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Hello, new member old follower.
« on: July 12, 2016, 04:34:10 pm »
Greetings all,

New member but I did a lot of research here a couple of years ago which helped me end my water fast early. I did 32 days, was going for true hunger to return but I came across this forum and Aajonus Vanderplanitz and how he healed himself of his chronic diseases eating raw meat. This all prompted me to hit the corner store, the only grocery store in Waikiki late one night for some raw ahi. I started feeling better right away. My water fast was pretty miserable, bed ridden mostly, it was mostly a miserable blur to be honest.

The next day I still felt out of it but had a little more energy, so back to the corner store for some raw sushi grade ahi tuna. My energy came back fairly fast and the muscle tone I put on came back nicer than it had ever been. I did mostly raw grass fed ground beef, closest to 70/30 grind I could find at a local butcher in Honolulu that would make me a custom grind if I bought 10 lbs or more and ordered it days in advance, can't remember the name off the top of my head but if interested leave a reply and I'll track it down for you and fresh raw ocean fish, because all fresh water fish has parasites and must be cooked, from the local fish market mostly salmon and ahi tuna, the cheaper grade was just fine with me. Some cheese and butter and raw eggs and Aajonus' eggs, butter, and honey drink that tasted like ice cream. And whatever organic grass fed organ meat, offal, I could find, mostly liver, chicken and beef, and some beef heart. 70 30 because that gives the proper ratio of fat to protein IN CALORIES NOT GRAMS of 80% fat 20% protein because fat is much more nutrient dense. And that's how we ate, me and my wife who had our second baby on day 16 of my water fast...what a day that was! My digestion worked better than it ever did before and I felt great, my muscle tone and energy came right back, as I lost like over 50 pounds on my fast.

I LOVED CARBS of all kinds bread, cake, ice cream, chocolate, you name it, I couldn't pass by a cookie. Now I breezed right through the bakery without even wanting that crap! I was satisfied with my new way of eating.

I got in trouble when I found out we were going to be headed back to the mainland so I "treated" myself to the few things I would miss, like Marukame Udon noodle house, ice cream on the strip Kalakaua, the doughnuts from Leonard's bakery you name it! Eatting raw meat is great if you have healthy organs can produce the stomach acids and pancreatic enzymes to break it all down. I fasted because my poor diet had me in so much pain I could not eat! So my body was not done repairing itself. Going back to those toxic foods while still eatting dawn meat was a big no no! I ended up getting digestive issues and I developed a melanoma spot which I am still working on healing naturally.

Which by the way Grated raw garlic with a microplanner placed on the spot and pressed in place with anything the shape of the.cancer will press the juice into it and kill it. Just keep reapplying a few to several times a day until it is gone or scabs over and gets hard and crusty. When the scab falls off get right back to reapplying. Vassaline petroleum jelly around the spot to protect the healthy skin from chemical burn helps a lot and allows you to keep reapplying the garlic paste daily. The healthy surrounding skin reacts to the garlic juice, it gets red and irritated but the melanoma almost melts off. This works and if you have a new spot that is not very old in my opinion this would be a good strategy along with eating a full bulbs, several cloves all in one unit, every day as well as a proper detox program, diet, and lifestyle change would be a great way to heal your body. I however did not find this until I already had my spot for like 2 years.

I just found a protocol using habanaro hot peppers, garlic, and oil to heal all types of cancer from the inside out which is what I think I need to do because cancer spreads through "cancer stem cells" which cancer is really a virus that infects weakened cells and spreads by weakening the cells next to it and infecting the nucleus of those cells and changing their programming ie. it's DNA. Thus creating a cancer cell. It also spreads to other weakened cells in other parts of the body through these microbes it produces.The immune system is supposed to remove these infected cells, which we all have all the time in our bodies, but if it is impaired for whatever reason, poor diet, stress, toxic chemicals either internally produced from incorrect thoughts or environmental toxins, backed up overworked colon not eliminating properly, etc. It can not do it's job of removing these initially infected, now "cancerous" cells, that are not removed by a healthy immune system they then weaken and infect the surrounding cells and spread.

So to beat cancer, heal the body, and return to homeostasis one must deal with all of these things. As well as dealing with balancing metabolism that has potentially become catabolic or anabolic, which is information I just came across today, so I am still researching its validity. Having the right attitude and finding what spiritual reasons the cancer manifested and what it has come to teach you about yourself are also just as important for your healing.

Now it's late here and I actually came back to this forum to do a little research, and my battery is about to die. So I will come back to this. I just wanted to register as a user and do a brief introduction.

Ask any questions and I will answer them to the best of my abilities. I am not a doctor, but I could play one on just kidding. I don't even watch TV. I have done a lot of research, and put my own life where my mouth is to find real world solutions to help myself and other people in similar circumstances. I will be adding to this soon. I hope you all or someone you know can get some help with your health from all the work I've done.

Blessings to you all!

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Re: Hello, new member old follower.
« Reply #1 on: July 12, 2016, 04:40:30 pm »
Welcome to the forum!  NB:- The thing that most newbies benefit from is to read all the previous posts/threads on the various forums. I used to do that with the livefood/primal diet/weston-price  yahoo groups and it meant that I solved a lot of problems I had, some of which I had not even known existed, beforehand.
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