Author Topic: Started making video recipes, would love your opinions and critique!  (Read 2954 times)

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Very new to this forum, and talking about Paleo in general. Was just something i discovered a few years ago, stuck to it and the results have been incredible. My brother also follows it, so after a while of messing around with all these new ingredients we decided to start making video recipes to try and spread the word. Also they're super fun to make as well.

We've been doing it for a couple of months now and are trying to get feedback on what we're doing right/wrong and what people who follow the diet would like to see in the future, or even if they like the style of the videos, the music etc. It was our plan to do something completely different, with old-style big band music and quick, quirky, funny and informative videos.

If there is anyone with a spare 2 minutes it would be amazing if you could check out the our youtube channel and some of the videos and give a little feedback or comment, here or on youtube. It would mean a massive amount to us :)

Realised i can't post links yet, not a good enough level :( will have to work on that! However if you could search paleo diet advice on youtube and filter the results to channel, you should find us.

Thank you so much again!


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