Author Topic: Chagnon book debunking Noble Savagery  (Read 975 times)

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Chagnon book debunking Noble Savagery
« on: April 26, 2017, 05:58:56 am »

I , after some random googling, read a review of the book mentioned above today and it was most interesting. It seems that the absurd "Noble-Savage" myth was(more or less) started by Rousseau, a sort of Communist before Marxism even got started, and then it was heavily promoted later on by  Boas and Margaret Meade, both of whom having been in more recent years   accused of fraud over their research.. Anyway, to the point, Chagnon, whose work seems to be very popular these days,  according to reports, showed that the Yanomamo in the Amazon were actually quite fierce and warlike contrary to the Noble Savage myth. He then  got persecuted by a guy called Tierney who made up a whole host of lies to try to discredit Chagnon.I freely admit that, since the Yanomamo were/are Neolithic, and not genuinely Palaeolithic, that his suggestions  re humanity always having been warlike are not fully proven, as yet. Plus,"nasty, brutish and short" is obviously also not 100% of the whole picture as regards tribes.

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