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Holy Crap!

Fish struggle to fertilize eggs three generations after exposure to contraceptive hormone, raising questions about the effects on humans.

How about the children who were conceived while the mother was on birth control chemicals? Or the children conceived after years of birth control and the mother later on decided to stop just to make children again... So this is another very important information to ask a prospect girl or boy for marriage... did your mother take birth control chemicals before you were conceived?

Seems to me now that mothers who took these birth control pills, patches, injectables BEFORE having children... may have poisoned their post birth control children to eventual extinction!


More info here (although they are selling something in lieu of some hard headed ones who still want to use the poison).

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Hmm, I personally think that a wrong, cooked diet deals far greater harm to fertility than anything else.Just look at all those RVAF diet couples who conceived as soon as they switched to such diets.  Bear in mind also  that such traces of chemicals are so heavily diluted that they likely only affect certain specie whose eggs are particularly thin-skinned on their surface, thus allowing motre absorption. For example, humans have fat-cells to store toxins in to some extent.

Hmm, if I stick to GS's, er, somewhat "strict" sort of  rules, I could only accept a relationship with someone who not only had been a RVAF dieter since birth but who had had parents who'd been RVAF since birth. After all, eating cooked foods  likely has some nasty epigenetic effects.

At any rate, never trust science unless there are several studies involved etc. 1 study means nothing:- just look at all those hysteria-driven mercury-in-fish stories which turned out to be totally bogus.
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