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Controversial topics, regarding recent deleted thread

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So the way to make people feel included is by not allowing discussion on a topic that is related to their personal lifestyle choices? Ok... but then they shouldn't be able to talk about their lifestyles either.

Personally, I do not see a problem with people talking about their lifestyles vis-a-vis diet. For example, I recall one incident on the primal diet yahoo group where someone talked about RVAF diets and the related possible chances of getting an STD and the only person who even bothered to answer,  a lesbian,  replied to the heterosexual male question-asker  with her perspective on the issue. The point being that we can learn from all other viewpoints, if need be.Anyway, we should all celebrate diversity of opinions as well as celebrate what we all have in common, imo. So if we can(eg:-)post articles on how WP connected  poor diet quality to homosexuality, why not also include scientific articles on the alleged positivity of homosexuality, or whatever? Then members can come up with their own rationalisations and utilise life-experiences as to what they choose to believe in?  What I mean is, we are mostly 1000s of miles apart from each other, so who cares what we all believe in, it is irrelevant, let us focus more on what we have in common and what we can learn from each others' successes or mistakes re diet or anything else.So 1st amendment is fine but let us focus more on health-related issues.

I think these discussions become problematic when personal judgments become projected onto an imagined macro sociological landscape by the use of generalizations without any attempt to explain ones reasoning on deeper levels.

Lets have open discussions regarding all the aspects of the true nature of humanity, including homosexuality...but let it be without merely blasting negative statements against the "Gay Agenda"  Whatever the Agenda may be in the undercurrent, it must in some way be a manifestation of something real occurring in the environmental conditioning which engenders these contentious lifestyle "choices" in individuals.

I take a broad scope to the issue and point to our evolutionary past, where all vertebrates evolved from hermaphroditic worms....certain advantages in gender specialization eventually divided the sexes, but even through our amphibian phase certain individuals could revert from one sexual orientation to another when triggered by environmental conditions.

Its no longer possible to change ones gender in a biological way , but perhaps as we evolved into socially hierarchical creatures, these tendencies to transform under certain conditions, were transferred to the evolving psyche, which under certain conditions may alter sexual behavior in order to cope with the unusual circumstances of living in hierarchical hives, where traditional gender roles are no longer necessary for survival.

In this case we have a disease that society as a whole cherishes and celebrates as a wonderful thing. Taking this notion at face value and refusing to examinate the issue does a disservice to people who have this illness, as well as to those close to them or who interact with them.

There's no reason why someone who has the mainstream view can't be allowed to post here and explain why they think it's not a disease, or whatever.

This forum is about health primarily, not just diet. Lots of threads talk about health related subjects that are only mildy related, or unrelated to diet. And there are plenty of other threads about lifestyles, politics, etc, that have nothing to do with either.

How is it "accepting diversity" to avoid the topic altogether? Anytime anything is discussed, someone could feel insulted. If you're gonna avoid all sensitive topics based on that, what is the point of this forum? Since the lifestyles of almost all the members here would make most people around the world feel insulted.

The trouble is we have had far too many non-dietary posts in recent months and we need to get back on topic to some extent.


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