Author Topic: How to make raw meat (beaf, chicken, or fish) smoothie?  (Read 1197 times)

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How to make raw meat (beaf, chicken, or fish) smoothie?
« on: March 16, 2017, 03:55:19 am »
Hi, There:
I have been eaten raw meat diet for about two years, my usual daily diet is like this: breakfast: 4 raw eggs with milk, some nuts and cereal; lunch: one piece of raw chicken breast, one piece raw fish filet, one slice of bread, some vegetable salad; dinner: raw beef, one slice bread and vegetable salad. I used chew down beef, as well as chicken and fish. Later I switch to eat grounded beef, found it is much easier. Now I still chew down my chicken and fish, but it take a little bit longer time for a lunch. I am considering prepare them as smoothie and drink down my lunch and dinner. My QUESTIONS are : does anybody know how to make raw meat smoothie? What equipment (blender or food processor) I need? Could you recommend a good one? preferably, I want to be able to make smoothie directly from chicken / fish/ beef filet without pre-cut, is it possible? I want the process easy and simple. Any suggestions will be appreciated.


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