrate. This causes the release of nitrogen compounds, mainly Ammonia. Your liver is then burdened with transforming the ammonia to urea so that the kidneys can excrete it. That's one reason why vegetarians have so much more kidney reserve capacity when we're older.

Once the system of conversion is highly active, your body craves more protein "because the body is in survival mode and needs the protein to maintain blood glucose levels via gluconeogenesis." It's the same basic mechanism as drug addiction."

Meat has to be earned...

General Discussion / Re: Why Do Vegans Hate Me?
« on: July 24, 2017, 09:10:42 pm »
Ive never actually met a militant vegan in person, but of all the ones i have known the only caveat of their diet has been the exclusion of animal products none of them have ever been actually healthy in any way. It could be just my age group maybe older ones with more on the line make an attemp at something someone could at least be logically misled to think is healthy, but they almost all have still subsisted on grains and processed foods like vegan cinnamon rolls except for one that i currently work with who eats lots of soy and legumes and potato.
I dont think that theyre bad people for the most part but i think theyre horribly wrong and i would rather eat feedlot meat than be a vegan any day i think that the best cant be the enemy of the good, i dont think theres any possible way to live a vegan diet long term without suffering and i believe that eachs own personal health should be the top most priority you have, and as bad as it may sound even if it might be at the expense of animals locked and caged in their own feces. I was eating slightly over a pound each day of feedlot brisket or chuck for months before i finally switched to grass fed and though it is terrible what they do to the animals and we need to do something to fix it if i couldnt afford 10-15 dollars a day for quality meat i would still take lesser quality meat over soyburgers and pounds of beans.
Vegans say that their way would end world hunger but the only crops which would feed everyone and the growing population would simultaneously destroy our health as well as that of the land through cash cropping leading to soil depletion, i think it would be short time before the right disease came along and just wiped everyone out. One cow could feed an average family for months on months if we're not throwing away all the fat and 'undesirable' parts. What we really need to do is focus on developing mixed farms on larger scales that can provide healthy happy meat which simultaneously fertilizes the land to grop quality plant foods, any vegan who has a problem with killing an animal for food which has lived a fulfilling life prior is in denial of their own human nature and the nature of life on this earth.

All talk and no action. Your lenient point of view and hypocrisy is disgusting.

There is no such thing as healthy happy meat. Taking a life should be done by those who wish to consume it.

Did you forget that the massive amounts of grains required to feed factory farmed animals in fact deplete and destroy the land?

I'd rather eat fruits and vegetables than support corruption by consuming factory farmed meat or grains or junk food. There is a way to be healthy by eating plants. One of the reasons why people these days eat so much protein is because of the massive amounts of air pollution that our bodies are being assaulted with. Air pollution causes oxidative stress which causes the body to produce glutathione which requires a lot of protein for its production.

Too many lazy waste of a life humans destroying the planet with their life in a domesticated bubble nonsense.

Strangely I find wilting certain vegetables whole at the lowest temperature on the electric stove for hours and then eating them the next day when they have cooled down as healthful. I feel amazing after eating them. They make my head hair healthy and I don't have trouble getting out of bed.

The above is 1  possible viewpoint among many. I personally only eat a few vegetables such as radishes and carrots. I will also eat   raw salad leaves even though I don`t like the taste of them, as a raw salad is easier for the mundanes(I mean, "cooked-foodists"   ;)    )to accept on a social level. My rule/guess is that the higher the levels of antinutrients in the raw vegetable, the less it tastes good, so raw broccoli/raw kale are out.

You're referring to Cruciferous vegetables which are poisonous raw.

I don't agree regarding the taste. I've consumed raw cicoria spadona without oils while living in my home country in Italy many times and found them extremely bitter and extremely healthy. Healthy nails and the feeling of a steel rod spinal cord the day after.

Hot Topics / Any type 1 diabetics on here not taking insulin?
« on: July 23, 2017, 09:14:38 pm »
The reason I am asking is because my younger brother is a diagnosed type 1 diabetic that only needs insulin when he stops doing something relating to his profession. He runs his own masonry business and lifts a ton of stone consistently on a daily basis. IGF-1 comes to mind as the regulator of his glucose metabolism.

Is there anyone here with type 1 diabetes not taking insulin at all?

Illogical and quite funny since the countries with the highest rice consumption have the largest populations.

Misleading. Some plants do produce D3. Some lichen plants and some mushrooms.

As for supplements. D3 from lichen is self evidently superior than D3 from sheep wool as the D3 from lichen can guarantee purity and safe levels per pill while the D3 from sheep wool can't and each pill was found to contain alarming toxic levels.

General Discussion / Re: The Addictive Origins of Agriculture
« on: June 27, 2017, 12:44:19 pm »
I agree, and believe though hunger may have driven people to eat grains in times of want, it wasn't the primary factor in the development of the widespread grain addiction that spawned the agricultural revolution. From my point of view there isnt a linear progression of cause and effect that easily explains the rise of the grain headed hominids. There is an element of quantum co-arising, that poses a "chicken or the egg" dichotomy which cannot be addressed with "either or"linear thinking. 

As Gabor Mates work has shown, addiction is a holistic phenomenon, and the presence of addictive substance in the environment are often not nearly important as the patterns of behavior established by the society at large. Sociological factors must of played a huge role, at the time of the divergence between "hunter gatherer' and agrarian. The fact is that though in some areas humans had diminished the big game staples of hunting cultures, there continued to be nomadic people who continued to follow the herds to new frontiers...and in many cases succeeded in becoming herders of large open range livestock, which provided them everything they needed....... while in other cases the early agrarians began to set up long term structures and institutional establishments. Even in time of famine and want the agrarians stayed put and would no longer venture out in search of food, and when the locust and pest ate up their grain crops many starved, rather than resort to gathering the insects, and digging for grubs. The same spirit which made them raise the temples to the gods, and become attached to a central location, is the same spirit of addiction which lent itself to the rise of a grain brain culture.

This did not happen overnight....the  establishment of religious temples, and stone permanent structures of early civilization occurred during transitional phases, usually near water ways where even when there was no hunting, fish was plentiful as primary staple, and enabled many early agricultural communities to prosper and populations to explode. Over the course of generations deeply ingrained behavior pasterns developed, the people became totally domesticated and acculturated, indoctrinated with ideology, they forgot entirely the ways of their nomadic ancestors. Divisions of labor and hierarchy emerged and created an underclass who no longer had the freedom, time, or know how to forage and fish for supplemental food. This underclass became entirely addicted to the daily bread rations, and became reliant on the nectar of the tards( known as wine and beer) for their diversions....without even realizing it humanity became simultaneously addicted to Grain, as well as to civilization itself.

These are general observations which span the gamut of the many conflicting sides humanity and not a moral judgment...... perhaps Aldous Huxley was right in, how prescribing an opiate to the masses is in some way necessary in order to make people of civilization enjoy a life of servitude. Growing and using various forms of dope has brought more humans together than was possible in hunter gatherer groups, where without narcotics there seems to be a natural limit to the number of people the tribal alpha hierarchy can tolerate.

I was at a job sight once and there as a black man, a bi racial, a Cuban, a Guatemalan, a Mexican, and myself smoking a joint, and the black man says with a huge smile as he takes a hit "this is the one thing that can bring everyone together" and everybody there laughs . Be it sharing tea, smoking tobacco, coffee, or even "Breaking bread" there seems to be something about these euphoric substances which can break down primal barriers and unite large numbers of people...and even if nations of people are only united out of some hopeless codependency, which is overall detrimental to the health of the individual, perhaps some how by creating unity and cooperation, the communal living dope growing agrarian humanity isnt without some merit??

The stimulants are preventing neurodegeneration somewhat because the majority of humans aren't producing their own.... ******* abundance. What's missing?

Important Info for Newbies / Re: Initial side effect-is this normal?
« on: June 27, 2017, 12:08:19 pm »
Painful legs is an indication that you're low in sugar and the mitochondria in your cells haven't switched to burning fat as fuel yet. It takes a while. I would recommend physical activity to become adapted to burning fat as fuel or sleep more often like bears.

General Discussion / Re: Why Do Vegans Hate Me?
« on: June 13, 2017, 10:38:33 am »
Like I said. From one extreme to the other.

 - Anyone that would rather attack someone for eating caged animals than do something about the people responsible for caging them is a born follower.

- Anyone that would rather bully someone for not eating caged animals than do something about the people responsible for caging them yet still eat those caged animals is a coward.

There is too many people addicted to cooked meat to do it by peaceful and legislative means. Cooked meat makes many people delusional and this type of delusional superiority over all creatures on this planet is what will always prevent peace.

I don't have pity for other creatures and you've placed yourself in a cage by accepting your own domestication.

I know why you consume meat and it is the same reason why the majority of modern humans are addicts.

I am merely pointing out what is self evident and not in any way with you or them vegans.

General Discussion / Re: Why Do Vegans Hate Me?
« on: June 04, 2017, 10:21:10 pm »

From one extreme to the next.

It is self evident that vegans that act aggressive are physically inactive (aerobics and not resistance training) just like the meat eaters that believe they need meat. It is also self evident that meat eaters bully and stress out those who don't consume meat as if those who don't consume meat aren't part of their cooked meat cult.

It is self evident that vegans would respect meat eaters if they actually followed their "primal instincts" and hunted their own animals with their own self made weapons. Anyone who eats meat from an enslaved animal is a coward.

General Discussion / Re: Why Do Vegans Hate Me?
« on: June 04, 2017, 12:38:46 pm »
I would see you as a waste of a life if you consumed meat from factory farmed animals while knowingly know that the meat you just consumed came from an enslaved animal. I see the abuse of factory farmed animals completely irrelevant. No animal deserves to be kept against its own will.

It seems like nothing bad has ever happened to you for you to understand what it feels like to be kept against your own will.

Health / Re: Does the juice of the juicer have an impact on health?
« on: May 22, 2017, 06:17:16 am »
Pulping carrots with water for instance with a hand blender and then pressing the pulp through a fruit press with a 300+ thread count cotton sheet (example: pillow case) will yield far superior juice than any modern juicer.

Seemed valid what he was saying until he said we can't digest raw meat. Too bad there isn't more people that have had the feeling of a steal rod spinal cord.. then more people would eat fish and/or meat raw.

Civilization for the most part will seize to exist once the petroleum finishes. There is this abundance of food because of the abundance of petroleum that operates farm machinery. The guy fails to see reality and lives in his city mentality in which food comes from thin air.

General Discussion / Re: New drive to ban US raw milk
« on: May 15, 2017, 07:55:31 pm »
Chickens don't eat grass.
I saw a few chickens eat individual blades of grass, but mostly they just picked at it and kicked it around. Not very impressive, in my view. I'm sure if you starved them you could get them to eat most anything.

My guess is that if she had put down a pile of bugs and a pile of grass next to each other, the bugs would be gone before the chickens even touched the grass.

An arrogant person is incapable of admitting their own ignorance.

Force feeding preferential is not and will never be an indication of what animals do out in the wild in survival situations. Eating food that is correct for each animal is something that most animals including humans need to learn. It is the process of not having constant access to food that makes us understand which foods are good and which foods aren't good for us.

General Discussion / Re: New drive to ban US raw milk
« on: May 12, 2017, 03:46:55 am »
*sips a cup of raw milk* oh no *sips again* I'm so worried *continues drinking raw milk*  ;D
I've been eating raw eggs for months. According to popular belief, I should have died many times by now due to Salmonella. In reality I've had no issues at all - no diarrhea, no aches, nothing.
Besides, small-to-moderate stressors and allowance for recovery makes the human body stronger. Sheltering it makes it weaker.

Factory farmed eggs or eggs from grass fed chickens?

Hot Topics / Re: Why does everyone swear by soaked nuts and seeds?
« on: May 06, 2017, 03:56:15 am »
I did another experiment by soaking the almonds for 8 hours. The skins came off slightly and again the fatty acids were converted into amino acids. All the fatty calories are lost when they are soaked. I have no problem digesting them if I chew them very well and mix them with my saliva. There is probably something in saliva that deactivates the anti nutrients.

I can't eat pumpkin seeds. They inflame my gums however I haven't experimented much with them. I'm going to buy some and see if the squirrels will eat them.

I can't limit them since they keep my brain and hand writing sharp.

General Discussion / Re: Does raw milk feed sibo or disbiosis
« on: May 06, 2017, 03:39:38 am »
Fasting is powerful without a doubt. However the source of chronic stress should be resolved at the same time.

Walk slow and catch yourself walking fast. In time the brain will be rewired.
Cut all contact with those who stress you out by changing your phone number, etc..
Throw out the television and radio. Too much drama.
Live a non domesticated life.

I find fruit and greens grown in north America to be the most toxic whether they are organic or not. Too many pesticides and other crap that is thrown on the land. I really miss the high quality produce from Italy and Europe in general. How I could eat kilos of stone fruits after a sprint and feel the protein synthesis. I agree though that fruit only diet doesn't work in the long run since there is a lack of Omega fatty acids for our large brain.

Hot Topics / Re: Why does everyone swear by soaked nuts and seeds?
« on: May 02, 2017, 08:50:02 am »
How long should they typically be soaked for?

I think I over soaked the almonds for 24 hours. They didn't taste fatty. They tasted high in protein/fiber.

Hot Topics / Why does everyone swear by soaked nuts and seeds?
« on: April 29, 2017, 05:51:22 am »
Many people swear by soaked nuts and seeds however I can't digest them. Unsoaked nuts digest fine if they aren't rancid.

I even tried feeding soaked almonds to squirrels and they won't eat them. Squirrels will not eat flaxseeds, chia seeds and hulled or whole sesame seeds after smelling them.

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