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Iconic raw-meat-eating scenes in films/TV+texts about eating raw meat

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The Old Man and the Sea (1958 film)

39 minutes:  the old man takes a bite of bonita
48 minutes:  the old man eats some dolphin fish commenting; ''what an excellent fish dolphin is, to eat cooked, and what a miserable fish raw.''

personally, the tastiest unseasoned fish, raw or cooked, i remember eating was a freshly speared, raw, red snapper on the coast of the Burica Peninsula, Pamamá.  i also liked the corvina, raw.


The Windermere Children (2020)

~1:01;   Holocaust survivors mention of eating corpses to stay alive.

Alive (1993)

16 out of 49 people survived a plane crash in the Andes mountains, for more than 2 months, by eating the flesh of frozen dead crash victims for food.  you have to wonder about zero carb/keto adaptation.

~1:02 (day 10) start cutting into frozen dead crash victims.


Caesar (2002)


~1:27  ''we do what our ancestors did, we eat the elderly and the infirm to keep ourselves alive.''


--- Quote from: Flymaster on April 03, 2009, 06:51:17 pm ---'Rosemary's Baby' - Mia Farrow eats a plate of raw liver out of the fridge  -d.  Grossed me out at the time, but now I almost do the same myself (light searing of the outside, for appearances sake, you understand.)

--- End quote ---

There's also multiple ocassions in the movie where there's references to her drinking raw egg smoothies, and one where she eats steak that's just seared 4-5 seconds on each side. It's not depicted in a good light in the movie, except perhaps some of the egg shakes.


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