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Watching your macros
« on: February 03, 2018, 01:53:55 am »
I started ZC this monday (which I also attempted previous week, but fell off the wagon on sunday), and I was wondering: are you supposed to go out of your way to achieve a certain fat to protein ratio, or just go with your instincts?

I do one meal in the morning with eggs and fatty beef cuts (and sometimes mackerel), and while I will happily chow down the lean mass, I can only eat so much fat before feeling overstuffed from it (whether it's bone marrow, back fat, belly fat, pig fat...).

I've been fairly high-carb before this (I'll be blunt: too much honey), but thankfully I'm already somewhat keto adapted thanks to the fasting I've done. So, will I gain a bigger appetite for fats as a result of restricting carbs?


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