Author Topic: Hormones me balancing on RAF?  (Read 2038 times)

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Hormones me balancing on RAF?
« on: July 06, 2016, 11:56:07 pm »
This question is more directed towards the females but if any men have suggestions or personal experiences with their own hormones in regards to following the RAF diet, feel free to comment.

I suspect I have some hormonal issues going on. Up until a year or so ago, my periods were always irregular. Sometimes they were very light and short while heavy and lengthy at other times. I've also had adult acne that gets pretty bad during menses (but is slowly clearing since being raw). I also went to my gyno with right-sided ovary pain and they found a small cyst. I wassurptises by the cyst because I have never been in birth control but did have the copper iud in at the time and for some years prior. I'm thinking, and have read that the iud can upset the hormonal balance and cause ovarian cysts. I still feel the pain in my ovary though and it gets pretty bad during menses, ovulation, and during orgasm so I know it still has to be there. I'm hoping that by eating a high fat, raw diet, I can hopefully overcome these issues. Do you think this is a good course of action or should I seek other treatment?
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