Author Topic: Have you guys seen this CDC study on raw milk/dairy that shows many outbreaks?  (Read 6122 times)

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This is all meaningless, really. I mean, modern peoples' immune-systems and digestive systems are so weak due to diet that they are hyper-sensitive to even slightly different levels of bacteria. Not all of them, of course. I believe most food-poisoning etc. affects mainly only very young babies and the very old, according to statistics.
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CDC and the govt has an agenda vs raw milk.   See how you feel after drinking a qt of pasteurized milk (i feel tired and lousy) vs a qt of raw milk (i feel energized).  i wish it weren't the case because i rather pay $2.50/gallon rather than $16/gallon anyday.

also, there are large industrial dairies that have a huge investment in their concrete setups and equipment.  The grass fed producers threaten their investment if raw milk really catches on.

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I don't trust the data. No doubt they're cooking the numbers.

See what I did there?


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