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Iconic raw-meat-eating scenes in films/TV+texts about eating raw meat

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I thought this would be a good thread for people to post any raw-meat-eating scenes in movies and TV that they can remember (or come across in the future). For example, here is my contribution:-

1 hour and 27 minutes into the movie Capricorn One, an astronaut is shown killing and eating a rattlesnake, all raw without cooking. I like the notion that the only astronaut who is able to escape, of the trio, is the only one who has the brains to eat raw meat(from a snake) in order to survive.

(Rules of the thread:- You're not allowed to post about obvious sensationalist scenes like Bear Grylls eating raw animals just for thrills. Also, any werewolf-/cannibal-/horror-movies don't count as they usually feature a monster eating raw flesh.The latter rule re horror movies is relaxed, I guess, if people really can't think of other raw-meat-related scenes).

Here's a very amusing raw-meat-related scene from the movie "Bringing Up Baby", where Cary Grant goes into a butchers', is asked how he wants the meat cooked, and says he wants it raw and that it's for "Baby":-

(Scroll to c.8 minutes 34 seconds into the video to watch the raw-meat-related segment. RAFers will find this particularly funny)


(Also there's an amusing very short exchange at 10 minutes 15 seconds into the above video)

weve had this thead before i think. I mentioned the scene in Empire of the Sun where the main character grows weevils in his gruel as directed by the POW doctor for 'protein' and eats them live. My all time favourite movie.

Did we? I can't remember. Well, I think it's an amusing subject and I presume that the previous time it was raised was when the group was very new.

Raw Rob:
"Shoot to Kill," with Tom Berenger, Sidney Poitier, and Kirstie Alley. Kirstie Alley is held captive by the villain and she catches fish for them out of the river. The bad guy says something about not letting her use fire and she says, "Fine, then we'll have sushi," and she just starts chewing on the fish.


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