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Raw Vegetarian Paleo
« on: August 15, 2017, 07:57:19 am »
I've been flirting with the Paleo diet for several years now, I've never done it all the way for more than a few weeks.
Typically I would do Paleo, but on the weekends, I'd eat some junk food (cookies, cake...), and on the weekdays, I'd supplement it with beans, corn, potatoes or rice, but not wheat and dairy.
Now I'm thinking of going Paleo 100%.
I'm thinking of doing it a bit differently thou, I'm thinking of doing a raw vegetarian version of it, where I eat everything raw, and only eat eggs and fish (but no shellfish) for protein, no mammals or poultry, and definitely no dairy, as that wouldn't be Paleo.

The first time I ate raw egg was yesterday, I had just one.
The taste was nice, and I was only a bit put off by the texture, I have a strong stomach.
Today I had 3 raw eggs so far, plan on having 3 more.
I also had raw fish today, I'm used to eating raw fish as sushi and sashimi, so it didn't bother me at all, I enjoyed both the taste and texture, in fact it was a lot easier to chew raw than cooked.
The sweet potato however was a lot harder to eat, the flavor and texture wasn't bad, not nearly as good as when cooked, but there's a hell of a lot more chewing involved, felt like a cow yesterday and today.
So far I don't feel sick, but we'll see how the day progresses.

The reasons why I'm doing this is because I think I'll be healthier eating a diet as close to nature as I can get, or at least I won't be any worse, or so I believe.
I believe frying things up in butter and oil, even if it's coconut or olive is unhealthy, that refined fats as I call them are unhealthy, and while I could boil things, boiling doesn't add flavor, if anything it detracts, so I might as well just go raw.
I'm also somewhat of a minimalist, cooking and cleaning dishes costs money, it also impacts the environment, I want to reduce my carbon footprint as much as I can, but not willing to live in the jungle just yet *laughs.

As far as I know, eggs and fish are usually safe to eat raw, as for red meat, I may eat it raw one day, but not today, I want to pace myself, see how my body does eating raw eggs and fish everyday, that's already a tremendous change, and as for shellfish, pork and chicken, I will probably never eat them raw, as I view them as unclean (I'm irreligious, just I'm under the impression you're far more likely to be poisoned from eating these animals than eating eggs, fish or even red meat.

I could reduce my carbon footprint even more by becoming a vegan, but I'm not going to, because I believe veganism is an unhealthy diet, based on my research, however I may consider never eating red meat again, since you can probably obtain everything your body needs without supplements from eating eggs and fish, and have less of an environmental impact.
That being said, I love red meat, not sure how I'll like it raw, so we'll see how that goes, it's doubtful all my decisions could be based on purely objective criteria, I am human after all, I have to have some enjoyment, so I imagine I'll occasionally cheat here and there, I rarely do anything 100%.

In terms of calories, I'm planning on consuming about 800 in fruit, 800 in veg, 400 in eggs and 400 in fish daily, and maybe a few nuts/seeds.
I'm a 5'11, 190 pound male.

*Lastly I'm aware eating fish isn't exactly vegetarian.
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