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Controversial topics, regarding recent deleted thread

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Why even have a Politics / Spirituality / Philosophy section if controversial topics won't be tolerated?

From my perspective, plenty of controversial topics, and about things that are much more important and have a direct effect on everyday life, are tolerated here.

The only reason I could see to ban this particular topic is because of fear of censorship from some governing body that claimed this site harbored hate speech, or something to that effect. If that's the case I can understand.

What got deleted? Did I miss something?

I deleted the bad news for gs thread. It was because it was a silly unnecessary thread, unrelated to diet, and we have been having way too many irrelevant non-dietary discussions so far. I should have just PMed my message, if at all,  directly to GS, not on open forum.  Admittedly, I should not have deleted other peoples' posts in the thread. Won't happen again.

Well maybe it wasn't entirely unrelated to diet. Plenty of studies claim to show an effect of diet and toxins/drugs on behavior like that.

Also, there are plenty of topics discussed in these forums that are unrelated to diet.

Also, I thought the thread was in the members-only area, not in the open forums.

Well, I eventually moved it to the members-only area.  The point is we should be all-inclusive, ideally. We ought to make this forum a friendly, welcoming place for everybody, whether they are homosexual or members of ISIS or whatever. This board is all about making ALL human beings more healthy, after all. Some political incorrectness is fine and healthy(and indeed essential to civilisation), but political correctness for the sake of divisiveness is pointless.


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