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Fear or not to fear?
« on: August 21, 2016, 01:34:48 pm »
I wanted to know what you think of infections when you are on this diet.

You are very strict with the quality of food you consume raw?

Or simply believe the immune system is very strong and live carefree, with a clear conscience? (I believe that's it and I think likely)

What to talk about with grain finished beef? totally impractical and dangerous perhaps?

Be smart with consuming (quality), or simply neanderthal superman and nothing affects you in this diet?

I'm not a troll, I imagine that you are already tired of reading about this kind of thing, I'm not here to disrupt, are serious questions even.

I was thinking of introducing raw eggs in my diet, I do a diet 75% - 80% Carnivorous but cooked meat  ;D, the only way to let my mind as well.

On the eggs that I can buy:

Chickens do not receive antibiotics and chemotherapeutics
Food based on corn and soybean
Chickens also receive prebiotics, probiotics, essential oils from plants and herbs such as cinnamon, oregano and lemon grass
FREE RANGE and CAGE FREE, so? Are free to walk and express intrinsic behavior of the species.

So it is good? corn and soybean based food?

I do not think that salmonella is some danger, people who become ill by it, believe it's the other crap they consume.

I on a diet that is not raw, as I notice a big difference between my immune system compared to when I consumed the common foods that people consume the next (grains, sugars, starch), and I seem stronger near them.

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Re: Fear or not to fear?
« Reply #1 on: August 21, 2016, 05:10:16 pm »
When discussing non-RPD diets, one should post in the Hot Topics forum. I will move this topic there after I have posted my reply.

I see raw eggs as RPD junk food. Not something I want to eat all the time, but something that can add much needed raw fat to leanish meals. Since I cannot get hold of eggs from pastured chickens, I do not want them as a mainstay of my diet.

I am relatively strict  with my diet. That is I have regular RVAF diet meals every day when I am not fasting. I may also eat some cooked foods every now and then as well, usually for social occasions or if there is a cooked delicacy I have never had before. However, I have to be careful as, increasingly, my body rejects cooked foods more and more as the years go by. For example, some cooked foods get quickly sent down my bowels and then I have to have a crap soonest. Also, if I eat too much in the way of cooked foods at one sitting, I tend to vomit it all out. Also, if I ever overindulge in cooked foods, I tend to get a hangover-like detox effect the next day, another reason to stick to this diet.

I am always trying to improve the quality of my raw food when possible, as I find that, if I don't, I  am usually forced to gradually lower my standards over time. In a month or so, I plan to buy raw wild game direct from a hunter, and am hoping for things like raw blood, raw organs of every variety etc.
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Re: Fear or not to fear?
« Reply #2 on: August 22, 2016, 12:05:42 am »
Whatever your fear of low quality is, it will be made worse by cooking. Cooking releases toxins from their bonds with fats so that instead of passing through your system undigested, you absorb them.

Yes, you might get vomit or diarrhea from eating low quality foods raw, which you may not get when eating them cooked, but that's just because your body was unable to eliminate the toxins efficiently, and now they're storing in you instead, and will impair your health in the long term.

Then again, getting vomit or diarrhea is not proof that there was something wrong with the food, it could simply be your body eliminating old stored toxins through your digestive system and be completely unrelated to the food you're eating, other than because your body might need to utilize those nutrients to effectively detoxify.

At the end of the day, however, our bodies are generally quite efficient at dealing with toxins, so it's not like one bit of toxin here or there will kill you, except in extreme cases. I use caution and try to avoid toxins as much as possible and as much as is convenient.
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