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Welcoming Committee / Re: Aura
« on: October 09, 2012, 03:51:20 pm »
Within tribes what seems to be regarded most is balance between taking and replacing
In some tribes this is practiced the following way:  if they do kill a mama monkey to eat, puppies get adopted by the tribe and even breastfed.
It is vital not to stop the life/death flow.

Hot Topics / Human Planet - Jungles - BCC
« on: October 08, 2012, 12:00:10 am »
Today I watched this interesting documentary about Humans living in Nature.
It is a source of endless inspiration for me..

If you have got some free time, enjoy it :)

Human Planet: Jungles Part 1 (HD)
Human Planet: Jungles Part 2 (HD)
Human Planet: Jungles Part 3 (HD)

Welcoming Committee / Re: Aura
« on: October 07, 2012, 11:14:54 pm »
I'm attached to my prey, but that doesn't interfere with my killing them, just as one day I will die and become food for many other creatures.

You can kill with love and honor, you *should* kill with love and honor. Killing is not a bad thing,  it has to happen for the circle of life to work properly.

I killed one of my favorite young roosters yesterday for a meal. I nurtured him from a chick, I didn't want to lose him but that is how the cycle works. To show him respect I killed him instantly and he didn't even have time to become alarmed. Then I honor him by putting all his body to use. I ate all the meat, the dogs ate the bones and his feathers will go in to nests to raise new life.

The poetry of Life  ;)

Welcoming Committee / Re: Aura
« on: October 07, 2012, 11:11:34 pm »
Hunting requires some mental adjustments.  Hunters must never get emotionally attached to prey.  It's only a food, nothing more.  It gets a lot easier after the first kill.  Start with gutting and butchering someone else's kill.

Hi ys, nice to meet you!
Today I got a wild fresh fish from the Black Sea. I got lots of (useless) thoughts while butchering it.. l)
But need to wake up.. the fruitarian dream is over. 8)

Welcoming Committee / Re: Aura
« on: October 07, 2012, 11:05:18 pm »
its silly to me that fruititarians would think that being more close to nature is being on a non violent diet.  when is nature non violent?  only in the fairy tales men tell themselves when they fear the truth, that nature is violent, death is natural, hurt is natural, those are the other side of the coin to peace, life, cannot have one without the other.  we only believe these things because we are incapable of dealing with this because we have been told to believe that truth and perfection, those things created in mans mind, are ideal, but these ideals are false, and nature only has balance.

i skimmed this post because its freezing out while i am typing this, but i have good faith in your healing aura because you seem to be open to admit what hasnt worked for you before and willing to find a better way to be

Thank you Jessica, I agree with you!
Only that I would expand such concepts to most of the humanity today, not just to fruitarians/vegans/vegetarians..

We are children in this society/tribe we are living in and never got initiated in the art of hunting.
I think all comforts we "achieved" made us weaker and weaker instead of really improving our lives; technology just made inevitable struggle and suffering more bearable..

Welcoming Committee / Re: Aura
« on: October 07, 2012, 12:02:16 am »
Welcome, Aura ! Intelligent as you are, are how on Earth could you ever believe this fruitarian bullshit?  -\
Nice to meet you François!
hah s^^t happens  ;D
How long have you been a paleo eater?

Yes, very good points, I concur: don’t fall from an extreme to the other. And for God’s   sake, stay away from dairy!

Thank you!
I see the points of not eating dairy but it is more of a psychological thing for me, you know..
I can eat raw fish almost with no blockages but meat from land animals it is like a taboo  -[..
Need to get rid of it..  >D

Welcoming Committee / Re: Aura
« on: October 06, 2012, 11:52:28 pm »
He will learn, or he will pay with his health.  Nature can be cruel if you ignore her laws.
I am afraid we all have bigger problems to solve than this one..
But as a fruitarian/raw vegan/vegan/ vegetarian not willing to compromise health and ethics,  it is going to be much harder to survive without a money_based society that allows the individual to persevere such choices.

Welcoming Committee / Re: Aura
« on: October 06, 2012, 11:31:08 pm »
Duriancrapper would say 'not enough calories from sweet fruits, not enough sleep, not enough water'.   What a dork...

I cannot say that is totally wrong..
But anyway, diet is not the main point for me, not anymore.

I came to this website (and to raw paleo diet ) not to do the same mistake I did with fruitarianism, replacing fruits for meat, making up new dogmas etc  but to practice a realistic/sustainable diet to support me OUTSIDE (and ofcourse inside as well) society, that is in Nature.
There are other things I need to learn though; hunting, survival skills etc

I thought fruitarianism was THE most natural diet of all, the final diet who could prepare me to leave civilization  but I realized it is just a product of a human (vegan) mind, which does not make any sense, which is alien to the documented story of this planet..!  -X

Paradoxically a fruitarian diet is more doable (and therefore works better) in cities than in nature, together with a loaded credit card, a market (which implies means of transportation/social structure behind), the hard labour of a man who planted a fruit orchard.
That could be perfect for some people who want to keep this lifestyle and rely on the system.
But once you go in a remote place, you are lost.. You can't get all those amounts of fruits.. You'll have to eat meat..

It is funny (and sad..) fruitarians (and me, until a while ago..) make the fruits their pride and feel themselves right because they are eating according to Nature, it is non violent diet, it is sustainable, fruit trees save the planet etc but yet they are all using money to buy crappy gm_grafted unripe fruits and how many of them are seriously considering to go back to nature? Very, very few of them. Guess why? Because they just cannot, there is no commercial fruit in the wild! They will starve, like me.
I only know of  a bunch of russian guys (I admire their will power..) who are trying to set up a community but they are planting the land with hybridized, manipulated seeds (the same fruit they are currently eating..) because they totally ignore the importancy of the concept of what real food is, because I have never heard anybody in the fruit panorama addressing such issues.. I heard it for the first time from Daniel Vitalis, a paleo eater.. 8)
I mean, we cannot really expect DR (or any other fruitarian raw_vegan) to talk about certain topics on Youtube because they all will have to stop eating fruits and veggies, straight away.!

It seems the online fruitarian community is all about trying to buy health to be able to eat more fruits afterward  while maintaining a flat abdomen and sublimate the typical western trauma of feeling guilty after a big sweet meal  ;D

Welcoming Committee / Re: Aura
« on: October 06, 2012, 06:55:48 pm »
I'm so glad that the teachings of Max Stirner show me how religious beliefs are a load of twaddle.

I d say, true values (knowledge) have been almost totally forgotten.
I think Stirner talks about it in his "The False Principle of our Education".

It seems living creatures cannot live without it but the more we go ahead, the more we forget..

Welcoming Committee / Re: Aura
« on: October 06, 2012, 02:37:36 pm »
Amazing writing.  Thank you!
Thank GS!
I am watching your videos on youtube, they are very useful.  ;)

Welcoming Committee / Re: Aura
« on: October 06, 2012, 02:28:26 pm »
Oh my god Aura, you write beautifully!

I study Kabbalah as well, thank you so much for sharing! I've studied the Bushman of the Kalahari as I study tracking and the mysticism and spirit in Africa has always fascinated me.  I fully believe what you mean about the spiritual aspect of Africa, even having never been there, I can just feel it in the writings about it. We will have to discuss more!
Oh thank you Thoth!
Yeah, I'd love to! :)

Welcoming Committee / Re: Aura
« on: October 06, 2012, 02:27:52 am »
Welcome Aura!

Glad to hear you're yet experimenting with your eating. I'd love to hear more about your time in Africa and living off the land!

Hi Thoth, Jessica
my experience in Africa has been a burning one.  Not necessarily in a  negative way as fire is a mystic tool; but surely was a deep and life changing one.

In Kabbalah (the science of conscious receiving) the continent is associated with the red color (blood), the planet Mars (fire), the left pillar (feminine aspect, the mother), the severity and might (that is fear in its own negative side and power, in its positive).
Well, this summarize what I have experienced while there..

I'd say, if one of you guys wants to "spiritually" and fisically cleanse, then Africa is a must-go.

Its land and its people are sharp, soil burns, life cycles are raw, bright and warm (passionate) as the sun rays, sweet and insidious like the moon and its shadows..
As a new day rises in the savannah, if you are an attentive listener, you can hear Africa's heart beating all around you: you can "touch"  the oxygen triggering chemical reactions and burning inside animals and plants to keep the Flame of Life alive in the bodily temple of their soul :  you can smell the fresh blood of prey animals nourishing the ground beneath, while the noises of a pride of lions devouring  fleshes are like a religious mantra recited on the altar of Nature.

I went to Africa as a fruitarian. I was weak, spiritually and fisically. I went there, in the land of narrowness narrowed by my own beliefs.( the right place to start, now I would say.) ;D
Because of them I did not fully enjoy nature, local tribes and culture, real wild foods. I starved myself, my body, my mind, unconsciously trying to starve my ego. But at that time, the fear, the pain and the suffering were so overwhelming I just could not see all that.
A spoilty, white, in my late twenties, supermarket and tecnocomfort addicted with NO survival skills at all in the middle of the eastern Africa savannah trying to live on fruits alone..

"Thanks" to the British settlers, some farmers (the converted evangelical ones) were given grafted mango seedlings and GM papayas. Because of the severe drought that was and is affecting those areas in the recent and present times, papayas plants did not yield much due to the short roots while well established mango trees were more abundant in fruits. I had a mango monodiet for a while until papayas became available again. Sometimes, I have been offered local sugar bananas and salty coconut water.

There was plenty of coconut palms over there but as a fruitarian sweet_and juicy_fruits only, I did not allow myself to "sin" eating a seed and eating the fat (oh my goodness"!)  l)

I rarely ate avocados since I regarded them food for carnivorous beasts.  :o

I wanted to live with a tribe but I chose to stay with an evangelical family because they were mostly vegetarian while the tribal people were into meat_eating a lot and I could not stand them killing and cooking meat all day..
Despite having been converted into christianity and "civilized" (westernized) several generations ago, the evangelical family  still preserved its tribal heritage and (some) traditions, beliefs and tales which I really enjoyed.

I was not aware then my ego was slowly dying away together with my fisical body. This "death" was necessary to get rid of the selfish consumerist consciousness of mine.

I thought I was advancing on my spiritual path because have found a violence_free diet.
I think I can say I criticized people habits/thoughts/diets the most when I was a fruitarian.
I never been so egocentric as on a fruit diet. I spent most of my day trying to source ripe fruits, unable to share it with anybody for the fear of not having enough for my daily  monomeals.

Africa slapped my face as a mother would do to her restlesses child and the sound of it - like a sudden thunder in a dark sky - scared me to death, flashing in front of me the weakness and faults of my unsustainable way of life and dangerous beliefs.

I spent many, long nights awake, in prayer, when I really believed I was going to die in an open shack, maybe killed by some wild buffalos roaming in the fields nearby or eaten by some ants or simply by that "mysterious" sickness that was afflicting my body since months, unable to walk or even stand up.

I also tried to dry and water fast, thinking I might give my body a chance to heal but could not go more than 1 or 2 days..

But, despite all of this, I found much love. Not in my 40kgs body, almost left to the bone, but into others, under the fat and into the hearts of "meat eaters" who cook foods, kill,  and devour corpses..
I realized I was the one who couldnt and did not know how to give love to others. I was constantly surrounded by nature, freedom, love and abundance of good natural food, I just could not see it because blinded by my own beliefs. I discarded the locals experience and traditions because I believed human beings were originally fruitarian that degenerated into meat eaters after being exiled from the Garden of Eden. Despite my personal dislike for priests who preach and teach false religions based on erroneous understanding to remote tribal people, me, the fruitarian, when not very sick, used to preach strong and well fit africans how and why to eat a fruit diet, kind of converting them into the Fruit Gospel of Truth.
All this, highly disrespecting their willing to help, their knowledge, culture, intelligence and feelings.

I hated myself for having chosen to go to Africa to starve myself in such a miserable way.
My recovery phase was filled with hatred and fear not to be able to run or walk normally again.
But still, I could not see the whole picture.. I blamed Africa and its "3rd world fruits", not me and my unsustainable life, habits and dogmas.

Humbleness; this is what I lacked to assimilate the most while there, but unfortunately for a fruit gluttonous like me, it cannot be found in food and especially in man manipulated fruits seeds sold in supermarkets..

Africa is not a poor country; on the contrary, it is a very rich one that's why its treasures are well hidden and are found only by those regal souls (keter) who have the knowledge(chochmah) and  wisdom (daath) where to look for. Only after that, they'll be able to get a full understanding  (binah) by conquering its very true nature.

Welcoming Committee / Re: Aura
« on: October 05, 2012, 12:58:05 am »
Sounds good.  Travelling around the world.  You must supply us with pics!  Food for our eyes  ;D
Yeah, I love travelling! But now it is time to settle (for a while). Hope it won't last "too" long! ;D
I d love to move to the tropics again, soon.  8)
Are you from the Philippines, right?
I heard near Devao there are the best jungle durian ever!  :P

I ve got some pics taken with a mobile phone but they are very sad, not sure to post them.. -\

Welcoming Committee / Re: Aura
« on: October 05, 2012, 12:30:18 am »
aura, i think you are on the right path but i am questioning your motivation towards such extremes in diets. the first few statements are confounding to me and also seem contradictory. id just like to point them out so that you have a chance to look at what you are saying.
.. and I thank you very much for that!  ;)

intermittent fasting, especially after a time of true starvation does not sound like such a good idea. the first step in survivalist is not to starve yourself, situationally or willingly.

I agree. I am not an expert but I have been exercising, yoga, eating lots of carbs, greens and gaining weight since last september and feeling pretty good that I thought I might just enter this phase. Do you think could be still premature? Before that, I I had 1 year starvation in Africa where I could barely walk, down to 40 kg (I am 5"5" tall), endless streptococca infections, malaria like symptoms (got tested but negative), amenorreah/ovarian cyst (still dealing with this now), fragile hair/skin, sleeping on the ground in an open shack (just the roof made of interwoven "marara" leaves, eating just fruits (less than 1000 kcal a day I think), not drinking any water and even before that, I was a raw vegan for 2 years eating commercial unripe fruits so it is hard to say where this all process has really started heh

  if you would like to become fit enough to survive in the wild you need to make sure you are free of deficiencies, nutritionally and calorically

Yeah, that's true. So far, I only think I am getting enough calories but not sure about other aspects.
You know, I did not go to doctors after starvation because I am not a big fan.. and also did not want to hear I needed to eat cooked food..  -\ l)
Are you recommending detailed blood/urine works?

and also be sure where your intentions towards such a life and such an extremely regulated diet are coming from.  surely no other animal would refuse a meal in the wild because its on a fast.

You mean some kind of psycho-emotional stuff that is nothing but idealistic? I mean, in my mind, I just want to be_come a "natural" human being, like those living in tribes, the ones still living far from civilization.
I feel that is the role I was designed for.

but i am glad to here you are eating fat, but it seems you are switching from one extreme to another.  its also amazing that you feel and seek such a connection with nature, i share that with you and also hope you share more about that and your time in africa.
I am gradually switching, increasing fat intake weekly.
Sure I will, also, feel free to ask :)

Welcoming Committee / Re: Aura
« on: October 04, 2012, 11:24:22 pm »
Welcome Aura!

Glad to hear you're yet experimenting with your eating. I'd love to hear more about your time in Africa and living off the land!

Hi Thoth, please, feel free to ask me any question!
The experience touched me soo deeply  I do not know where to start to but I d love to share!  ;)

Welcoming Committee / Re: Aura
« on: October 04, 2012, 11:18:42 pm »
Welcome to the forum!

Aura is an unusual name. I've only ever heard of one person called "Aura", the princess Aura from the Flash Gordon series.

Ahah, yeah what a legendary character!  8)

Welcoming Committee / Aura
« on: September 30, 2012, 09:54:30 pm »
Hi everybody,
hope this message finds you all happy and well!

My path to health started 4 years ago, when I instinctually transitioned to an all raw diet.

At that time, I knew nothing about raw diets (vegetarian, vegan, fruitarian,  paleo and what's in between) but ended up to stay fruitarian/raw vegan for most of the time (3 1/2 yrs).

Together with the diet (that is, the fruitarian one), I also wanted to go live in the wild, so I went to some rural places first in Africa and then South America, to find a suitable place where to set up my "luscious" fruit orchard but the result was, that I almost starved to death. I mean, literally.

Since then, I made some changes to my diet, mainly according to what was available in those remote areas and the people's idea of what "good food for recovery" was, because I had to totally rely  on them..

I have been offered many times meat, occasionally wild game meat (from strange creatures, though) and fish but I just could not touch such fried/cooked "concoctions" and I was scared to eat them raw, not only because of my "natural hygienist" mentality but also because of my western city- dwelling background..

But my body was craving for fat! And lots of it!
So, I allowed myself to eat - along with few avocadoes raw peanuts and brazilian nuts - some raw chicken and duck egg yolks, but these last two rarely since the dogs were eating most of them.

These extreme trips and my poor health state have dramatically changed my point of view towards "what a natural diet and life is".

Right now I am on the verge of a complete switch from a high carb (raw) vegan diet to a high fat (raw) paleo (with some dairy in the beginning).
I am planning to keep my well established monomeal eating and expand my intermittent fasting times (right now I eat large meals twice a day (within 6 hours time) but idealistically would like to try having 1 frugal meal a day at least once a week and a complete water fast day every other week).

This change will impact (actually, is impacting) my whole being, from the coarsest level to the subtlest one.

I still plan to go and live in nature even though I am willing to compromise for the first times, until I fully recover and become fit enough and learn survival tecniques/skills.

From my own experience I can say that no matter what diet one has, if the food is not organic and natural/wild, it won't properly nourish not just the body, but the mind as well as the soul of the eater.

I am looking forward to make good friends in this forum and share and learn from each one of its members.

Thank You very much for the opportunity to be part of this community!

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