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crazy vegans
« on: February 18, 2018, 02:20:41 am »
 In Lierre Keith book "The vegetarian myth" I read that some vegans were discussing in forum that we humans should interfere with  carnivores (animals) eating other animals: a vegan wrote that someone should build a fence in Serengeti (a safari/national park in Kenya) so that the big cats will not kill and eat the wildebeest and zebras. He knew that the carnivore would survive, because  they don't need meat, as he had seen his dog eat grass and so that was the proof that carnivores could live on grass... No one objected, and many agreed that thee've seen their cat doing the same...

When I was a fruitarian, there was this "experienced" fruitarian that many were listening to, and he seriously believed that you could train lions to become vegans by giving them avocados, and many really were believing him.
I was once on a small safari in Tanzania, and I was travelling there with another fruitarian. There were many very strict rules for this national park, it was absolutely not allowed to throw out any food scrapes or anything from the jeep, and absolutely not any seeds from fruits etc, because of fear of invasive plant species disrupting that particular ecosystem. What this guy did, was that he had brought his stash of fruit seeds (yeah, this is a typical fruitarian behaviour, always saving fruit seeds, to later spread them) , and was throwing them out from the window in the safari park, so that in the future we might start to live in a fruitarian paradise...
 Many fruitarians have told that they think "normal" trees (read: the one that do not produce any fruits) are boring and should be replaced with fruit trees... They want to convert the whole planet into a huge fruit garden, not caring about nature, wilderness and different ecosystems. There is a reason for this: they are obsessed with fruits from the moment they wake up, I know, I was there...


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