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A few thoughts:-

1) I have always thought it a bad idea to focus solely on diet. "Raw" is all very well, but the "palaeolithic" concept involves many other non-dietary approaches such as better posture, far more exercise, more ideal sleep-patterns etc. etc. Now, obviously, we cannot incorporate absolutely all palaeo concepts as many are unworkable or plain difficult to practise  in modern life. However,some approximations can be made. So, here is a post in  the Info section about non-dietary approaches of various kinds.

2) Bio-hacking.  Some modern, non-palaeo gimmicks may be useful too. I like the notion, as portrayed in Poul Anderson's short story, "The Sensitive Man",  that we might soon be able to control our heartrate, boost our metabolism, or suddenly acquire a state of total concentration even when tired etc. etc.

1) One of the biggest problems rawpalaeos face is trying to find sources of  raw foods high enough in quality. The best solution, imo, is to start your own farm. This does not necessarily require a full-sized farm, but a backyard is required, generally. I myself own a flat, unfortunately, but am considering growing my own vegetables and even starting a mini-insect-farm to start with(who knows? Maybe I might raise some rodents in the future(I recall eating cooked guinea-pig in Peru once, for example). The fact is that there have been some scandals in the healthy-diet movements in recent years such as the Rawesome business and the WAPF fake-grassfed-meat fraud, so it's better to depend on oneself as regards food-quality.For now, I have good access to raw wild game(well the muscle-meats anyway) , it is just that I find it needlessly expensive, and the hunting option is even more expensive.



OK, so I am effectively promoting agriculture, a very anti-palaeo concept indeed. Now, if I had my own personal island in a temperate zone, with access to herds of wild deer, wildcaught seafood etc.,, I could be very palaeo in my life. Sadly, this requires money, these days. I yearn for the days, centuries/millenia ago, where one could just migrate to Siberia/the Wild West/Outback etc. and have the only log-cabin  for 100s of miles around etc.
2) Live in the country. This  avoids the issue of air-pollution to some extent, something difficult to avoid in the city. Even if one lives in the city, it's also a good idea to have plants in one's appartment or at the very least the colour green:-


3) Do more palaeo-style exercise as it is more natural and healthier for the human body. Bodyweight training is a good idea. I  would also recommend using kettlebells as a better way to build up functional strength than traditional weightlifting. Basically, people were much fitter in ancient times compared to even modern athletes:-


People might also consider  adopting better posture:-


a) I recently looked into the theme of walking barefoot. I checked and found that none of the barefoot shoe manufacturers seem to provide any shoes wide enough for me, so that's out -
 anyway, they are  just not palaeo enough as an idea. Anyway, I will  see about hiking barefoot in the mountains next year, it should be an interesting experience to report.

4)  I have in recent times become interested in various new high-tech gadgets which enhance one's ability to biohack oneself. This is partly because I suspect that I developed some brain-damage as a result of all the decades I spent suffering from mass  inflammation throughout my body, and partly because I like the notion of  exceeding my own limits-(for example, I used to have near-perfect photographic memory for  a few  years as a child and would love to regain that, among other things). My previous experiments pre-rawpalaeodiet, were a disaster. I was fooled into buying an expensive electromuscular-stimulation device which was supposed to stop my muscles from deteriorating further(at the time I couldn't do gym without collapsing due to CFS and muscle-wastage among a 100 other factors). That said, recent  experiments have been quite useful in enhancing concentration

a) Brainwave entrainment. There have been some hideously expensive BWE(short for brainwave-entrainment) methods such as Holosync, but they are unnecessary(and Holosync has a bad repuation re negative side-effects). I bought Neuroprogrammer 3 Ultimate(NP3 Ultimate) and Mindworkstation(regular version), which were reasonably cheap. There is a catch, though, in that  one needs to buy additional "music-packs" as the mind habituates itself if one listens to specific BWE tracks over time and the benefits reduce to zero UNLESS one has additional background music for each track  that does not interfere with the BWE signals but at the same time prevents the brain from getting used to the BWE tracks. One can also buy various bio-optimisation devices(thoughtstream usb/emotiv epoc headset), but, imo, they are quite expensive, and I have had mixed results with them. We need to wait a few more years before the bio-optimisation technology becomes more utilisable and more effective.




All 3 are free to try for a time. I suppose one could simply remove all cookies and reinstall etc., but, imo, it's always a good idea to fund people who are developing a decent, affordable product, so that they can then invest in research to make their product even more effective in the future.
The makers of NP3 and Mindworkstation have decided that these 2 items are out-of-date and have introduced a new next-generation BWE gimmick called "brain.fm" which has 3 sessions, "focus", "relaxation" and "sleep" , but with very little room for variation. I will admit that BWE, so far, has mostly only decent science backing the effectiveness of these 3 themes. Other BWE sites will claim to fix almost every condition just by altering the range/frequency of the BWE tracks. My own experience shows that it helps very much in the short-term, so that it is a good idea to practise BWE once a day at least, but I am sceptical, say, of the notion of regularly using a BWE track to boost one's memory and then after months/years becoming utterly brilliant at recall.

Oh, and I also recommend the Kasina device as regards BWE. The Kasina also provides visual stimulation of the brain. Audio-stimulation usually requires c. 10 minutes to get the brain into the required state, whereas visual stimulation is much quicker in that regard.I would recommend the deepvision goggles and to open the eyes sometimes to look at the lights directly, so as to get a deeper effect therefrom. Again, I do not view BWE as a cure-all, but, given results, I would assume that it might  help in areas where a RVFAF diet has not been effective enough.


c) I have bought other devices as well. I have avoided the focus Tdcs gadget for now, as I have heard of possible issues. Also, I am sceptical of enhancing one part of the brain as that might mean another brain-part might become less developed as a result:-

CES devices, however, seem to be very effective. I recently bought an Alpha-Stim M gadget for an older person suffering from various age-related conditions( a cooked-foodist unwilling to try a RVAF diet). The device partly requires people to pass microcurrents through the body-parts registering pain, and then stimulating the brain afterwards  to release various neurotransmitters which help deaden the pain among other benefits. It is shockingly expensive, though. I have been  using the ear-lobe-brain-stimulation aspect of the device from time to time, and it is even more effective than BWE, imo,  and the person using it regularly seems to be benefitting too, to some extent. Admittedly, the alpha-stim, due to FDA restrictions, only claims to solve depression, anxiety and insomnia and pain-symptoms, but it seems to be useful for other conditions  as well, judging from the many anecdotal experiences concerning the device.


5) The Wim Hof Method. The method costs c.220 euros or so(?). I bought it on spec, and have not had the time to practise it due to laziness and other factors. The idea behind the method  is to control your metabolic rate, thus enabling one to swim naked in arctic waters, or burn fat at an accelerated rate etc. It also, unfortunately, involves a lot of yoga(something I am wholly unsuited for) and cold baths(something I love):-


Being the lazy man I am, I have bought on spec a device called Modius:-


Those with loads of cash could also perhaps try the Halo Sport device to improve their physical performance, one never knows...

I am getting the Modius device in October and will report on its effectiveness, and will also be doing the Wim Hof method course  from mid-September. The WH course takes 10 weeks, often more if one is not successful enough.My main reason for buying this stuff is that my oldest brother had an amazing ability to enhance his metabolism and performed some amazing physical feats even after he suffered a crippling injury, and I would like to be as palaeo as he was re physical achievements, I guess.

Other palaeoish ideas:-

(OK, so these are Neolithic-era tribes and, given my past experiences, much less sleep is needed on a RVAF diet than a cooked one, but it's interesting, nonetheless...

More links on palaeolithic lifestyles:-



Word of advice:- One of the biggest reasons for modern obesity is central heating.Exposing the body to cold air and cold water, like in Palaeo times,  helps turn white fat to more useful brown fat, and reduces the possibility of weight-gain:-

I have been informed of a device, called "Wristify" which cools/warms the wrists, as appropriate. Embr Wave is promoting them on Kickstarter and one can pre-order them therefrom 27/9 onwards. While a RPD diet has solved most of my past health-problems, I still have the heat-intolerance issue, albeit at a much reduced rate compared to pre-RPD days. I am soon going to use the Wim Hof Method, it being so very "palaeo" in theme, but I would like to use the Wristify gadget just in case the Wim Hof Method does not work for me. You see, the Wim Hof Method involves a lot of yoga, and I am wholly unsuited physically  to that "sport".

Hey Tyler, please try yoga!  Think of it more as a dicipline then sport and I think it may be less intimidating.  It's just something you practice every chance you have, you start where you are and get better incrimentally as your frequency, quality and length of practice dictates.  There is no competition only the chance to improve.  It is an excellent way to get in touch with body and breath, which should help increase your circulation and stimulate your endocrine and metabolic shysters which should help with your issues.  The breathing techniques can be used any time and when the body is more disciplined you can really use the connection and control of breath to calm and heal the body.  Iodine is always something suggested for heat issues and circulation...

Yoga is very much a woman's ideal game. You lot can do the splits more easily etc. I have genetically-weak wrists and ankles plus very good central strength  so climbing/yoga et al are not a good idea for me. Every sport is best suited to certain physical types. For example, the best  judo-fighters all seem to have a Cro-Magnon-type/mesomorph physique.


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