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« on: November 28, 2015, 08:39:46 am »
Hi CeCe,  I joined just so I could respond to a post of yours from years (?) ago that I ran across in my searches.  Some thoughts on your food problems:
-Betaine must have pectin in it, only with food, google it with "mistakes."
-avocados are high histamine.
-I personally can't handle any protein, perhaps your problems with eggs, etc.  I also recently found out I'm allergic to eggs, carrots, grapes, cantaloupe, pineapple, etc.; you might try getting tested for food allergies.  Also, realize that my allergies/histamine intolerances mean I can't have muffins unless vegan (eggs), fish oil (fish protein), digestive enzymes with amylase coming from pineapple (also bromain is pineapple, probably stay away from papain, too); many juices (grapes), etc.  It's important to check the fillers, even the individual ingredients.
-my histamine intolerance became horrific when I went off an antidepressant (turns out they act as antihistamines).  I could barely eat anything, I tried raw vegetables, happily munching on wedges of raw cabbage.  It worked OK for a while, then constipation.  Then I read that despite the hype, our guts weren't meant for all that raw roughage, it tears us up.  Now I steam EVERYTHING & it's made a big difference, you don't have to steam them to death, keep them alive.  The water underneath is great for drinking, too.  Also, be aware of individual foods, I added two leaves of chard to my steamed onions & had a big reaction, apparently chard is high histamine. 
-You can google lists, but they vary & we're each different.  No raspberries, strawberries, etc.  Google histamine intolerance & you'll find lists.
-some probiotics are for constipation, some for diahrrea.  For histamine problems, some are really bad, all I can remember at the moment is casei.  Some good ones are b. infantis (Align - tried it once, not sure about it), longum, plantarum, you can google with "histamine," or "constipation/diahrrea," whatever your problem is.
-I don't know how you all eat raw meat.  I loved raw beef when I was young (30 yrs ago), but I wouldn't trust anything now, unless perhaps I bought it at the farm which isn't going to happen.
-fermented foods aren't good for histamine intolerance.  I'm surprised by all the recommendations on this site, I'd be dead if I followed them.
-Sabertooth said stay away from antibiotics, I agree. 
-Bottom line:  keep a food journal.  Eat only one thing at a time unless you're sure it's OK.  Thats how I figured out I couldn't tolerate chard, having it with my safe onions.  Most of my body systems were shutting down 1 yr after chemo (POISON, please everyone learn from me, chemo CAUSES cancer, there are alternatives, I didn't know!!!), going off the psych meds (see I'm also now braindamaged ("severe" said the psych doc about my brain map).  Brain/gut work together.  I'm reversing the damage, up from one hour sleep/night to almost five.  Still can only eat some steamed vegies, started apples for a change.  Tried peeling/cooking pears, got sick.  Used to roast almonds, can't tolerate them now but learned that soaking them 7 hours in salt water, rinsing, then 24 hours in 150 F oven removes phytic acid & makes more digestible.
-finally, taking magnesium oxide (oxypowder) as part of a colon/liver cleanse from (from, see for chemo alternatives) which lets me eliminate regularly, though I can't tolerate the probiotic, & I'm not 100% sure about the liver tonic
-just discovered serrapeptase.  Take on an empty stomach.  I was having a horrible reaction, had read about it, found some, popped one, several hours later I was doing much better.  Google it, it's magic.

I see your posts are pretty old, hope you get this.  Even more, I hope you're all better & don't need it!

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Re: histamine
« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2015, 01:10:50 pm »
I'm sorry you have so many food allergies. Vitamin D is a pretty potent reducer of immune over reactions. Have you tried supplementing with vitamin D?

Curcumin is also supposed to help reduce these kinds of immune issues.

You could also try one of those people that sell hookworms. It sounds extreme, but it's been a lifesaver for many people.


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